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Jude Law: Oh Daisy, Wa-Wa-Wa-

WWW- CHEATING Jude Law tried to arrange a secret meeting with his nanny lover just LAST WEEK. The film idol told pretty Daisy Wright the thought of not seeing her again left “a knot in my stomach”.

He asked her to meet him for lunch last Wednesday to chat about their affair and what it meant to him.

Jude’s plea made a mockery of the public apology he gave to fiancee Sienna Miller, 23, just hours after the Sunday Mirror broke news of their affair last weekend.

Daisy, 26, who had a month-long affair with the Alfie actor, revealed: “He called me up just two days before the story broke in the Sunday Mirror to arrange a meeting for last Wednesday.

“I had told him in a previous conversation that we would probably never see or speak to each other again. He called me up to say that my comment had really upset him.

“He said ‘I really would like to meet up with you next week. What you said the other day left me really sad and with a horrible feeling in my tummy. I was upset. I had a knot in my stomach. When you said we would never see or speak to each other again, I thought ‘That’s crazy, Daisy. Of course we will!”

The Hollywood star, 32, then offered to send a chauffeur to pick her up. But the planned meeting never took place following the Sunday Mirror’s sensational revelations last weekend.

Today we can also reveal how Jude:

-Feared Daisy was pregnant.

-Offered to get her a job as the Beckhams’ nanny.

-Moaned he was “cleaned out” by his ex-wife Sadie Frost in his divorce.

Blonde Daisy has already told how she enjoyed wild sex with Jude while he was filming All The King’s Men in the US earlier this year.

The couple made love on a pool table – just like Jude did in the film Alfie – in a swimming pool and even in the same bed the star had shared with actress Sienna hours before.

Yesterday Daisy also told how Jude feared he had got her pregnant during their first night of passion after a concert by former Led Zeppelin star Robert Plant in March. She said: “I was taking the contraceptive pill, but had missed taking some because I wasn’t having regular sex at the time.

“I was then worried that he had made me pregnant. The night after we first had sex Jude asked me ‘Were we safe?’

“I told him that I wasn’t sure and he looked really worried. But despite that we carried on having unprotected sex .

“I then said I was sure things would be fine, but I was panicking until my next period came. I even did a pregnancy test when I came back to the UK and it came up negative.”

Daisy lost her weekend job looking after the three children of Jude and Sadie following a mix-up over holiday cover. However, she feared the real reason she had been sacked was because one of Sadie’s children had seen her in bed with Jude.

When she told him this, the guilt-ridden actor promised to try and get her a full-time job with the England soccer captain David Beckham and his wife Victoria.

Sienna fled to the countryside to stay with friends after the Sunday Mirror broke news of the affair last weekend. Hours later, the shame-faced actor issued a public statement confessing to being unfaithful and apologising to his fiancee.

The following night Sienna starred in a West End play without the £20,000 diamond engagement ring Jude had given her at Christmas.

Later in the week she checked herself into the Dorchester Hotel rather than returning to London townhouse she shared with the actor.

A friend said Sienna had been left heartbroken by Jude’s cheating. “She has been on the floor, crying her eyes out. She cannot believe that Jude would treat her like this. And the public nature of his betrayal makes it even worse.

“At the moment she is saying she will never ever take him back – but Jude is pleading with her to give him another chance.”

Meanwhile Daisy yesterday told how Jude, who earns £3million-a-film, had moaned about the £6million out-of-court divorce settlement he had thrashed out with Sadie just two weeks before.

He told her: “I got cleaned out, but it was done amicably. All the crap is now out of the way and it’s really healthy. I’m just delighted to have it behind me. I kind of under-estimated the horror of it really.”

Daisy also revealed how Jude and Sadie seemed to get on quite well despite their separation and looming divorce.

She recalled how she first met Jude after spending an afternoon at Sadie’s home playing with their three children Rafferty, eight, Iris, four, and Rudy, two, before being offered the nanny’s job.

