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Jerzi Lynn Visits KSEX- update

Porn Valley- Unlike the Jersey shore which is still in New Jersey, Jerzi Lynn visited The Wanker Show on KSEX Wednesday night,, Wankus noting that Lynn is now doing porn. “But you’re also noted for your escort work.” Lynn said she’s been shooting porn since last year. “But not so often,” she said. “I do condom-only shoots but it’s hard to find condom-only.” Asked if she was working with an agent, Lynn said she’s being repped by Adult Staffing Services and Harry Weiss.

“Never misses a meal,” said Wankus noting that Weiss was a good guy just the same. Wankus told Lynn to beat Weiss over the head as far as getting on Playboy. Lynn said Weiss had mentioned something about a Playboy lingerie and pajama party at the mansion next week.

Wankus said Tyler Faith had been asked but wasn’t inclined to go, but that it was good for those who wanted to be seen. Co-ho Michelle Lay,, said she and Faith had been to PSK the night before and a girl walked up asking if they would like to table dance for her husband’s birthday. “Right in the middle of the conversation Tyler goes, I’m out of here. The woman didn’t even finish her statement.” Lay said she looked at the woman and asked how much are you paying.

“It’s my husband’s birthday, can’t you do it for fun?” To which Lay said it’s not fun if you’re not getting paid. Lynn was asked if she danced. “I don’t know how to dance,” she replied.

Lynn, 24, was complimented on her youthful looks, that she gets that a lot from people. Asked how she got involved in the business, Lynn was frank about being at rock bottom. “I didn’t have nowhere else to look. So I started escorting in Vegas.” Wankus asked if she came home after her first night asking herself what the fuck was she doing. Lynn said her first night was pretty cool, that she got these young, military boys. “I got the guy to pay me $400 and the guy was really naive,” said Lynn. A discussion developed where Lynn, already with the money told the guy that she wouldn’t touch his dick for that money. “So I gave him a lap dance, whatever and I left.” Lynn said she was being hooked up with a service. “But I was never trained- I was thrown out there.” Working without benefit of security, Lynn said that she’d just show up for an appointment. “I had a couple of bad experiences but I got out of them.”

Noticing that she was continually clutching her purse, Wankus observed that Lynn looked like the type that wouldn’t let you fuck with her.

Continually emphasizing the fact that Lynn would take escort jobs for dinner companionship and might have sex, er, for free, Wankus asked what the first time like for that. “Was that weird for you?” Lynn said it was at a brothel, Sherri’s. “The Chicken Ranch is disgusting,” she said. Lynn said Sherri’s is something like 45 minutes off the Vegas strip. Wankus said they could probably talk about those stories. Lynn said the first time for her was weird and different. Lynn was asked what the guy looked like. Wankus imagined he was some big fat stockbroker. Lynn said that describes a lot of the guys that come in there.

“My biggest mistake was going after the young cute ones,” she laughed. Wankus said guys are always fascinated to hear the stories about what goes on in those rooms. “How does that work?” Lynn said you first have to negotiate a rate. “Then there’s a DC- a dick check. They’re kind of embarrassed at first because their dick is al shriveled up. They don’t want to show it.” Lynn said it’s also important to make sure there aren’t sores or that the guys are oozing out their weiners. Wankus said this is advice that girls should well adhere to, that he advised Austyn Moore to pretty much do this. “Even though it’s embarrassing, grab that motherfucker’s dick and look it over. That shit’s going to be changing your life if it’s not right.” Lay said that comes with experience. “You pretty much do it but don’t realize you’re doing it.”

Lynn said the guys are then asked to shower and Lay wondered if they’re doing it on the clock or is it their own time.

“It’s rare that you do a full hour with a guy,” said Lynn. “Most of the time, shower, everything, is twenty-thirty minutes.” Lay confessed that years ago she was hooked on hookers. “I used to get hookers a lot from LA Exotics.” Wankus noted that Nick Manning was one of her hires and that he shot a needle in his dick to get hard.” Lay said she would mostly see girls and that’s how she got affiliated with girls.

