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Jesse Jane Signs with Brazzers

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Mike South, is reporting that Jesse Jane has signed with Manwin.

from – You have to ask yourself: was it the fist fight with BiBi Jones that prompted Jesse Jane’s leaving Digital Playground?

Because it sure looks like it. Jane, for all intents and purposes, was said to be renewing her DP contract for another five years but decided not to.

And the renewal would have been this month. Except, when the Twitter gremlins got a hold of the story that Jane and DP newcomer Jones were at odds after their catfight on the set of “Fighters”, the landscape changed very quickly.

Jane, who in one interview described herself as “goofy, crazy, wild, tomboy and a sweetheart” was anything but that, and began baptizing Jones with names usually reserved for Silvio Berlusconi’s whore girlfriends.

On her behalf, Jones remained calm and unflappable. The press then began picking up on the story, playing it off as the 31 year-old jealous has been, afraid of the competition from the new 19 year-old kid on the block.

Call it the defining moment, but when Jane’s scheduled appearance on The Howard Stern Show was canceled to accommodate Jones, it was though Achilles knew the arrow was heading straight for his heel.

Jane upped the ante and the tweets, then, in June broke the news that she was leaving Digital. But she added, cryptically: ‘Me retiring never I love doing porn I’ll be around a few more years as my other persona’.

Jane’s “other persona” is Cindy Taylor, so remaining Jesse Jane may be a bit of a problem especially if Jane has a trademark situation anywhere near Tera Patrick’s.

Digital Playground tends to hold on to its trademarks with the tenacity of a suckfish. And the only reason Tera Patrick is still known as Tera Patrick is because it cost her a lot of dough and aggravation in the courts to retain the privilege. This I would know because I was on speed-dial with Patrick’s legal people at the time.

Having a passion for strawberry margaritas that’s rather lethal and intemperate, my more immediate concern about the Jane story is the tequila end of it.

It seems Jane already thought of that when she, along with her husband and two business partners, launched her own line, dubbed “Diosa” (Spanish for ‘Goddess’) last year.

“I like to go out and drink with my friends,” she said at the time.

“But a lot of my friends can’t drink tequila because the taste is too strong. I thought ‘vodka has a lot of different flavors’ so I wanted to make a tequila that’s sweet.”

Jane worked with a Mexican distillery to create the line, which includes a blue agave silver tequila along with apple, mango, almond and café caramel flavored varieties. The drinks hit shelves right before the summer.

The campaign was calling for Jane to appear in ads for Diosa, but because of the touchy Digital Playground situation, she’s using her real name [Cindy Taylor] to promote it.

Which may explain how Jane got in character as Otis of Mayberry one night early last year when the TMZ cameras caught up with her outside of a niteclub in Hollywood. More hammered than Christ on a cross, Jane claimed she had some inside, inside info on Sandra Bullock.

I’ve heard the stories, too, that Bullock has allegedly slept with a number of people from the porn industry [Jesse James doesn’t count]. But I don’t think that was the question Jesse was being asked. It had more to do with the similarities of her name to Jesse James’, as if this was even a legitimate reason to poke a camera in one’s face.

Taylor, or Jane, whichever way we’re going to wind up calling her, hails from Ft. Worth Texas but resides in Oklahoma. An army brat, a former cheerleader and a Miss Oklahoma City who lost her virginity at 17, Jane began her career as a Hawaiian Tropic model.

Playboy first discovered her and wanted her in their magazine. Except Jane didn’t want to do still shoots because she didn’t think it was sexy enough and opted for porn. In 2002, Jesse signed with Digital Playground the day she flew out to Los Angeles to interview with them.

Recalls Jane: “When I started the business, Samantha Lewis, one of the [Digital] owners, tried to convince me to get out of porn. She was like, “If you want to be in mainstream, I can get you there, girl. You don’t need to do this.” I had to actually convince her that I was made for porn. She was like, “Honey, if you think this is going to get you into mainstream, it’s not. But, I know the right people to get you into mainstream.” I was like, “I wanna be a sex symbol.”

As a sex symbol, Jane’s also appeared in Hooters commercials and had a walk on role on Baywatch: The Movie which came from being in Hawaii during her Hawaiian Tropic modeling stint.

She’s also seen in a brief cameo in Middle Men and has been on an episode of Entourage.

Jesse, likewise, has the distinction of showing her boobs to astronaut Buzz Aldrin which she did in a Howard Stern appearance during April of last year. Aldrin first met her at the Playboy mansion. Jane also explained during the course of that interview how she likes to pick up soccer moms from her 11 year-old son’s league and has sex with them.

The most surprising aspect of that interview, though, was her claim that she once turned down an offer of $200,000 to have sex with a guy because she isn’t a “hooker”.

On one occasion, Jane and Tommy Lee started banging in a VIP area at some club. They were seeing each other at the time and Jane had a dress on with no panties so she just lifted her leg up and Tommy went at it.

During the course of another interview he did with her, Stern remarked that, instead of porn, Jane should be doing nails in a Korean salon.

Maybe if the Cindy Taylor name-thing doesn’t catch on, she’ll have that opportunity.


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