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Jerry: I Never Touched Whatshername

Porn Valley – Mr. Metro leaves these afternoon thoughts: “What exactly does Mara do at Metro ? She was broughtin over 3 months ago to run the sales dept. and sales have dropped and instead people have been leaving orgetting fired. I have heard that talent, modeling agencies, and others have said if Kenny is late one more time (over 10days) for payments they will no longer be doing business with Metro. I have also heard that Keith still does work for Metro on the side. Why did Gustavo leave and come back ?

> So I’m talking to Stardust Jerry, You get the impression that Jerry was at a totally different party Friday night than from the one Wankus was describing on his show Monday. Wankus in his recap of the events at the Katie & Katie birthday bash at KSEX stated that Jerry had grabbed Katie Morgan’s tits. Jerry says didn’t happen. “I never touched whatshername,” he states. “I have no idea where this came from.” And Jerry says no way did he submit this enormous guest list that’s being attributed to him. “Where these 60 guys came from that Wankus is talking about, I have no idea.”

> I hear that Heaven Grant and Estella Leon who met at the aforesaid KSEX party have become a very chummy twosome. Grant, I’m told, has a 9 to 5 job working at a pharmacy.

> I spoke to Jon Dough Tuesday afternoon, Dough filling me in on the Skooby controversy. “Skooby’s a cop caller alright,” Dough tells me, referring to the fact that Skooby’s been rousting shoots at a house owned by a guy named Kerv after Kerv had a falling out with Skooby. Dough’s was one of the shoots visited by cops the other day. Kerv’s is a house in a gated community. The cops tried to gain entry. Dough wouldn’t let them in.

“Kerv is a pretty good guy,” says Dough. “I get along with him pretty good. He’s a good businessman. I was using his location when he was with Skooby and then Kerv cut him out realizing he didn’t need him. Then Skooby started calling me, going this guy fucked me over. I told him this is between you guys. Skooby told me I couldn’t shoot there. I said I’ll shoot wherever I want. He gets a little crazy this guy and he kept calling me, I have another location. He called me so many times throughout the afternoon. I told him I don’t want another location. Let me shoot this one out. I’ll call you for the next location on the next movie. He just didn’t get it. He kept calling and I stopped answering the phone. He e-mailed me locations and started leaving messages: I’m getting a bad feeling about this, what’s going on? I couldn’t talk to the guy. So he had it out for both of us- for Kerv and me. It so happened that he was calling the police every day I was shooting there.”

When the cops came, Dough said he handled the situation. “I didn’t let them in,” says Dough. “I went to the gate. We shoot these gonzos. Sometimes the shoot’s only two-three hours. The police got everybody upset but I handled it. I didn’t let them in. It’s my right. I said you can’t come in. They go so you mean we can come in. I said, no, you can’t come in. So we can come in? They’re pulling that one. I told them I’m shooting my little movie here. They’re going don’t make us come over this fence. They go if you don’t stop shooting right now we’ll have a search warrant in an hour. I said fine. I went in. Of course in an hour I’m finished the shoot and everyone left.” Dough said when he finally got a hold of Skooby, Skooby’s sounding nervous. “I told him so what I hear is true- you shouldn’t have done it. It’s all going to come back on you. The guy was trying to screw us over and it didn’t work. He wound up fucking himself in the end.”

Dough notes that Kerv is obtaining a six-month permit so other directors might want to be clued into that. “If the homeowner has so many shoots going on there it makes sense for him to get an ongoing permit,” says Dough.

Currently Dough has a deal with LFP and is shooting four lines: Black Boned, Jon Dough Presents My First POV; Young & Thirsty; and Cream-Filled Ass Pies. “And I’m working on Ukranian Cocksuckers right now for NJ,” he adds. Dough explains that he has two companies, Jon Dough Productions which has the deal with LFP and Doughboy Video whose deal is with NJ. “You want to talk about being stressed out, go to the Ukraine,” Dough advises. “With the mob running everything and all the problems you can run into.”

> I spoke to Travis Nestor at Zero Tolerance, In addition to being the Marketing Director, Travis has taken over the duties of talent coordinator as well. “Basically what we’re trying to do is have one person let our directors know who the newest girls are, who the newest guys are,” he explains. “This way we can keep all the talent tight together. Some of our directors were hearing about a girl and then they’d shoot her a whole bunch of times and another director wouldn’t hear about her. So we were missing out on a lot of new talent. All new talent, or their agents can either e-mail me, [email protected] or call me and come in. We’ll take a couple of pictures of them, have them fill out some paper work and it’s going to go out to all our directors. And since we’re in the same building with 3rd Degree we’re going to give them the information as well so that the talent can get more bang for their buck. So I just wanted the agents and the talent that are going solo right now know that I’m the person they can talk to.”

>John Bowen, back from Brazil, tells me that young punks looking for kicks shot his makeup artist on his way to a shoot last week leaving him wounded. “But you never heard that one before,” Bowen said. I said, no, it’s usually the director that’s being shot. Bowen explained that the guy was shot in the arm. “We were shooting outside Sao Paulo,” says Bowen. “I had gone out earlier to get the place ready. Then everyone else was coming in the afternoon. The crew, the talent- everyone was supposed to be there 7 at night. I’m getting fucking frantic. I’m in the middle of nowhere with no communication. They finally showed up two in the morning.”

According to Bowen, a school bus for the crew and talent was rented for transportation. “They were on the freeway driving to the location and a car drives along side and shoots a bullet into the back of the bus. They shot the makeup artist through the arm. Six inches one way would have been through his heart. Six inches the other way would have killed my leading man. Thank God they missed my leading man.” Whether it was a random drive by is anyone’s guess says Bowen. “We have no idea what the intention was. It could have been a bunch of fucking idiots shooting a school bus for the fun of it. It could have been an attempted robbery to get people off the free way and then rob them. But it was such a drama.”


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