I THINK THIS IS NOT TRUE: John Forbush found dead

This was sent in but its very hard to believe, but one can only wish and hope it to be true. You do your research and see if its real. I am not Michael Thomas Strother aka Mike South cause if I was i would have printed this as fact and say I called it and predicted it. LOL Here it is:

John Steven Forbush found dead at his trailer with a meth syringe stuck in his arm. Needles all over the place, and vomit, he was with a friend they were partying all night they are my neighbors so I check up on them, and John had been awake for 5 days on a single binge, he was found with track marks up and down his arm, the cause of death is unknown, but the la county coroner is suspecting that it was likely his heart that had given out because of his weight and the drugs that he had taken. The la county coroner picked him up at about 11:52 this afternoon.




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