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Jon Dough Services Announced

> posts: The funeral and memorial service for AVN Hall of Fame performer Jon Dough, aka Chet Anuszek, is scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday of next week.

On Wednesday, there will be a visitation for friends and family from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Forest Lawn Mortuary in the Hollywood Hills. Then on Thursday, a memorial service will be conducted at 2:30 p.m. at The Old North Chapel. Internment will follow at Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills in the “God’s Little Acre” section, directly outside The Old North Chapel.

Details about the exact location can be found here.

>sp0 writes on how come Alberto Rey did not get HIV from Bianca Biaggi, split that booty 2 was released 6/1/2004. the only one movie that Bianca released after that was Latina Fever 5 released on 9/13/2004

if the released dates correspond to production dates, then whoever had sex with her during latina fever should have gotten hiv unless HIV works in a strange way…. i do not understand this… anyone want to explain

>ben writes: Having sex with a HIV positive person doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily get the virus. It depends if there’s been a fluid exchange and some of the infected person’s body fluids that actually contain the virus have entered your body. Body fluids from the infected person can enter your bloodstream if you have an open cut or sore or graze however tiny

> DanG writes: It’s probably because the release dates and the production dates do not ‘correspond’ chronologically. Some companies turn scenes around quicker than others, some are shot by independent producers who must then sell the scene on to a studio…hence if scene B was shot 2 months later than scene A, there’s still a very good chance that scene B might make it out onto the market quicker than scene A…it just depends upon how easy a route they had to take to get there.

So unless you have the exact production dates of the two scenes in question, you’re not going to ever know one way or another…

> Chuck Spears writes: I almost coughed up my biscuits when I read [posted on Adultfyi] and saw what Danny Ting (?) had to say about Craven Moorehead [pictured] this morning, check it:

Quote:He is not your friend. If you are working with him, he will lie, cheat, and steal. If he says that he made something, do not believe him, someone else did it and he stole it. He is a compulsive liar. Don’t believe me, ask people that he’s worked with. If you are dating him, he will cheat on you and lie about it. He will manipulate you into thinking it was your fault. He will be kind to you and then call you a cunt. He will drag you out by your hair, and throw you down a set of stairs. He will try to fuck your best friends while you are asleep in the next room. Don’t believe me, ask his ex-girlfriends.

If you are his friend, know that he cares nothing about you. He only cares about himself. He does not respect you, and has no conscience. You can know him for 5 years, and he will be one of your boys talking great game. You guys will party together, and have a great time, thinking he’s always got your back. Then one night, when everybodys partying and having a good time, and you are sleeping in your bedroom, he will take your girlfriend to his house and fuck her. When she wakes up looking at her torn shirt, and ask’s what she’s doing there and what happened, he will try to fuck her again. When she says no, take me back, he will say “Fine, but you know you can’t say anything because there are too many relationships here to protect, he’s one of my boys. You don’t want to hurt your boyfriend do you?” When asked about it, he will stone cold lie to your face, and keep lying. Don’t believe me? Ask me…

Chuck Spears adds: This sounds more like Danny’s girl banged Craven and when Ting found out about it she pulled the ‘oh he must have drugged me’ story. If there’s one thing that XPT, 2 divorces, and that weird rash on my taint has taught me it’s that ‘whores lie!’

>my porno review writes: sounds like his Danny’s girl is Hannah Harper

>jojo writes: so craven is a scum bag, big shock there

>christianXXX writes: craven isnt a scumbag….he is a good guy and a great director. i have known him for a long time and he has always been up front and honest to me. i would blame the girl as well in this situation.

>jojo replies: he is scum to scam on someones girl KNOWINGLY then tell her not to say shit

danny is a nice guy, craven will fuck your gf, your ex and any other chick he can. no respect for anyone



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