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Jerry From Stardust Back on KSEX

Porn Valley- Where KSEX, is concerned, Jerry from Stardust Industries, is becoming like one of those regulars from the old Tonight Show. Where or when he’ll show up nobody knows. And last week it was the Violet Blue Show- actually, it was a return visit, Jerry, the adult industry witch doctor, setting a record for curative KSEX house calls.

Jerry brings toys and mood enhancers and other products guaranteeing a good time in the sack. Blue was saying something about her being psychotic and on the hormonal edge, so Jerry’s visit was timely. Blue said she’s tried out some of the Stardust products such as the Kava Kava liquid. Blue was of the opinion that it was the island of Tonga or Samoa, some exotic place like that. [Actually it’s Hawaii.]

“It worked great and it totally mellowed me out,” said Blue. “I probably should have used twice the dosage because I was really on edge. It made me halfway normal which is good,” she laughed. “It definitely worked.” Blue also tried some of the Liquid Love. “I didn’t have sex but I had some erotic dreams, though. I took it about two hours before I went to bed.” Blue said they were wet dreams. “I love wet dreams- they’re my favorite.” According to Blue, Blue the product made her very comfortable and happy.

Jerry explained that the product was a chocolate concentrate. “When we were younger our parents didn’t want us eating chocolate because it’s so addictive, totally a drug.” Blue said she was watching a TV show about the making of chocolate.

“The reason why chocolate works so well, the drug that’s in it gives you the same sensation as the first time you fall in love. That’s what it’s meant to do.” Jerry agreed. “That’s why it’s so popular on Valentine’s Day.” Blue said she didn’t get chocolate. Blue’s co-host Johnny Rock noted that in a box of Godiva chocolates you’ll find a chocolate starfish. “I have yet to eat the chocolate starfish,” he said. Blue thought that was pretty twisted. “There are people over Godiva busting up fucking laughing right now because everybody’s eating dirty assholes!”

For the show, Jerry also brought the Meditation herbal supplement. Blue noted that it had an ingredient in it- salvia divinorum- that kicks you in the ass. “Let me tell you.”

Johnny suggested going to your local head shop. “Get some and go into a dark room all by yourself, smoke some of that stuff. It’s not a social drug.” Blue thought that it was like heroin in that it makes you pass out. Johnny said it was more of a “disassociative psychedelic trip”.

“In any case,” said Blue, “salvia makes you go off to La-La land and you can’t talk.” The recommendation is that you take two to three teaspoons as needed. “And you can also mix it in with your favorite drink,” said Jerry. “Or you can just do it the way it is.” Johnny suspected that you would have to take a pretty huge dose to off yourself. “Like smoke it non-stop for three days.”

Jerry also brought another of the company’s products, a mood enhancer called Chocolate Love. Jerry explained that it contains another herb with an ooga-booga sound to it, mucuna, which is grown somewhere in the South Pacific. Blue attempted to read some of the other ingredients, her tongue skipping rope. Jerry said it was really fast acting stuff. Blue’s tongue, likewise, did card tricks with the ingredients on another product called Fantasy Fuel, a product for gay men designed to whittle inhibitions. “It’s specifically designed for that target area,” Jerry explained.

During a commercial break, Blue confessed that she tried it and took twice the recommended dosage. “And I’m already starting to feel a little funny. Kind of happy, relaxed, dizzy, dewy, slightly horny. And I’m starting not to be able to think very well. So I guess it works!” Blue said she could feel the effects in five minutes. It’s great.”


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