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Jessica Darlin: I Love Trannies

Porn Valley- As strange as it sounds, this was the first time we ever had the chance to sit down and have a chat with Jessica Darlin’. This afternoon we finally got together on a Tom Byron set, Meat Pushin’ 2

Gene: I’ve never had the chance to talk to you all my years in the business and all your years.

JD: I’ve been around a long time. LOL. Almost seven years coming up.

Gene: You get in, get out, get in..

JD: I took some time off. About a year off just to take some time off. I knew I was coming back but I needed time to myself.

Gene: You’ve always been a dancer.

JD: And still am. But I’m not a feature dancer. I don’t like featuring. I dance at Cheetahs in Las Vegas. I can say that because I’m allowed to promote.

Gene: You assume the mantle of a modest house girl in Vegas.

JD: I’m not a house girl! I have a really good club that I’ve been at for five years. I can come and do as I want to. I work two nights a week. I can work from two hours to seven hours. I can leave whenever. People come in to see me. I can sell my movies there. I can sell pictures. I can sign autographs. It’s like featuring but not having to travel.

Gene: Obviously you have instant recognition and a built in fan base in Vegas.

JD: I do have fans and people come in from different states to see me, too. My friends are all there. I stay there. I’m happy. It’s a good place to be.

Gene: What made you decide to become a dancer of all things.

JD: I’ve been a dancer since I turned 18. I drove by a strip club and said to my now husband, I can do that. He said no you can’t. I said watch me and I’ll prove it. I did. I went in. I danced and I found out that I really enjoyed it. And it also paved my way to magazines and films. That’s where my start came from and I’ve always kept it because I just enjoy it so much. I’ll never quit dancing. I’ll go on until I’m too old, I guess. LOL.

Gene: When were you married?

JD: I was married at 21. We’ve been together since I was 17.

Gene: What were you like growing up?

JD: I played sports. I was very Tom Boy-ish. I rode horses. I show jumped. I played sports: soccer, field hockey.

Gene: A field hockey babe. You know there are thousands, maybe millions of men who have field hockey girl fantasies.

JD: I played in the skirt and all.

Gene: Do you still have the outfit?

JD: I don’t. That was years ago.

Gene: That would be a great ensemble for one of your shows.

JD: I should wear it! I actually did a VCA film where I was in a field hockey like scene.

Gene: It sounds like a Jim Holliday movie.

JD: It was. I was playing beach field hockey with a beach ball. It was weird but it was kind of cool. I’m in the whole get up so you can see me in that type of fantasy, I guess.

Gene: What other weird things have you been asked to do in the adult business.

JD: What haven’t I been asked? I get asked all the time to do weird stuff, but I only do the stuff that turns me on. I don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do in my private life. I don’t do kinky things for money. I don’t do this to be rich. I do it because I like sex and I have a good time doing porn.

Gene: Do you have this sexual spark growing up?

JD: I’ve always been very sexual. It’s never bothered me to fuck different people or be with different sexes. I was always into different stuff.

Gene: As a young girl when were you first aware of your sexuality?

JD: I would say probably 15. I started very young. With a guy. I lost my virginity with my first boyfriend. And I took his. How romantic! I know it’s so cliche. I lost it to a horrible song, Shiny Happy People. I hear that song all the time. But that was my first. It was in a bed. I remember it was raining out. I don’t remember how we were going to do it and try it. That was 12 years ago!

Gene: How old was he?

JD: 15 as well. We just kind of did it. We talked about it.

Gene: Was it a mutual fumbling match?

JD: Yeah, I was an idiot and so was he. We had no idea. I think everybody’s bad the first time. I don’t want to hear it that everyone’s great because it’s not true. I sucked. I’m better now after experience but it was my first time.

Gene: How long did you see this guy.

JD: A year.

Gene: Then how did you met your husband-to-be [Luis Cypher].

JD: I met him at a concert. IO had a boyfriend at the time. I started to talk to him and fell for him. he’s the best thing I ever met.

Gene: What was it about him. You guys have been together for a very long time. What was the spark.

JD: He’s just so cute! I love his personality. I just adore him. I just think he’s the best thing in the world. He’s just great to me. He’s such a cool husband. He’s open and we’re both sexual. We have a great time together. He’s not a jealous person. I could never deal with someone who’s jealous.

Gene: He’s directed you, right?

JD: Yeah.

Gene: Did that lead to any kind of problems or awkwardness?

JD: No. He’s seen me fuck different people before we ever did porn together. We’ve been with other people so that wasn’t a big deal for us.

