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jessica drake a Bounty Hunter

During some forum chat regarding the CNBC special on porn this week it was mentioned that jessica drake’s a “certified fugitive recovery agent” – a polite way of saying bounty hunter. drake talks about that in the following interview:

From – Dancer, director, writer, actress. Few members of the exclusive adult entertainment industry have assumes as many roles – or positions – as the glamorous jessica drake. Since winning Best Tease Performance in 2001, this humble beauty has made many a man’s pants tent. Now the 215 will get to enjoy this hottie in person, drake (we told you she’s humble – she likes her name to be all in lower case…) met fans in person at Philly’s big Party With The Porn Stars Weekend. Associated Content snuggled up to this stunner, and got the skinny on the skin biz.

Associated Content: How are you today?
I am wonderful! I am just doing work around the house. My website has gone through some changes so I am getting my home office really equipped for live chat and video clips and stuff like that.

AC: Your website is really interactive…It’s like dating you…
With this website, I handle everything myself. When my fans log on and interact, it is ME…Not an assistant.

AC: So you and I both started as Psych majors in college….
Jessica Drake: I really liked Psych, up until I got to the statistical courses. Then I was like “Holy Shit!” I freaked out. It got really hard and I got nervous.

AC: Me too! Still, I think it kind of lets us manipulate and figure out people….
JD: I try not to use that knowledge too much, honestly! I don’t want to freak out. If I could figure people out I would probably be upset more often….

AC: I have been told you are, besides the world’s hottest adult movie actress, also a certified fugitive recovery agent. That seems like an odd side-job…

drake: For my movie Manhunters…When we were exploring the idea and concept of the film…With all my ideas I do research, a lot of practical research. We did gun training, weapons training…And to get into my character I took it a step further. I did an online course to basically be a bounty hunter. You do an online course, but you have to take the exam in person. Thankfully, I am a really good test taker! [Laughs]

AC: I think it would make bail jumpers happy to be apprehended by you, and say The Dog….

JD: That’s the funny thing – one of the guys who did our training – he took us on a couple of runs. We would go into places and look for suspects…The whole job is a lot of sitting and waiting honestly. So while I was doing that, I realized how much I stand-out. I’m not completely inconspicuous. But in that business, I could use it to my advantage. Nobody is going to think in their head “Oh my God….That is Jessica Drake! I bet she is her to arrest me!”

AC: Let’s talk about your career….You have more award nominations then Susan Lucci…

JD: I have! That was my goal all along! I am so lucky to have signed with Wicked. They let me grow creatively and as a performer. I always wanted the sex awards and the acting awards. I will be honest about that, but who doesn’t want to get them? Seriously!

AC: Alektra and Kaylani both raved about working for Wicked.
JD: They are an incredible organization. We are a condom only company. We cater to couples. It’s sexy, and hot, and dirty but there is a softer side to Wicked. It’s not hurtful or nasty or degrading to women. It is a great company.

AC; But in the end, it is all about sex…
JD: Yes, and Wicked makes incredibly hot movies about sex. Sex is the reason is why we are all here, no matter what you do…

AC: You have grown beyond being an actress to doing writing and directing….

JD: I have been writing for about two o three years now. I wrote Love Always and Just Between Us, Dating 101, What Girls Like. What Girls Like was the first movie that I ever directed too. I am still going to perform, I love performing. I will do it till the beg me to stop. But, I definitely want to learn the other side of the business. And, I want to learn on my own terms…before I am forced to learn.

AC: Is it a big adjustment to go from having sex to telling someone to have sex?

JD: It is a challenge – it definitely takes a certain kind of person. It takes a strong support group like we have at Wicked. A lot of girls try directing, at various stages in their career. They have to do it on their own, figure it all out, and financially back themselves. Wicked has given me firm groundwork. I have an amazing company; their network is going to sell my movies. It definitely helps to have that springboard…I couldn’t have achieved any of this without them.

AC: What stupid myths do you want to dispel about the porn industry?
Jessica Drake

JD: Two biggest misconceptions are that I was abused as a child and use drugs. I was NOT abused as a child at all. Never. Have I tried drugs? We all experiment! But that is not my thing; I am not productive when I do drugs. I don’t even really drink. I drink very occasionally. I don’t deal well with a hangover. I have fun when I go out, I just don’t indulge in too much nonsense.

AC: Do you have a fav movie?

JD: That is hardest question. It’s a toss- up. Fluff’n Fold – I won AVN best Actress for that movie. It is a super cute movie. I came up with the concept only. I had always wanted to have sex in a laundry mat. So that was where we started. The other movie was the Collector. I pushed my boundary sexually in that movie. I was nervous. It was the first movie I did double penetration, where I did a blow bang. I really went for the brass ring in that movie. After the Collector….All hell broke loose. I had a string of great projects including Manhunters, Fuck, and the Craving. I also really love the movie I am working on now, Fallen. It’s incredible, and you can see the trailer on my website…

AC: Any advice for aspiring porn starlets?

JD: I would say it is really important to always have a plan. Don’t just rush into this and fuck everything that moves. Don’t run in thinking you are going to make all kind of money. It is especially important to be true to yourself, and to choose the projects you work on carefully. Pick stuff you are going to be comfortable with an enjoy. It is kind of funny to say this – but there was a time in the business where I thought I was compromising my morals, my beliefs. I know that is saying a lot – but you always have ethical boundaries that you are not going to cross. Don’t cross them. I you are true to yourself that comes across and brings more success.


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