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Judge: Are You Kidding Me? The Party’s On- final

Hollywood- A judge today turned down a request for a temporary restraining order to halt a planned porn party for Saturday night.

The landlord of The Knitting factory went to court Thursday to stop the club from hosting the premier party of “Not the Bradys XXX” and “Spunkd: The Movie.” But that didn’t happen.

According to Jeff Mullen, who’s promoting the party, the judge ruled in their favor.

“The party will go one and that’s one more victory for the adult industry against the right wing,” Mullen said.

“We had the attorneys there, the Knitting Facotry was all there- the president of The Knitting Factory- and it was pretty cut and dried. I’d like to make it out to be more but the judge was basically, are you kidding me? He said they’ve had parties there before.”

“But I think the point of this is most people like sex and they’re just too afraid to admit it. And so we get all these people trying to crush what we like to do and the things that entertain us. Personally I’m tired of people trying to tell me the type of entertainment I can have in a private setting whether it’s in my house or a private club.”


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