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JM Productions Announces Swirlies

Chatsworth, CA – JM Productions has long been known for having one of the most unconventional interview processes in the industry for prospective whores who are looking to break into the glamorous world of adult films. Much like the rest of the industry, JM has every new whore fill out a questionnaire which obtains important information such as their date of birth, whether or not they do anal, and when they were first molested by their father. But that’s where the similarity ends.

As one might expect, working for JM, whose product is known throughout the world for blazing new trails in the exciting and rewarding pseudo-science of degradation, is not for every whore. The company’s interview process seeks to weed out the girls who are too worthless and weak to be transformed into cum receptacles for the viewing pleasure of their demented fans.

“Our interviews have been both the beginning and the end for the careers of many wannabe cum dumpsters,” explains company publicist Tony Malice, “It’s an excruciating gauntlet, but those who make it past the last and final phase, the Swirlie, are true JM material.”

But just what exactly is a Swirlie? “It’s actually very romantic,” explains JM Productions founder Jeff Steward, “A Swirlie is the act of savagely flushing a whore’s head in the toilet until her hair is a bacteria infested, piss soaked mess and her last drop of dignity is drained to the ocean.”

One might also wonder how the Swirlie, a ritualistic part of every day life for a JM employee, came to be the company’s latest new video series. “A few months ago when I went into the office to pick up my paycheck Jeff (Steward) was having a bad day, so he gave me a Swirlie to make himself feel better,” explains JM contract whore Ashley Blue, “The next day when I was at the dentist getting my teeth replaced I had an epiphany – let’s capture this magic on video for all of America to enjoy!”

The next day Ashley contacted Steward who completely agreed that Swirlies was a great concept and immediately tapped longtime JM director Jim Powers to helm the new series. “The idea of flushing these girls’ heads down a filthy toilet seemed like a lot of fun to me, but at first I wasn’t sure if it was enough,” explains a reflective Powers, “But once I decided to precede each Swirlie with violent sodomy I knew I had found the perfect marriage of stroke value and sadism.”

In keeping with JM’s long standing dedication to quality and realism, each toilet used in Swirlies is real, functioning, in-service and certainly not sterile.

Swirlies hits the streets simultaneously on VHS & DVD November 14th and stars Ariana Jollee, Kelly Rose, Angelina Bonet, Julie Night and Ruby Red. Distributors can order now by contacting JM at (800)550-3659. For more information or to order your copy, please visit on the web!


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