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Jessi Summers in Reno; Holly Randall seeking outpatient counseling for booze addiction

> Mike South writes: All day today i got emails from supportive people…I appreciate it, many of you indicated that you were pulling ads from XBiz others gave me info I could use and in general my email was 99% supportive.

Apparently this all took it’s toll on Alec Helmy today and he announced officially that he personally is against passage of .XXX and that he has NO financial interest in .XXX

> Bono-one posts on ADT: Karina Kay is back. She just posted a blog on MySpace saying she’s back and her first scene I believe is tomorrow so welcome back Karina and your return is most certainly a welcome one. So many new girls for you to play with!!

Gene adds: In fact she’ll be co-hosting as Chef Jeff makes his return to KSEX Thursday nights at 8 pm.

> Holly Randall posts on guess I have no choice but to answer this post– though I can’t say I’m thrilled about my personal issues being posted online, it’s a little late now and I may as well be honest. Yes, I did go on a bad bender this past weekend and was seriously considering checking into rehab (again– yes I was there about a year and a half ago). After spending a few days at my parents’ sobering up, I’m now considering a less extreme method of outpatient counseling. To have to give up at least a month of my life would be very damaging to my job and my company, and my responsibilites are such that I really need to seek other options that won’t interfere with that.

I have been battling alcoholism for quite a few years now, and I’m getting very tired of the fight. Over this last year or so my thinking has really changed, and I have come to realize I must give up booze entirely or watch it slowly destroy my life, my relationships, and those around me who love me.

Don’t think it doesn’t anger me that there are people dying in Iraq, starving in third world countries, and here I am, a fairly priviledged individual with wonderful friends and family, a great career, and all I can seem to do is flush it down the toilet. It’s a bitch of a disease and I’m the last person who can truly explain why I do what I do. I’m hoping that intensive therapy and regular AA meetings will help me sort out my demons and become a constructive force in the lives of those around me, as opposed to a destructive one.

I suppose that if my response touches at least one other person out there who shares my issues, and encourages them to also seek help, it will make the fact that I’ve just spilled my guts on a porn chatboard worthwhile.

> Jessi Summers blogs: to my real friends….

i miss you! i wish i could take back the things that have happened between us to tear us apart. i know that i sound like a pussy writing this but i miss you! i miss you mike and trisha especially, i really miss hanging out with you. nd david i miss you too, you were a friend through all the drama and i wish i could see you. plus i want to say to all my friends in the industry i miss you and please contact me if you get a chance, i feel like such a loser for doing all the things i hhave done but at the same time i don’t feel totally bad for everything, you guys fucked up too. and to steve you fucked me over royally! but i let you so i can’t really blame you. i love you so much for the short time we were together. and to dave i am sooooooooooooo sorry for everyhting i did to you and i would love to talk to you again and see how you have been. i messed up with you and i am really sorry. i have done a whole lot of nothing for the last six months and i really want to get back into the industry! i miss you all and i miss my job! it was the best and i will do anything to get back into it!

i went nuts, that’s all i can say. i thought i was in love but i was wrong. i thought i found a man i would spend the rest of my life with but i was wrong. he was just an immature boy who ruined me for a minute, but i’m not dead and i”m willing to start over. steve’s still my best friend and to all you girls out there you better have some good game if you get with him!

to benny-

i miss you sweetie! you are such a sweet and endearing soul! lol i know that sounds dorky but i truly miss you and would love to talk to you.

to tim-

i really want to talk to you timmy! i miss you

anyway, if anyone cares i’m in reno right now at my mom’s trying to collect my mind. the last six months have been extremely hard but i guess all i can say is that i have learned from it and i am so much stronger from it.

my mom is going through some tough times and if anyone who reads this is religous i will ask you please to pray for her. she is such a sweet lady who is going through so much.

to my brother. thank you for getting me out of that apartment and that bad situation, you are awesome!


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