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Jesse Jane Visits Howard Stern- Strips for Astronaut Buzz Aldrin; What was the Huge Announcement?

Here’s a PR idea. You don’t put out an announcement announcing a huge announcement when you have nothing to announce.

from – …..Howard said he wanted to bring Jesse in and maybe bring Buzz [astronaut Buzz Aldrin] in too. Jesse came in and said that she hadn’t seen Howard for a long time. Jesse said that Buzz was the first one on the moon. Howard had to correct her and say he was the second.

Howard asked Jesse if she’d show her boobs to Buzz. She said she would so Howard told Gary to go out and get him. Howard said that Jesse is like the best looking porn star out there. Jesse thanked him for that. Howard said her boobs look great too.

Buzz came in and Howard asked him if he wanted to see Jesse’s boobs. Buzz said he has an imagination just like Howard does. Howard said he was quite taken with her. Buzz said that she was at the Playboy mansion and he met her there. Howard sounded surprised by that. Buzz said that he went there on New Year’s Eve. Howard asked if she wanted to see her boobs. Buzz said he came to talk to Howard so whatever happens… Jesse then took her top off for Buzz.

Howard said that this is what they fought for in Korea. Buzz agreed. He said they fought for freedom and liberty. Howard asked if Jesse is as hot as Gina Lollobrigida. Buzz asked Jesse if she ever comes out to L.A. She said she does but she lives in Oklahoma. Buzz has family out there so he’ll be going out there for a birthday in June. Buzz said maybe they’ll go to an air show together. Buzz gave her his card. Jesse said she didn’t have a place to hold her cards right now.

Jesse said that Buzz said that he’d teach her the cha cha cha. Howard told Buzz he had better get out of there before he gets in trouble. Howard asked Jesse if she was going to take anything else off. Buzz asked her what her first name was. He found out it was Jesse and he said that’s what her grandmother’s name was.

Jesse took off her dress for Buzz. Howard said Buzz wouldn’t need Viagra for that. Buzz told Howard he’s right. Jesse said that she’d be his Viagra.

Howard told Buzz he’d better get out of there before he gets in trouble. Howard said Jesse should have been up on the moon with him. Buzz took off after that. Howard told him ”Sweet dreams Mr. Aldrin.”

Howard said Buzz’s head was exploding over her. Jesse said that people are really cool with her. She said that all of the guys that hang out with her are cool. She said she’s still married and they have an open relationship. She said she brings a lot of girls home with her. She said girls are so beautiful and she just wants to get into their pants.

Jesse said she gets civilians when she goes out in Oklahoma. Howard said it must be insane. Jesse told Howard that her son just found out that she was in Playboy. She said that this guy came up to her and asked for her autograph. She said she hasn’t told her son about the porn thing yet. She said his friends are going to find out about it eventually and he’s going to have to deal with it. Jesse said he has prepared him for it a little bit.

Howard asked how old the oldest guy is that she’s been with. Jesse said that 42 or 43 is the oldest. Howard said that he checked out her web site ( and saw some of the hot pictures she was in. Jesse said her web site was just made over and she’s going to have some cool new features on there.

Howard asked Jesse if she’s a millionaire. She said she’s not but she’s doing good. Jesse said she loves Oklahoma and she gets to travel a lot. She said she loves being centralized out there. Jesse said she loves on a lake and she can ride her dirt bikes and go karts out there when she’s off. Jesse said she’s making about 5-7 movies a year and she’s doing really well with Digital Playground.

Howard said Jesse’s movies have a plot and some acting in them too. He said she has a new one coming out called Fly Girls. Jesse talked about the movie and the acting she had to do in that. She said she had to pretend to cry and she was able to make tears come out.

Howard asked Jesse about the size of the dicks that these guys have in her porn movies because she’s so small. She said she loves that. She said she likes to get fucked hard. Howard said that she really does get fucked hard too. He said she’s fully shaven too. She said she’s gotten it lasered off and she barely has anything left down there. Howard asked who does the work. She said that she has this really hot girl who does it.

