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Joe Brandi writes: Wankus, AEE, TANC & Vanessa, Who is Wankus?

Joe Brandi [pictured] writes on : So here it is.

My first blog on my site after all these years with all the crazy thoughts going on in this sick disturbed head of mine.

Let cut to the chase and cover some issues. I will be writing these whenever I get bored which is alot. I wont hold back any punches and promise to tell you what I’m thinking. Right now I’m listening to Guns n Roses so I’m ready to go crazy. Thank God I didnt get that Tatoo when I was younger. Although I could be the biggest G-n-R fan alive still, that tat wouldnt be as cool at 38 as I thought it would be at 20 !


Who is Wankus? Oh, the guy I fired who is now making clips from his apartment in a bedroom that looks like a 5 year old lives in it. How do you, at 40 years old, have posters of football players in your room? You have to love the 12 inch black & white TV set in the corner of his bedroom and his kitchen that he couldn’t even fit in its so small. I guess I’m flattered that a guy took the time to make a video about me and thinks about me….or should I be scared?

I guess I wont be asking him to join TANC any time soon. Oh well. I still wish him the best of luck and maybe now he can get more then 10 people to watch his video.

For the record, a few months after he left KSEX I sent him an email just saying “sorry about what happened, no hard feelings, blah blah blah” but he never even responded to me as a man. I never disliked Wankus. I just don’t think he is a businessman and he was way over his head at KSEX. He’s a good Karaoke singer I will give him that. Maybe one day I will buy him a drink…maybe not. Now we both have something in common though…we both have been thru the hell of KSEX with the owner.

OK, enough about Wankus. That was 2 minutes of wasted typing time


So many letters I get confused. I was supposed to go to that stupid thing but because of everything that is happening at TANC I decided not to. What am I going to do there anyway? Say “Hi, TANC is coming soon”. Get the fuck out of here, who cares. When it’s up then I can talk to everyone. I would rather spend the time building it now and getting things finished.

There’s lots of rumors flyin around all over there. Some I would love to tell you. Trust me..I would really love to tell you but just cant right now. I’m not there but lets just say I have people there covering it. Martin & Steele of TANC Radio’s “From the Ville” will be interviewing people and keeping everyone posted for one. They have officially joined TANC Radio and I couldn’t be happier. They are great guys and promo machines. I don’t consider them employees…I consider them friends.

Rumors Rumors Rumors. To say my Outlook Express is getting pounded with emails is an understatement. I keep getting the same question asked I may as well just copy and paste my answer. Here’s my answer to “What is going on with TANC?”

“We are setting everything up and things are moving as planned. …It will be up soon…..building this from the ground up….takes time…almost there”

To all the fans out there …stick around things are going to get good.

The “V’ Spot

I am going with Vanessa ( A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila ) to the Lunatic Radio Show on Sunday for TANC Radio. She’s going to meet the guys and discuss TANC Radio and her show The “V” Spot. Maybe get I’ll get drunk with her and have her go ballistic. She’s good at that. Funny thing is that when you watch her on TV you think she’s nuts. She isn’t nuts. She’s insane ! Trust me the girl is insane with a capital I.

That interview on Sunday will air the following Friday on TANC Radio so tune in

OK kids, I’m off to go see what the hell is going on and what the line is on the Cowboys/Giants game. I’m taking the “Boys” minus the points and the over and if Jessica Simpson shows up I’m not watching the game. I could give 2 shits about what she is wearing, if shes clapping, who she is talking to etc.


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