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Joanna Angel Breaking the Law- final

Porn Valley- Joanna Angel pulls an entrance just like Mary Carey did a couple of weeks ago- through the rear door of the PrimeTimeUncensored,, studio.

Angel, tinier than you’d probably expect, apologizes for being late and not wearing makeup. She thought the “Breaking the Law” show was going to be “radio” until she saw the twin cameras beamed on her. Angel also wanted to make it clear that she’s not a flakey porn girl.

Prior to Joanna’s arrival, co-host Veronica Rayne was announcing the fact that she’s getting married July 8- after an 8 year relationship with Jack Vegas. Rayne laughed that Vegas was also having a bachelor party after-the-fact and that the chief purpose of that was to get his brother laid.

“He’s completely opposite Jack,” she said. “He’s so shy- he doesn’t smoke, drink or swear.” According to Rayne, the wedding ceremony would be on the beach accompanied by a simple dinner.

“I want it to be a very normal wedding,” she went on to say. The show’s host Michael Fattorosi took that to mean that she wasn’t blowing anyone besides her husband that day.

“Fuck you,” Rayne laughed.

Rayne also explained why she hadn’t made last week’s show, that she came down with pneumonia after being in the 20 girl-bang shoot for Metro directed by Devinn Lane. Rayne described the shoot as “being retarded.” Angel mentioned that she had also been in the cast.

Comparing health charts, Fattorosi mentioned that he’s had two heart attacks of his own. Rayne, who’s been practically taking up residence in the gym these days and looks better than when she first got into the business, credits a lot of her physical improvement to Pilates.

“Fuck Pilates,” laughed Fattorosi. “I enjoy my scotch and Marlboro Lites.”

Later Fattorosi was showing a clip of his trip to a hair restoration clinic for implants. Meanwhile, Rayne’s getting nauseous looking at the operation and leaves the room.

Rayne also reported that she shot a layout for Hustler and would know soon if she was making the cover as well as the centerfold.

As the show generally does, there was discussion of some of the top stories of the day and Fattorosi brought up Wankus. Rayne rolled her eyes and said she heard Wankus had been banned from the KSEX building after the announced firing last week. Fattorosi was of the opinion that Wankus was the glue that held KSEX together.

“Oh, really?” said Rayne. “I don’t believe he was.” Rayne thought it was Batman who held everything together at KSEX and that Wankus’ departure was just a matter of time because Wankus was, “loud, vocal and out there.”

“Tony was the buffer,” she said. Yet Rayne made it clear that she liked Wankus and loved Tyler Faith.

Angel noted that her birthday is Christmas day.

“You’re developing into quite an icon,” commented attorney Fattorosi who also happens to list Angel among his clients, thus precluding certain things they could discuss on air.

Angel said she was very flattered at the comment.

“It’s not like I walk around thinking that.” Angel started up her company Burning Angel, appropriately enough, on 4/20/2002.

“Me, another guy and $500,” she added. Angel also launches another enterprise, shortly- Burning Angel Entertainment. Fattorosi brought up the fact that Angel had a contract with Hustler.

“To put it nicely, I left,” Angel commented. “Things weren’t working out. They got a formula. I came in and fucked up the formula.” Angel alluded to the formula as one that included California blonds with big tits, not necessarily dark haired east coast girls with tattoos.

Fattorosi recalled the time when he accompanied a client for talks with Flynt concerning a possible contract.

“He [Flynt] told her get naked- ‘I want to see what I’m getting for my money.'”

After her guardian angel at Hustler left, Joanna said she could see the handwriting on the wall. Especially when she was there for a year and Larry Flynt apparently had no clue who she was. They met at a Christmas party.

“He said we should get together again- six weeks later I was gone,” Angel recalls. But during the time she was at Hustler, Angel directed four movies and got Editors Choices for two of them.

“I guess he [Flynt] didn’t see what I was doing and wasn’t into it.”

Now a free agent, Angel thinks she’s done maybe five scenes for other companies since the beginning of the year. Which doesn’t account for what she does for herself.

“I try to keep fairly exclusive to myself,” she notes. Angel mentions that she has particular affections for director Chico Wang, in a professional sense.

“He always sticks to his word,” she states. On the other hand, Angel says there are only two people in the industry she doesn’t like.

“Not bad for an entire industry,” she smiles, but wouldn’t name names.

Angel also came across astounded that AVN gave her another Editors Choice – this time for Cum on My Tattoo 3. She calls it “a fuck you to gonzo porn” and claims she did the movie more as a joke.

“And we don’t contribute any money to AVN,” she added. Angel has also gotten a lot of press for another movie she did called Re-Penetrator, revealing that she shot it on a budget of $1,000.

“It’s impossible to jerk off to and we did it for fun,” she chuckles.

Nevertheless she received a Most Outrageous Sex Scene award for it.

She’s got another off-the-wall project in the works called Evil Head and said she wouldn’t mind getting a company like SexZ Pictures behind such a project. Regardless, she said she’d have to find “a bigger sugar daddy company” if she was going to make higher budgeted features again.

Fattorosi couldn’t help comment that Angel practically levitates on small coin outlay.

“You shit gold, don’t you?” he laughs. Commenting on her AVN awards, Angel compared the silhouette on them to one you’d find on a package of birth control.

Angel also revealed that she jerks off to ads on Craigs List depending on their content, especially the ones soliciting booty calls. Rayne said she and Jack Vegas made extra cash last summer when the industry was down, by answering some of those ads.

“We got paid $300 for taking a shower for seven minutes,” Rayne said, noting that it was for a Peeping Tom site.

“I have to work a whole hour for $300,” quipped Fattorosi.

Asked to lend some advice to someone starting up a website, Angel said they should do something they like.

“Your members will be able to tell,” she added. Summoning words of wisdom she received when she started, Angel said you should treat your website/customers as you would treat a personal relationship.

Inviting the inevitable comparison between her site and Suicide Girls, Angel said there’s certainly no love lost between the two entities and that she had always been treated like shit by the other company’s owners.

Fattorosi then egged Angel into telling her Mary Carey story. Angel said she was in Missouri along with Carey to do a store signing when Carey and her boyfriend at the time, Harold, got progressively drunk.

“They were chasing each other around the story,” Angel recalled. “They were slamming into tables and she was screaming at her fans. The people who owned the store were upset.”

In the mean time, people came up to Angel saying, “Well, I’ll guess I’ll get your autograph.” Later Carey called Angel and asked if she was mad at her.

“No I could give a shit,” said Angel.

Fattorosi then reported that he’s now Carey’s attorney representing in her case with Mariah Carey.


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