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Jersey Jaxin Returns- final

Porn Valley- Dick Delaware was nowhere to be found in the KSEX house Wednesday night but Jersey Jaxin made a return visit. Jaxin had previously been on Katie Gold’s Friday night show and was now making an appearance on The Wanker Show.

Jaxin had originally come into the business being repped by Nasty Modeling but has since switched over to Foxxx Modeling. Co-host Michelle Lay was under the impression that Jaxin resembled actress Christina Ricci. Jaxin also bears a state of Texas tattoo around her belly button, and Wankus said some people on message boards were mocking her out for that. Jaxin was of the opinion that they could kiss her ass, that she was proud where she came from. Jaxin got into the business around the end of February and was asked if she were training with Delaware. “Not yet,” she said.

Asked if she were still with Dick Nasty, Jaxin indicated that she was off the site. “It’s kind of up and down,” she replied when Wankus went for an explanation. And Jaxin doesn’t do anal. “I have to practice,” she said noting that she’s never done it. Jaxin explained that she got into the business through Shay Sweet who is best friends with Katie Gold. “They have been for ten years since they both started together.” When Sweet came out to shoot a movie she showed Gold a picture of Jaxin. “Next thing I knew I was out here.” Jaxin had been partial owner and manager of a bar back home. Wankus pondered the fact that Jaxin gave up a bar in Texas, assuming they’re all a hot commodity in that state. Not necessarily, said Jaxin, that she wasn’t making much money in the business and left it.

Jaxin’s also more freaky now than she was back then, according to her, but was never an escort nor a dancer. Her first scene of note, said Jaxin, was an all-girl one she shot with Katie Gold. “It was a little different. We were doing a violation of Gia Paloma.” Though it wasn’t a Violation of movie per se. Jaxin explained the violation to mean anal and vaginal. Asked what was going through her mind, Jaxin said her attitude was keep the camera going, motherfucker. Jaxin also mentioned that she was about to start shooting interracial. Jaxin mentioned that she was from the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, and Wankus said he used to get laid like a motherfucker there when he did a syndicated show.

“The stupid people that put this radio show on flew me in and the girls that were on the show from L.A. every weekend,” he said. “Every Saturday night we would do a show, and they flew us in every weekend.” Wankus said it gave him an excuse to get out of L.A. and away from a girlfriend he wasn’t getting along with. Wankus is also of the opinion that Dallas girls are hot as fuck but not like L.A. girls. “They give guys like me a chance. Guys like me are like Brad Pitt out there. You take care of business. They don’t ask about your wallet or what you drive.” Wankus said he’d meet girls at a karaoke bar then go back to his motel room with them.

He recalled more bars and Jaxin seemed to know the ones he was talking about. Asked if things were bigger in Texas, Jaxin said, no, that she could show some of her exes as proof. Jaxin was a cheerleader in high school and would put out for certain people. “You had to be in a fraternity in college for me to put out for you,” she said. Wankus said he hated the college fucker types. “I hated that in high school. Just because they’re in college don’t make them mature.” Jaxin was around 14 the first time she had sex and it was in a cornfield. The guy was 17.

“He was my best friend’s big brother,” she said. “I was going home and he literally chased me down.” Wankus wondered how the guy convinced Jaxin to let him slide the cock in. Jaxin admitted she had a crush on the guy and that he was a football player. She didn’t suck his cock, however. “I didn’t do that until I was 16.” But the first time she swallowed may have been a year or two later. At the mention of Ron Jeremy’s name, Jaxin said she got his phone number at PSK. “He’s a very well established gentleman.” Lay said that Jeremy is notorious for falling asleep on you and Wankus said he did that at PSK. Wankus was going to sing a song dedicated to Jeremy to find him passed out on a table. “It’s because he’s always on the go,” Wankus explained.

“Every fucking day his laundry list of shit, is like he’s got so much shit he does.” Lay said there’s a condition for that called narcolepsy but Wankus thinks it’s because Jeremy’s always on the go and doing chicks.

For her part, Jaxin said she was happy with her choice to be in porn. “I absolutely love it.” Jaxin said he has no thoughts of going back to Texas although she went back to visit. Jaxin said she wound up staying an extra week and wasn’t a happy camper about that. “A lot of B.S. drama from an ex-husband I had to deal with,” she stated. But it wasn’t porn related. Wankus heard there were some problems with local authorities. Jaxin, who has a three year-old daughter, explained that it had to do with a bad check for $535 from two years ago that her husband stopped payment on. She gave complex detail but apparently Jaxin was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and the authorities grabbed her and locked her up. Jaxin then had to have some of her porn money wired to Texas. “Katie [Morgan], Dick [Nasty] and Trinity got together and sent it to my mom and paid everything and got it taken care of.” Jaxin said if she ever sees her ex-husband again she was going to pinch his dick off.

Wankus said it reminded him of the time his ex wife fucked him for 15 grand back in the day when check surveillance was less sophisticated. “I closed the account but she had the check book and was writing checks on it and skipped town,” Wankus said. “I was still living in town and they could only find me. They said you have to pay us. I said I didn’t write the check. They said you’re on the account with her you’re responsible.”



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