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Juliana Jolie Guests on KSEX

Porn Valley- With his usual Tuesday co-host Ryder Skye shooting for Wicked Pictures, Tony Batman welcomed Gold Star modeling newcomer Kelly Skyline [pictured right] to the KSEX couch.

Skyline, 18, is from Sacramento and a house dancer at Gold Club Centerfolds in Rancho Cordova. Noting that Adultcon was coming up this weekend, Batman told the story about how he was kicked out of the last one with security attempting to seize footage he had shot.

Asked if she had ever been kicked out of a building, Skyline commented, “I’m cute and tiny- I don’t get kicked out of anything.”

Skyline then told a story about how she’s only been drunk once in her life which was at her foster sister’s house. Skyline apparently took a radical departure from the screwdrivers she started out with and headed straight for the bathroom.

The first guest of the evening was introduced– Juliana Jolie [pictured left] from LA Direct. Jolie who’s 5’10” and blond has been in the business about nine months. Describing the area she lives in as the “boondocks,” Jolie hails from Milaca, Minnesota, and Batman immediately got on her case about her Fargo accent. He wondered if there were any porno shoots going on there.

“There’s no shooting in Minnesota,” Jolie laughed.

She explained how she got into the business, which started with her coming to Los Angeles for an Easy Rider magazine centerfold. Because she had already done some scenes in Florida, Jolie had a few contacts to follow up with.

Now that she’s shooting regularly, her stipulations are no interracials or cream pies.

“I’ll take it on my face but I won’t swallow,” she says.

Batman was curious how one acquires a sexual technique in Milaca, Minnesota. To which Jolie had to admit it was a pretty straight laced environment. While Batman pictured lumberjacks and beer, Jolie, instead, described how people imbibe wine with their pinkies extended. Batman took that to mean that Milaca isn’t exactly a training bed for a porn career, then.

Jolie said she had a couple of boyfriends and porn was on her “to-do” list any way. With a little arm twistiong, Batman got Jolie to admit that she was probably the hottest girl to come out of the high school.

Jolie played basketball while in school.

“But we didn’t do very well,” she adds.

Asked what a typical Friday night’s like in Milaca, Jolie said there’s bars you can go to to play indoor volleyball.

“After five beers you have fun.”

Jolie describes herself as a country girl- one who owns two trucks. From what she was saying so far, Batman thought she had a great story. It got even better when Jolie taled about how she stripped at a local joint called Fat Jack’s.

“I made a crap load of money,” she said. “Guys going on their fishing trips would stop there. They had everything a man could want- booze, broads and food.”

In an environment like that, Batman wondered what people in town strive for. According to Jolie, occupations as bartenders, waiters and bankers. As for herself, Jolie’s a real estate agent when not performing in front of the camera.

Batman wondered if Jolie ever got caught in the north woods.

“Once when I ran out of gas- it was a long walk,” she answered. “I got rid of that car.”

So far Jolie said she’s having a good time doing scenes and just worked with Derek Pierce. Batman predicted him to be the Male Performer of the Year.

For herself, Jolie, who’s done 22 scenes so far, said she’d like to be up there with Jenna Jameson.

“Not the next Jenna, but close,” she said.


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