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Joe Brandi Responds to Cytherea Escort Fiasco

Personally? I think somebody’s full of salmagundi but I’m not saying who.

Porn Valley- Plus One and Cytherea were on KSEX’s The Wanker Show Monday night talking about how Cytherea received a rubber check for an escorting gig set up by Joe Brandi. Plus One kept calling him “Bandi” during the story but that’s not the reason why Brandi writes in.

Brandi writes on Recently porn star Cytherea and husband Brian made a stink regarding a “fraud” check that they received while performing a job for an escort agency named Aphrodite

I sat back and listened while junkie husband Brian blasted my name around town saying that I was responsible for his wife Cytherea getting a bad check? The record needs to be cleared .

First and foremost, my name is Joe Brandi…not Joe Bandi! I’m not sure if he knows that or if that’s the way he says it with a drug drunken-slur.

We will start this from the beginning and if this isn’t one of the strangest stories you will ever hear then I don’t know what is. A very, very good friend of mine who runs an agency ( Aphrodite )called me and asked me if I knew anyone in the industry in CA who was an escort. Of course being in the industry, I said yes and recommended a good friend who I called and asked. The guy that called needed 2 girls.

I asked this female pornstar if she knew anyone else who she could do this job with and she referred Cytherea. If I knew that Cytherea and her hubby pimp where this crazy then I would have put an end to this before it began.

Aphrodite called my female friend and told her the situation that was told to her on the phone by this guy who supposedly worked for the Transit Authority. They told her they did a background check and the guy seemed legit. Lets be honest here, there’s only so much you can actually find out about a person. Aphrodite then told the two female escorts ( Cytherea and the other ) that he did not want to pay buy cash but by Certified Cashiers Check. Aphrodite again then explained that they never do this but this seemed legit and if they wanted the job they can have it.

No one ( and I repeat NO ONE ) twisted Cythereas arm or the other female to do this. They knew what it was risky from the get go.

They met the gentleman inside a hotel and spent 3 hours with him. He, from what we thought, gave them 1 certified check when it was over but from what I just read in Brian’s “press release” there was two checks that where given which brings up a very interesting question….

Where is the other check Brian? Aphrodite did not get 2 checks or where even told about 2 checks !

As this was all unfolding I felt like shit because I made the introduction to the agency. My friend is California basically got the shaft and never got paid and my friends agency never got paid as well. My friend in California is not making this an issue at all and knows the situation and that it was a bad move to take a check to start out with. It’s only Brian and Cytherea who from what we now know have another check….and are getting much needed publicity.

Aphrodite even went as far as to tell both females that they will book them and they can keep 100% of the upcoming jobs to make up for it, will pay for their ads on all the escorts sites, will book them anywhere, pay for traveling expenses and will try to get them as much business as possible for this inconvenience. If you can show me one other agency that would do that please let me know. Cytherea and Brian said no and wanted more. What we now know is that they have a check and are still trying to get more.

The bottom line is this…

There is no “Government Employee” or contracts with an other agency in China. The guy pulled a fast one on everyone involved and there is no way to track him unless they do a DNA test on Cythereas g-string. He basically made up a name, story etc. He gave a fake check ( not a Government Certified Check! ), name, place of employment etc. and got 2 girls to perform for him for 3 hours. Aphrodite did not hire some Asian guy to go to California to have 2 porn stars perform for some made up guy and then give them a bad fake check and had him pay them on the side. That story is ridiculous. The guy got over on everyone involved but the question remains, what happened to the other check Brian?

Aphrodite name has been blasted and that bothers me more then having my name blasted by a junkie. They are a top notch legitimate company who although did not perform for the guy took it upon themselves to do whatever they could to get the 2 girls compensated. This is a closed story as far as I am concerned on my end and I will not be talking about this any further…except to find out what happened to the other check!

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