Howard said Jesse has a new Stripper Pole coming out with her name on it. they had Jason dancing on it earlier and Robin said it was working for him. Jesse said that you can make it spin and they call it the Jesse Jane Party Pole. Howard asked Robin if she would do it. Robin said she can’t imagine but she has heard that people put them in their houses. Howard said that Jason was out of breath after playing on the pole.

Jesse said that they’re going to make a DVD that will come with the pole but she hasn’t had time to do that yet. Jesse said that she had some construction done on her house and had some stuff expanded and her son didn’t see the pole at first. She said that he actually knew what it was and asked her why she had a stripper pole in her room.

Howard asked Jesse about these parties she has with women she’s met. She said that she has met them through the kid’s soccer and things like that. She said she has had sex with a lot of women who are doing it for the first time with her. Jesse said she has outfits that they can dress up in and stuff like that. Howard asked what the move is to get them to have sex. Jesse told Howard how they just play around and all of the women know what she does so they are into what they’re doing. She said she has to initiate though. She said they have vibrator parties and stuff too.

Howard said it must be hard to live in Oklahoma. Jesse said that you can’t even buy porn in that state. She said that here are people who talk about her under their breath too.

Howard asked Jesse about some of her movies and found out that she does fisting. Howard asked her about that and she gave him some details about how she does that. Jesse talked about how she hasn’t done anal on film yet but she and Riley Steele are talking about doing it together. She said she might do that this year. Howard asked Jesse if she’s tried anal. She said she has but it’s not her favorite thing to do.

Howard asked Jesse about this stripper pole and what people are supposed to do with it. Jesse said it’s super fun to play with. She said hat you’ll find yourself loving it. Howard asked Jesse if she has a pool at her house. She does and she does huge cook outs and stuff. She said that the kids may look at her but she doesn’t want to know if they are.

Howard said that the pole is available at Jesse went over to the pole to demonstrate what to do on it. Robin said she was taking notes. Howard told Jesse she was delightful. He said he might have to get a pole for his house. Howard said they should have gotten Buzz on the pole with her.

Howard said time has not diminished Jesse’s beauty. He gave her some more plugs. He asked if she had turned down $200,000 to have sex with a guy one time. Jesse said she did because she’s not a hooker. Jesse said she knows girls who do that kind of thing but she didn’t want to risk it. Jesse said you don’t know what you’re going to end up with if you do that kind of thing. Howard asked if it was David Letterman or Tiger Woods. Jesse laughed and said it wasn’t them.

Howard took a call from Irish John who said he heard that she and Tommy Lee started banging in a VIP area at some club. She said that did happen. They were seeing each other at the time and she had a dress on with no panties so she just lifted her leg up and Tommy went at it. She said that they didn’t stop them at all and they were all right there.

Howard heard that Jesse had her boobs done again. She said hat she had to have it done because one guy did so much damage to her. She said this guy did a great job fixing her up. Jesse said this was her third boob job and she’s very happy with this one. She said she had to do this for HD movies because it will show really bad.

Howard took some calls and one guy asked if she had ever had any Mexicans. She said she has. Another guy asked if she likes to be spanked. Jesse said she does like that. She likes rough sex and likes her hair pulled and to be choked too. Jesse said there’s a way to choke someone out and do it the right way. She said some guys are too rough. Howard wrapped up with her a short time later. Howard said she’s willing to talk about it all with them and she says it with great pleasure.

Howard asked if she hooks her doctor up after he does such a great job on her boobs. She said hat she hasn’t had sex with him but she has hooked him up with some of her hot friends.

Jesse told Howard that she’s going to be at Starlets in Woodside this Friday and Saturday. She said she gives lap dances there. Howard said he heard that she gets 10 grand just to show up. She said she gets paid very well to do those appearances. She said it’s $100 per song for the customers and it’ll be a great lap dance. Howard asked if she does the Champagne room. Jesse said she doesn’t do that. She prefers to have security near her and she’d rather not go into a private room.

Howard said Jesse is a lot of fun and she’s some package. Howard gave her some more plugs and then wrapped up and went to break.


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