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Joel Lawrence: I’ve Been Acting My Whole Life and I’m Semi-Delusional- 2//11/07

Porn Valley- Joel Lawrence head of Gold Star Modeling, was on KSEX’s The Wanker Show Friday night. Lawrence brought with him one of the girls from his agency, Kira Kroft. It was Lawrence’s first official appearance on the station though Wankus remembered a time when he interviewed a few of Lawrence’s girls at AEE, just as the agency was starting.

“I had three girls and a sheep at that time,” laughed Lawrence. “The sheep was the one that was booked all the time. But it’s done very well. It’s endless work and being talent was such a dream. Looking back, I had it so good- roll in, fuck a beautiful girl, where’s my check? I’m outta here. Go roll a joint.”

Lawrence who was male talent for many years said performing is something you either can do or you can’t.

“If you can do it, it’s pretty easy. It’s sort of like singing. You can either sing or can’t from a professional point of view. If you can sing it’s effortless. If you can’t you suck.” Lawrence remembered his first scene in front of the camera being around 1988.

“I was part time for ten years when I lived up in San Francisco,” he stated. “Every little small movie that would let me fuck anything – I’d fuck the old woman, the fat woman- I don’t care. Then I moved on to LA. The money went up, the girls got prettier and everything got a lot easier.”

Lawrence also mentioned the fact that he had run a bachelor party agency in San Francisco.

“A fair number of my girls were coming down to LA and they’d be like, hey, why don’t you come down. I came down here looking around and I was, I can do this. These guys are not much better than I am. At a certain point the whole thing exploded up in San Francisco and I had to flee the city. I decided I should go to Los Angeles and give it a run for my money. It took off really quick, really easily, mostly because at the risk of sounding unhumble, I could act. I’ve been acting my whole life and I’m semi-delusional.”

Lawrence said it was only when he came to LA in 1998 that he really started working with high caliber people.

“I caught the end of the feature-wave,” Lawrence noted when Wankus started bringing up names like Kylie Ireland.

Wankus described the current wave of female porn stars as the Xbox wave- those inclined to sit on their ass and accrue fat. On the other hand, he said Kroft didn’t fit that description.

“She’s attractive, in-shape with no piss gut,” he laughed. “This is great.” Kroft has been in LA maybe four or five months. She moved here from Miami where she began working on the Internet and did some magazines.

“I don’t do anything too psychotic,” she said concerning what she’ll do on camera. “I do a little bit of bondage and fetish. I dance, too. And I’m working on my credits for featuring.”

According to Kroft she had been dancing for six years in a club and was tired of being a regular and wanted to go to a whole other level.

Kroft also mentioned that she was holding off for a better payday from doing some things on camera.

Kroft has been with Gold Star since her time in LA. Wankus noted that performers tend to have agency horror stories and Kroft said she fired her then-manager when she came here. Wankus made his customary joke about Roy Garcia and Lawrence noted that Garcia was no longer repping girls.

“He’s a producer- he used to book our girls until things kind of went a little south,” said Lawrence. “It’s very ironic because as a producer, he’s like, ‘these girls!!! blah-blah-blah!’ I’m, like, you were an agent for ten years what did you expect? You know what they’re like one out of four is insane.”

Co-host Tyler Faith was inclined to say three and a half out of four.

“I’m being kind,” said Lawrence. “New math.”

For his part, Lawrence said he hasn’t done anything as talent for at least a year.

“I hung up my testicles.” As male talent, Lawrence acknowledged that there’d be a conflict of interest with fucking your own talent.

“And the amount of hours you put in is ridiculous as far as being an agent. After being an agent I want to kill most of the girls instead of fucking them. When I started bringing a gun to the set I was, I can’t do this any more.”

Wankus noted that there are some agents that still work with their talent.

“The old how will I know if you can do the scene if you don’t fuck me right now on camera,” Lawrence chimed in. “The camera is behind the mirror. Don’t worry.”

Lawrence naturally gets guys calling all the time about getting into the business. To them he says you’ve got to be at least 10-inches and do a gay scene.

“Some say as long as there’s pussy at the end, I’ll do it,” Lawrence chuckled.

Wankus brought up Dick Tracy as an example of male talent who did a couple of scenes for a lumberjack series.

“He came in here one night, freaking out, throwing me against the wall, practically, trying to get in my head that he’s not into it and just needed to pay his rent. You have to get hard. You have to cum. You have to enjoy it as a guy at least for a minute to do your job.”

“It’s not his fault that he’s on coke,” Lawrence commented dryly.

“I don’t give a fuck what you do,” added Wankus. “But I’m going to ask you about it. If you stand behind it I’m going to repsect you. Julian came on the show. I asked him about the gay scenes, boom, he told me all about it. Derek came on the show. I asked him about the gay scenes. He told me all about it. No denial. No excuses. I don’t care what you do privately but you do it publicly, rules all off.”

“You can be gay for pay if you’re a girl but you can’t be gay for pay if you’re a dude,” Faith added. “You can’t get your dick hard unless you’re turned on. Right?”

Wankus imagined that Lawrence had a few funny stories to relate after all these years and he recalled the time he sent a girl to Japan.

“It’s the 14th in Tokyo and the 13th here- we’re explaing it to her and she says, totally, seriously, they’re in the future? Two days later you think what you would have said. But you’re actually in shock. You’re representing the US over there and they’re going to think we’re all like this. Two days later you’d say, yeah, that’s why they’re so advanced.”

Another time a girl was doing her first anal and calls Lawrence.

“I said, okay did you take your enema? And she says, totally, seriously, yes and it tasted like shit.”

Wankus remembered a time he was shooting BTS on a set and Keiko was taking forever in the bathroom.

“Keiko what are you doing? I’m doing an enema. She gets out and the director is what the fuck. She said I had to do my enema. He’s like you’re here for a B-J scene.”

Lawrence remembered another time a girl took an enema but never bothered to expel.

“In the middle of a scene they’re doing a pile driver- the guy pulls out and she goes whoooosh.”

Lawrence rememembered another time in San Francisco when he told a girl the problem with you is, you can’t take responsbililty for anything.

“And she says, I know, but it’s not my fault.”


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