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Joe Friday to Direct for DVSX

Porn Valley- Porn’s number one couple, at least for the moment, Reina Leone and Joe Friday made an encore appearance with Selena and Kent Silver Wednesday night. The Silvers who man the evening’s 6pm KSEX, time slot provided a couple of more headlines for the randy San Francisco cops to attach their names to, including a deal with porn company DVSX,

Friday said he sat down with the owners of DVSX this week. “We’ve acquired quite a relationship over the last year,” he said. “With what’s been going on, they kind of ran with it- very good support, great friends.” With a drum roll, Friday then announced that he been signed as a new director for DVSX. Friday said the line is as yet untitled but would be a uniformed-theme, apparently taking advantage of his media notoriety. An August 3rd release date has been set and starts producing this week. “We’re casting now.”

Leone said she and Friday will also be at DVSX’s booth during Erotica L.A. Leone said she’ll be there Friday from 11 to 4, Saturday 4 to 8 and Sunday noon to 4. Leone said Katrina Kraven, Katie Morgan and Cytherea would also be joining her. “You know there’s going to be some serious molestation going on.”

Oddly, no mention was made of the nuptials which had been reported in the mainstream media over this past weekend

At the start of the show, Kent tagged Leone with some humorous sound bites from an interview I did with her last year, Kent’s point being that Leone was doing the big cover-up about being a cop from the start of her porn career and telling everyone that she was a nurse. Leone said she was throwing out hints if anyone cared to look for them.

Kent asked if it was some kind of big game, especially with Friday choosing the name that he did after Jack Webb’s character on the old Dragnet show. Friday said he got his name from discussions with the producer who first got them in the industry. “He asked us to come up with some names. Reina’s was pretty easy. She picked it without hesitation. I couldn’t come up with a name to save my life.” According to Friday, the producer knew what they did for a living and suggested going with the Friday name. “He named me.”

Kent Silver said a question being often asked is whether Leone ever played a “tough cop” and beat people up and cuff them for real. Leone wouldn’t comment but admit to rough tactics. She pulled her gun on one occasion but has never done a cavity search. “Not at work,” she laughed. On the other hand, Friday said he’s had to perform cavity searches on guys and would have preferred to veer from the subject.

Asked to recap the story of their Internet video that made international headlines, Friday said it was his understanding that an on-duty officer received a call from an off-duty co-worker telling him to come over to check something out.

“The cop gets into a marked police vehicle, in full uniform, he’s on duty. He goes over and checks out the video on the Internet. He goes holy shit. I know these guys. Ironically Reina and I attended a party a couple of months back. So we know him personally. He downloaded the video and brought it back to his station which is not a station I work at. He proceeded to use a department computer to show this to everyone in the station. They watched this video and were calling people to come in and check it out. Apparently that wasn’t good enough for him so he decided to send it to the remaining nine stations in the city as well as the sheriff’s department.”

Friday said all he knows is that the cop had a copy of the movie on disc but didn’t know how many copies he circulated. “Within 24 hours it was a firestorm within the police department.”

Asked how it broke to the news media, Friday said a copy was sent to the sheriff’s department where Leone works. “It’s public knowledge that she works at the county medical hospital.” Friday said the nurses and hospital staff got a hold of a copy of the movie. Friday said a [400-pound] woman in particular who didn’t like Leone’s “attitude” decided to start some trouble. “She sent it to all the hospital administrators as well the local media. She e-mailed the links and as much facts and details as she could.”

Leone, who’s a mixture of Filipino and Spanish, said her website, would be up in another week. “The website’s ready to launch; we’re looking for a server,” Friday said.

In other news, Selena, announced that she shot a movie for a website company called

“They focus mostly on the amateur market,” said Kent Silver. “They’ve never done porn stars before. They actually have people who shoot themselves in their home and release the footage on DVD. They decided to do the first ever porn star line with porn stars shooting in their actual house.

“You can rummage through my panty drawer with me and get a tour of the house,” Selena laughed. Kent Silver said the movie would be released June 17th on DVD.


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