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Julie Night, Miss Wednesday in Lezervoir Dogs

Porn Valley- We found Julie Night this afternoon on an EvolutionErotica set where she was about to do a scene with Sledge Hammer. And you can bet Julie’s ass has seen a few of those in its day.

We went over a few things including Julie’s part in the new Evolution series, Lezervoir Dogs where she’ll play Miss Wednesday, the equivalent to Mr. Pink in Reservoir Dogs- a movie she has yet to see but is making a point of doing. Julie’s hair color which has undergone a few changes as of late is sort of auburn now.

Gene: Talk to me about your adventures at the AEE. Everybody who was getting on KSEX was talking about getting laid. How did you make out?

Julie: [Giggling] I shot a scene Friday night. But I had some fun times Saturday after the awards.

Gene: Anything we can talk about.

Julie: Hmmm. There’s nothing for me to say. It was a guy!

Gene: Thank God because I heard some circus animals got let loose…

Julie: Ooh! It wasn’t me! LOL

Gene: There were suspicions that it was fowl play. Were you signing for anyone.

Julie: I was signing for Platinum X and also for Smash. Too much work, not enough pay. I should have just signed for one.

Gene: I’m sure to have worked for Platinum X you must have done some pretty wild scenes.

Julie: Right before the convention there was a movie I had shot for Manuel Ferrara that was released. It was me and two other girls and three guys. All of us girls did double-anal. That was pretty crazy.

Gene: You’ve become pretty famous for that cone over at KSEX.

Julie: Yeah! LOL.

Gene: Can you think, offhand, of maybe the wildest, craziest thing you’ve done so far in this business.

Julie: There’s a lot. But the scene with the big giant glass dildo was one of them. That’s the wildest I think. It was me, Jay Ashley and Frasier. For the European version, Frasier fists my ass and then we move on to some double-anal and then this big, giant glass dildo that’s like 4 feet high and this big around.

Gene: She just described the Washington Monument, folks.

Julie: I couldn’t get my hands fully around it. It went in my ass and the crazy part of it is that Jay was putting it in my butt and once he got it down a couple of inches- it was the strangest feeling- but I felt it just sunk down an extra two or three inches into my colon. It was pretty amazing.

Gene: Did you ever loose anything in sensitive areas?

Julie: No, I’ve never had any problems with my ass falling out. It pretty much goes back to normal.

Gene: It looks like you’re going to be in this series for Evolution Erotica called Lezavoir Dogs.

Julie: I guess they’re still trying to figure out when they’re shooting. I think it’s going to be a high budget type thing which is exciting. I’m excited. I have to go get the movie because I’ve never seen it. I got to study my character. I’m Wednesday.

Gene: I think she was in the Addams Family.

Julie: I correspond to the Mr. Pink character which I think is kind of funny because he’s the quiet psycho which kind of fits me almost. Kind of quiet, but I’m not really all that psycho.

Gene: So you’re a little psychotic.

Julie: I think we all can be sometimes.

Gene: Tell me some of them sometimes.

Julie: They usually involve alcohol. But I’m not a psycho girlfriend. Sometimes I’ll get drunk and get a little angry.

Gene: I’ve seen your work during karaoke. You get a little brazen.

Julie. That’s when I have to go home.

Gene: You get mouthy.

Julie: I run my mouth and don’t realize it. I try not to get drunk too much because it’s not a good thing.

Gene: Ever get in a catfight?

Julie: No! I’ve never been in a fight in my life.

Gene: Is your hair color considered auburn?

Julie: Yeah. It was a little bit darker before. I’ve been blond, I’ve been brown. I’ve wanted to go black.

Gene: What prompted this decision?

Julie: Jewel De’Nyle had suggested it. I said, you know what? She knows things. I’ll give it a try.

Gene: Have you ever worked with her?

Julie: Not yet. You know she’s retiring so she mentioned she might use me in her last movie. It’s supposed to be Wednesday. I’ll be working with her, but I haven’t heard anything.

Gene: Were you a girl made for porn or did porn bring something out in you.