Gene: What was the thing that clicked in your head where you decided you wanted to try this professionally.

JD: I had always been a porn fan since I can’t remember. I’m very sexual, and I like being able to do crazy stuff. So I decided to do it, packed up and I came to California.

Gene: Your first time around was with Elegant Angel.

JD: I was with them for about six months.

Gene: I remember your debut at one of the trade shows.

JD: Ugh. With my short, cut off hair. It was terrible.

Gene: You get chills thinking about it?

JD: Yeah. I’m not a big Patrick Collins fan.

Gene: Tell me about the first time you did anal.

JD: I don’t remember! It was with my husband. I know that much. I think I initiated it. I had seen it on film. I said let’s try that and he did. It was great. I love it. This is great and I kept on doing it. My first film I did it. And everyone shunned me for it saying I was stupid, that I was going to last six months. I was told it that I should never do it for my first film, that I should wait and I should do it for a big premier. I said fuck that, I’m taking it up the ass. I like it.

Gene: This is something you’ve become really famous for.

JD: Yeah, I don’t get too many boy-girl scenes. I’ve gotten maybe six. But I like anal. I’m not just doing it for the money.

Gene: I’ve seen you in some smoldering stuff. Have you ever won awards?

JD: No! I don’t care. I won one for Night Moves. I was shocked I won. I was sitting in the back and didn’t even get up to walk. I believe I got on stage and everyone stopped clapping for me because I said I would never use a condom. And I believe everyone stopped clapping for me and booed me. I think that’s what happened.

Gene: For making a statement that you would never use a condom? [Darlin made the statement at the time of the condom bandwagon in the industry which has since lost its momentum.]

JD: Yeah. They weren’t liking me that much. But I take it back because I have used a condom since. But that only because I did a she-male scene and they preferred to use condoms.

Gene: Since you brought it up we must talk about.

JD: I love she-males; I’ve loved them for years. I think it’s funny how I was one of the first girls to do it and now it seems they’re all jumping on the bandwagon. I shot the scene for Joey Silvera with Vanity and some guy named Chris. It was a great scene and I had a good time. I’ve done another one since for Bob’s

Gene: What is it about doing a scene like that.

JD: I like trannies! LOL. It’s not that I did it for the freak-potential, I did it because I they’re hot. I did it for me. I watch porn all the time and still do. I watch gay porn.

Gene: You like watching guys gettin it on.

JD: I love gay porn. Gay porn’s great. For me at least.

Gene: It seems like everybody else has a video line. Is that what you’re planning to do at some point?

JD: No. I’m sure that will come ay day in the future, but I’m cool performing. I’m good. I’m sure someday I’m going to produce and direct. I might as well, but I’m content where I’m at.

Gene: How about directing since your husband had done pretty well at it.

JD: Maybe some day but I prefer to perform. I look good and I still want to fuck so I’m just going to keep fucking. I’m good at that.

Gene: Anything you look back on the business and say I wish I hadn’t done that?

JD: I’m sure we all have regrets. I was contracted so long I didn’t have time to regret stuff. Everything I did was good. The only thing I regret would probably be is letting Patrick Collins cut off my hair. I should have said I don’t think so. Besides that, as far as sex, I don’t have any. I’ve had a good time the whole time.

Gene: I’m sure there’s been a lot of good memories.

JD: I’ve had some bad things happen to me on sets but we’ve all had that type of drama.

Gene: Any real drama on the set that you still think about, like episodes in a book type of drama?

JD: I would really suggest to people don’t book someone and tell that person that there’s a certain person they’re going to be working with and then spring another talent. Do that and I’m going to leave. It’s not that hard to pick up the phone and ask me if I have another choice. I have walked off sets because of that. I stick to my guns.

Gene: Sounds like you’ve had a few bad experiences like that.

JD: I’ve had many and I’ve said no. I kind of hurt that person’s ego because they thought they were hot shit. One guy in particular.

Gene: What was your reason.

JD: He was an asshole.

Gene: As a woman who speaks her mind who would you put in the asshole category.

JD: There’s a lot of ’em. But I like to keep them on the hush-hush.

Gene: How about in the good guy category.

JD: There’s a lot of great guys in the business. You have Tommy (Byron). He’s always the best. I love Tommy and will always love Tommy. He’s the best. I will go down and say Tommy’s the best ever.

Gene: What makes him the best?

JD: He’s Tommy, the icon. He knows how to fuck and he’s a good person. He’s awesome. And I loved my time with Extreme. That was a great company to work for.


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