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Joe Friday: Conduct Unbecoming

Porn Valley – I talked to San Francisco cop-turned unwitting media celebrity Joe Friday It’s Saturday afternoon.

Friday’s currently shooting a series for Alex Ladd’s company DVSX. DVSX, will be celebrating two years in the business this October and you couldn’t find a nicer bunch of people. Before I talk to Friday, I chat with Alex Ladd about his decision to bring director Guy Capo on board. Ladd said he made the decision on the spot when he saw Capo’s American Gunk. “I didn’t know what to make of it,” says Ladd. “But I kept watching it. I didn’t even think of fast-forwarding.” Which is pretty much the nature of Capo’s movies in that they beg-to-be-seen. Capo just finished a project for DVSX titled Gothsend.

Meanwhile, Friday’s new series is titled Uniform Babes. The particular name of the video is called Conduct Unbecoming. Friday’s in the second day of shooting and notes the irony of Conduct Unbecoming because those are exactly the charges that are being brought up against him and Reina Leone.

“That’s my little fun jab there,” says Friday. The day before, Friday shot a boy-girl scene for the movie using a hotel setting. “Obviously from the title, the movie is based on women wearing various type uniforms,” he says. “For the hotel scene the woman was a maid [Sativa]. That scene will be the last in the movie and has a fun twist. I worked with her. The overall theme was I was in the shower in the hotel and she came in to deliver some hotels not realizing I was there. She saw the police uniform. She got excited and noticed I was in the shower. She peaked her head in and that’s how it started. Sativa is a beautiful Latina girl whom we also worked with a week ago in a blowjob movie.

“The first scene in the movie is Reina Leone and myself in cop uniforms,” Friday. continues. “That’s going to be a jail setting and our victim is going to be Mika Tan.” [The other scene- a nurse scene- is about to be shot as I’m talking to Friday. It features pretty newcomer Sammie Rhodes and Shayne Collins as the patient.]

Friday will be shooting throughout the week and plans on wrapping the feature Thursday night from what he tells me. Friday’s still casting some parts but notes that Kris Slater will also be male talent in the movie. “He and I have become pretty good friends over the last couple of months in the business. We’ve worked together before for DVSX.”

Friday and I talk about about the charges he faces.

“As everybody knows, Reina works for a different agency than I do,” he says. “She works for the Sheriff’s dept. while I work for the police department. I know that they’re looking at conduct unbecoming.”

It was also noted that the media has pretty much backed off the story now.

“Especially up in the north Bay,” Friday says. “The media run with the story and there’s nothing there. There’s no where to go with it. It’s pretty much in the hands of the department and what they want to do with it. I’m in contact with my union representation and attorneys. They’re pretty much handling everything for me because I really don’t need to be there. From my understanding besides he conduct unbecoming there are some possible secondary employment issues. It’s pretty thin. There’s not a lot of basis for it.”

I also ask Friday if it’s true about the story of them getting married.

“We are getting married at the end of July,” he confirms. “Reina and I have been together for over three years now. We’ve lived together for 2 1/2 years. When we first got into the business we were told it would be easier if we said we were married. Because a lot of boyfriends control their girlfriends in getting into the business and things like that. We didn’t want people getting the wrong idea that I was controlling Reina and making her do these things that she didn’t want to. It was a joint effort [that could be taken a couple of ways]. As everybody knows, Reina was working the first year before I was doing scenes. She was doing it on her own. And I started picking up scenes as well. Now we’re both kind of taking up on our own careers but we’re still there together, supporting each other. It seems to be working well.”

According to the papers, Friday and Leone are getting married in Hawaii. “You got to love the police department,” Friday states cynically. “They’re the biggest leak of information possible. But we are going over to Hawaii. We’re going to spend two weeks over there. It’s going to be a fun time. It’s really just small, close personal friends that we really care about that are coming. There’s been a few downfalls and hits that we’ve taken with this. Obviously there’s the media pressure. And there’s been some family members on both sides that have obviously not supported us in what we’re doing. They’ve said they’re not coming to the wedding now. It was hard. These are family. You want them there at your wedding. And now they’e not going. You really find out who your friends are.”


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