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Jewel De’Nyle in Naked Ambition- final

Porn Valley- Jewel De’Nyle is one of 31 porn industry women interviewed in Carly Milne’s book Naked Ambition: Women Who Are Changing Pornography.

De’Nyle notes that she began dancing at the age of 21 at a club in California that was attached to an adult shop.

“I wanted money, pure and simple,” she states, indicating that she wanted to own her own business some day. Naive to the ways of air brushing, De’Nyle never thought that she could measure up to women already in the porn business.”I thought of myself as a house girl stripper and was content with that, until the day a porn star was featured at my club and saw me onstage,” De’Nyle says. “She was blown away by me.”

According to De’Nyle, Steele was the door that opened up a whole new world to her, and De’Nyle’s first scene was with Peter North for Joey Silvera.

“They were very taken by me,” she says, noting that she and North dated for two years after that. De’Nyle thought by being the new girl on the block that’s the simple reason why she was getting hired.

“As it turned out, they never stopped wanting me.” De’Nyle frankly states that she used her pussy as a bank and she would do whatever it took to get what she wanted.

“My body was a slot machine that companies and people were willing to keep putting money in,” she says. “I had a brain and an ass and I wasn’t afraid to use either of them.”

Realizing that she needed to advance her game plan, De’Nyle talks about a meeting she had set up with Jill Kelly at the Four Seasons in Vegas. Although De’Nyle got a gig working behind the camera, her JKP days didn’t last long, she relates. After her contract was up, De’Nyle was let go claiming that her movies were too hardcore for JKP. De’Nyle found this puzzling because she never considered her personal tastes outside the norm. De’Nyle went on to Puritan but says that JKP came to the realization too late that her movies were chart toppers.

De’Nyle stayed with Puritan for two years and says they were fantastic although she was looked at as a bit eccentric.

“I was one of the only women shooting hardcore…and I was doing something different and edgy,” she says. By winning an award for a scene she appeared in and directed- with Lexington Steele in Interracial Babes, De’Nyle knew that she had what it took to be a great pornographer. And it was time to venture out on her own because, according to her, companies were getting rich off of her and she was getting only a small piece of the action.

De’Nyle says she started out with three business partners but only her and David Joseph remain.

“PXP had its share of hard knocks in the beginning,” she relates. “I was a female running the show in an all-boys club industry.”

“I’m a powerful person in this business,” she continues, “so I always get someone who likes to run their mouth and say how I don’t own PXP or that I didn’t start the company. I’m vice president and I make all the decisions along with David on all company policies. So for those who think I’m just using my name while others run the show, they are very mistaken.”

De’Nyle says she also started the company for other reasons- one of those being to give her parents a job. De’Nyle touches on the fact that the FBI once raided their home for kiddie porn, claiming that her father, a politician in the Colorado legislature, was set up. According to De’Nyle the Feds tried to get her to say something incriminating about her father.

“All I did was slam the door in their faces after I told them to come back with a warrant.”

De’Nyle couldn’t stand to see her family being crushed by the media because they supported her choice to be in the porn business. Consequently, they came out to California to help her run her business.

“Without them I wouldn’t have the success that I have today,” she states. De’Nyle is quick to admit that a choice to remain in the business is a costly one and that was especially true in her situation with Michael Steffano. De’Nyle claims that she got Steffano out of a bad situation with another company [Extreme Associates] and put everything she had behind him. But in doing so, she created an egomaniac, she says.

According to De’Nyle, Steffano became obsessed with money and she got lost in the shuffle because Steffano only cared about himself and his stardom.

“I gave him the world, and without my money or name he wouldn’t have been the star he is today.” When Steffano turned against her, De’Nyle says she filed for divorce. Steffano then tried to destroy PXP, she alleges.

“Michael had to be let go from PXP for the good of our company,” she says. “He had let his resentment of what I had created get the best of him.”

De’Nyle credits her success in the business as being a test of survival.

“I felt this was my chosen path- to be a leader.”


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