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Jessica Drake Needs to Be the Leader of the Industry Says Rob Black; Why Isn’t She on the Free Speech Board?

From the way he was talking on his show Wednesday afternoon, if Jessica Drake were running for dog catcher, Rob Black would be voting for her. The business is in turmoil, says Black and performers are putting their lives at risk with agents such as Derek Hay and Mark Spiegler.

“And Foxxx Modeling is like a sex slave operation,” states Black.

“Every one of you girls that lives in a model house ask Jessica Drake if she does anal gangbangs or lives in a model house. Jessica Drake seems to be the 70,000 pound gorilla, and by no means am I talking ill will about her. She has made her mark not being a whore. She doesn’t go to hotel rooms and line up clients and do tricks all night. She doesn’t go on tour and twitters, here’s her hotel room.

“She wears condoms in her scenes. She doesn’t let Manuel Ferrara choke her out and be slapped back to life. She doesn’t do cattle prods. She doesn’t do any of that stuff. Take Asa Akira and take Jessica Drake, Jessica Drake is somebody.”

Black also can’t believe that Drake does PSAs for Free Speech with “known prostitutes.”

“You know inside she’s a captive,” contends Black.

“In one fell swoop she’s being clumped with the riff raff. You think Stormy Daniels looks at these girls and says let’s all do hooker parties. Yeah!!”

Black notes how Wicked, Drake’s company started out as a regular company but went to all-condom.

“Steve Orenstein was the only one with integrity.

“Orenstein’s the nice Steve Hirsch whereas the real Steve Hirsch is an evil cunt.”

Black suspects that the rest of the industry would like to see Wicked dry up and die because they’re proven that you can shoot condom and be successful.

“Because Wicked can bury them all,” says Black.

“They make some of the best movies in the business. And they have the number 1 contract girl.”

Black personally addressed Orenstein: “You look around the business and probably ask yourself, what am I fighting for. This business is mired in Stagliano filth and you have the chance to rise above.”

Addressing Brad Armstrong, Black said Armstrong should never had left his wife, Drake, marred herself with porn riff raff on those PSAs.

“You and her created an image after the Evan Stone divorce. You did a great job putting her in great movies. Why would you destroy that? She’s hanging out with girls who are half smacked in the head.

“For my money Jessica Drake needs to do what she’s doing, and that’s the person that should be leading a group of talent. Jessica Drake is somebody who has a future. Can she be a senator of this business? Of course.”

“Weinstein isn’t going away and will be there wherever we go,” Black continued.

“Lee Roy Myers is shooting in Vegas? Who gives a shit? Steve Hirsch ain’t going nowhere. Wicked ain’t going nowhere. So we need centralized movies.

Let’s show these sonsofbitches in Washington and Sacramento we mean business. Show them we’re not going to be led around by a bunch of assholes who talk out of both sides of their mouths.”

Black by constantly bringing up Hay and Spiegler said he’s trying to protect talent from predators.

“We all know the agents are bullshit. We all know Derek, in the Vivid Building, owns a piece of an escort agency. Every agent sends the girls on tricks. We all know that. It’s like when you were young and your mom and dad knew you were smoking.

“Everybody knows it is a hooker site. We’re all not stupid. You think the Vice Dept. is fucking stupid? It’s just when they get their nose rubbed in dog shit they got to clean it off and come out swinging. Everybody knows that porn girls are fucking hookers.

“Our business has always been this bloody wound with a scab over it. What the fuck are you surprised about?

“How can you say the business is safe when you go to Eros and the talent tracks back to the agents? You think Spiegler would tell his girls to stay off hooker sites?

“The talent is being fucked and needs leaders like Jessica Drake and Orenstein,” says Black.

“And why is Jessica Drake not on the Free Speech board? How about Joy King? Why is she not on the board and Marcie Hirsch is? From Scott Taylor to Orentein to Jacky St. James we have good people to lead. These are people who look out for you. They look like they’re doing good things. Jessica Drake should be ashamed- I hate to say that- you guys. She should be leading. Brad, you have the number one girl.”

But Black suspects that Steve Orenstein isn’t taking leadership because Hirsch would lean on IVD to “fuck him.”

“The three real leaders are Wicked, New Sensations and Adam & Eve with Mr. Phil Harvey a guy who almost went to prison for condoms.”

According to Black nobody gives a shit about Adam & Eve movies, but Harvey should be lauded because he risked going to prison.

“They are the whale, still. Those are the three companies that out maneuver Vivid and Hustler and throw in Evil Angel if you want. Those three companies are owners with integrity and have been kicking ass.”

“Scott Taylor created stuff and had vision. Steve Orenstein started as a salesman for Ruby. When the business went condom, Orenstein was the guy who stayed the course.”


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