“He said ‘Nice to meet you’ and shook my hand. He had a beaming smile.”

Daisy, an artist’s daughter from Surrey, believed Jude was attracted to her because of her motherly qualities. She said: “I think he found things in me which Sienna is possibly not.

“I am very motherly and homely and do not want a career. I just want to be a wife and mother. Also, I was there and Sienna was not. Maybe they were having a hard time – I don’t know.”

She said they were barely speaking before Sienna left the US the day before Jude seduced Daisy.

She said: “It was awkward round the table – perhaps he was upset that she was leaving. They had an occasional row like any couple and you could sense the frosty atmosphere, but I never heard them screaming or anything like that.”

And she revealed how she finally realised she did not have a future with Jude when he whisked Sienna off on a luxury holiday to Morocco shortly after returning from America.

Daisy revealed: “I was at Sadie’s home a few weeks after we had come back and the phone rang.

“It was Jude ringing from Marrakesh wanting to speak to the kids. He said to me ‘We are having an amazing time. I feel like a new man! You should definitely visit Marrakesh. You’d love it.”

“At the time I didn’t feel jealous or anything. But looking back on it now, it may have been Jude’s way of telling me that it was the end for us. If it was, it wasn’t exactly a gutsy way of doing it.”

Daisy still has fond memories of her brief affair with one of the world’s most handsome men.

She said: “My affair with Jude was wonderful and amazing and we shared so many special times together. I will never forget our first night together. That was one of the most special nights of my life.

“I also won’t forget the last time I saw Jude before I was sacked. My sister and I went around to his new house in Maida Vale in London in June.

“It was a lovely hot day and Sienna, Jude, my sister and the kids played all day in the garden. We had lots of water fights. It was a wonderful day and that’s how I shall always remember him.”

Daisy now dreams of running her own nursery. But could any woman trust Daisy around their husband? “Of course! Jude was the first employer I have ever had an affair with in 10 years as a nanny. And he will be the last!

“But let’s face it, he is Jude Law and I think most women would understand why I found him irresistible.”

The New York Post: WWW- JUDE Law and his naughty nanny, Daisy Wright, regularly snuck off to have secret sex romps on the Louisiana set of “All the King’s Men” – but an on-location insider says people were blind to Law’s cheating ways.

Our source says that when the British bad boy was shooting scenes last April at noted artist Hunt Slonem’s Civil War-era plantation in Jeanrette, La., he and the Rubenesque Wright took pains to keep appropriate physical distance in front of the crew. “They never held hands or anything,” our source says. “You’d never guess they were having an affair.

But between takes, Law, the nanny and children always went back to his temporary residence in a town 20 minutes away.” The insider reports that Law’s kids liked to play soccer on the plantation’s front lawn but had to be warned not to venture too close to the bayou’s edge, which harbors alligators and water moccasins. “We definitely had to keep an eye on them,” says our insider. If only someone had been paying such close attention to Law, who’s engagement to “Alfie” co-star Sienna Miller has been derailed by news of the affair.

In a bombshell move last week, Law issued a public statement, saying he was “deeply ashamed and upset that I’ve hurt Sienna and the people most close to us. There is no defense for my actions.” The wife of Law’s three children, actress Sadie Frost, divorced from the tousle-haired, twinkle-eyed star in 2003, citing “unreasonable behavior.” At least artist and plantation owner Slonem – who debuted a show of paintings last night at East Hampton’s Vered Gallery – got something out of it all.

The producers of “All the King’s Men” – which stars Sean Penn, with Sir Anthony Hopkins, Meryl Streep and Kate Winslet supporting – restored the first floor of Slonem’s grand manse and added “climbing vines,” among other tasteful improvements. The film is the second adaptation of Pulitzer Prize winner Robert Penn Warren’s fictionalized tale of a carousing and corrupt senator, patterned after the fabled Huey Long. Perhaps Law, instead of Penn, should have played the lead.


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