Lay said she would negotiate on the phone the price of an hour. “I had a lot of good luck but then there would be a couple who would come over…” Lay pretty much was trying to say that there’s a lot more attention that has to be given and that she wasn’t going to allow a wham bam thank you mam visit. Lay said she would explain on the phone that they’re going to be there for the duration. “I don’t care if you’re sitting here talking to me. You’re not leaving until that hour’s up.” Lay is of the opinion that if she’s paying, she’s the one going to call the shots.

Wankus imagined that Lynn would deal with that situation, if the guy wanted to chat. In those instances, Lynn said she’d take them out of her room and back to the bar. Wankus asked what if the guy insisted on staying. Lynn said she’d tell the guy to get the fuck out of her room.

Lay wanted to be clear on the rules of the game as far as escorting’s concerned. “They can’t say I’m going to give you sex, but if you pay for an hour of time, you got to have that hour,” she said. Wankus said the m.o. of most guys is that once they come, they’re over you, anyway. “But I’m sure you find a lot of guys that just want to hang out and talk to you. They don’t want to fuck you.” Lynn said she had a guy at the ranch who’d pay her a lot just to chat. She thought that was cute, and Wankus cautioned her that some guys will use the chummy ploy to work you over. “Some of these guys have a little back plan like that.”

The suspicion was that girls are more in charge if guys come to them, i.e., at ranches that it’s like coming to their apartments. Wankus agreed, saying that showing up at random hotels is a scary proposition. Lynn said she had instances like that, citing one where the agency sent her out as an independent. Lynn said she went to the guy’s room and the guy was expecting full service. “Hell, no- not with this guy.” Lay asked if she had a driver who collected the money first. Lynn said she goes by herself. Wankus told her she was lucky but nuts. Continuing her story, Lynn said when she told the guy he wasn’t getting full service, he managed to get a condom on, then rip her skirt and underwear off. While this is happening, Lynn said she was trying to call her service.

“You get like attempted rape and you’re like dialing your cellphone with your right hand? What the fuck is going on?” Wankus laughed. “You should have had a headset on.” Lynn said after she hit the guy in the gut to get him off her, she tried running out the door but, instead, push it shut and freed the latch. “That’s when I started to panic.”

Lay said she’s intrigued by the stories and the lifestyle but is of the opinion that a lot of girls who escort would never do porn. “They don’t want to be seen on camera.” By the same toke, said Wankus, your escort rate goes up if you do porn.

Another argument on behalf of escorting, said Lay, is why would you go in and get paid $800 for a four hour day when you make that much in an hour of escorting. Wankus pointed out that Rebecca Love at times will make $2,000 an hour at The Kit Kat Ranch. “That’s her rate on weekends. That’s some bucks.”

When asked, Lynn said she’ll suck cock with a condom. “What about kissing?” Wankus asked.

“Hell, no,” Lynn replied. Wankus asked if Lynn learned that trick where johns think they’re fucking you but are actually fucking your hand. Lynn said no and Wankus illustrated with a story about an Asian girl he met in Vegas. “I was sitting at a bar and this hot Asian chick came up to me. She was working it. She was smoking hot. I’m sitting at the bar looking like shit. I was in between studio sessions with a band.” Wankus said he was tipped off by the bartender that she was a working girl. “I didn’t know. I thought she was into me.”

Because he saved her from some creep, the girl asked Wankus to walk her to the next hotel whereupon she revealed some of her hooker secrets. “I was intrigued by her lifestyle,” he said. Wankus was told by the girl that she rarely fucks any of her clients. “Because what happens is that most guys in Vegas are drunk off their ass, and they come into her hotel room. She sets it up just a certain way when they get naked in bed with her. She puts the covers over and the lights are off. She positions herself in a certain way where she takes her hand and she fucking puts it around her pussy and goes: oh, let me put it in for you. And she’s got lube all up in her hand and she gets in a certain position where she actually puts the dick in her hand. And they think they’re fucking her pussy and they’re fucking her hand the whole time! And most of these guys don’t no better.”

Lay suspects that Asian hookers get away with a lot more. “Because guys who usually hire Asian hookers is because they have a fetish for Asian women. And they’re really just intrigued by being around them. And Asian women look so sweet: oy doy doy, doya! They can say fuckin anything. I can see that happening.” Wankus said what’s really funny is guys spending $2,000 on a trip to Vegas fucking a woman’s hand thinking they’re getting a hot pussy.

Lay said another alternative is a pocket pussy where you can stick cyberskin between your legs.


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