Julie: I think some things I brought and most things were brought out during my career. I’ve always been open sexually. I’ve done exhibitionist-type things. I was a stripper 3 years before I did porn.

Gene: You still strip.

Julie: Occasionally. When times are slow you’ll find me in a strip club.

Gene: I think the last time I interviewed you you were going to school.

Julie: I’m on permanent hiatus. I don’t know when I’ll go back.

Gene: What would you do if tomorrow you decided you weren’t going to do anymore scenes.

Julie: I’d have to keep stripping to ,pay for everything. You get accustomed to a certain amount of money, and the more money you have the more bills you have. It’s a vicious cycle. You think you have more money than you actually do.

Gene: Your tastes get more extravagant.

Julie: For awhile until you’re broke and you realize no, I don’t have money.

Gene: Who do you generally like working with among the male performers?

Julie: I just got to work with Chris Cannon for the first time, and I have to say by far that was the best experience.

Gene: What made that so good?

Julie: For once it was just a normal sex scene. No anal, no circus tricks. Just sex and I guess maybe we just kind of clicked. It was a lot of fun. I had two orgasms. It was fun. He’s a nice guy.

Gene: You mention circus tricks. In Lezavoir Dogs, all the girls in there have reps for doing some outlandish things. There’s Selena Silver, yourself, Ashley Blue, Katrina Kraven and Arianna Jollee. Are you friends with any of those girls.

Julie: Sometimes I hang out with Ashley Blue. She’s really cool. I love Katrina- she’s the sweetest girl. Selena is awesome, and I finally got to meet Arianna at the Awards. I felt like such a pervert, but, man. she’s gorgeous. I was a little drunk, already, but I kept like grabbing her and touching her, ah, awesome. I’m really looking forward to it.

Gene: Going back to circus tricks. You’ve really developed a reputation to where it’s almost expected of you.

Julie: Yeah.

Gene: So does it comes as good news when you don’t have to do a scene like that?

Julie: Like with anything, if you do a lot of something it loses its luster after awhile. I’m not saying I’m going to completely soften up, but sometimes it’s nice just to have sex either on video or whatever. I enjoy the circus tricks, don’t get me wrong.

Gene: How often would you say in crazy scenes that you do get off.

Julie: It’s a smaller percent, just because you’re focused. But double-anal feels really good. I’m not going to lie. It hurts at first. Once you get that second dick in, it hurts at first but it opens up and feels really good.

Gene: What was it like the first time you tried it.

Julie: It was Alex Sanders and Rick Masters. They’re good guys but they’re not overly large. It was perfect for the first time. It was for Skeeter. He was talking to me and I just looked like a deer caught in the headlights which is hysterical because it went so easily. I was just kind of scared for no reason.

Gene: You say those guys aren’t that huge but have you been with guys who were.

Julie: I’ve done double anal with Mark Anthony and Wesley Pipes. They’re pretty large black guys. I did a double anal once with Sledge and Alex Sanders.

Gene: Sledge is the guy you’re working with today.

Julie. Yup. I’ve gotten picky in my interracial over time.

Gene: Why is that.

Julie: Personally I don’t like working with what I would call ghetto black guys. It’s just a personal thing, and I met Sledge through a friend before I got into the business. He’s just a friend, a good guy and easy to work with.

Gene: How is Skeeter to work with.

Julie: He’s great. He knows how to crank it out. He won’t keep you there all day. He’s just awesome.

Gene: You’ve managed not to get into that contract girl-thing. But do you get recognized now?

Julie: No. I’m anonymous. That’s why it’s great. I’ve been doing this almost two years but so many people still have not shot me. I haven’t been quite shot-out yet which is great.

Gene: By changing your look you keep yourself fresh.

Julie: I hope so. I’d love to be able to do features. I still like doing nasty things, I really do, but I’m just trying to save that more for my website, now. If at all possible. But it would be nice to have dialogue.

Gene: It strikes me that you’d be great in comedy.

Julie: That would be fun.



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