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Julie Night on KSEX- final

Porn Valley- The lovable and wacky Julie Night paid a visit last week to Kylie Ireland’s KSEX show. Between a lot of giggles, Night gave a rundown of her dancing gig in San Francisco the week before. Ireland also announced that she would be directing for DVSX.

“I feel very good about that- they’re very cool guys over there,” Ireland said. “They’re do your thing- we like what you do, do it.” Ireland said she still had a whole bunch of movies yet to come out from Platinum X. Ireland also reported that one of her movies for DVSX is going to be a hardcore bondage movie with some obvious stipulations.

“But it’s a step in the right direction,” said Ireland’s boyfriend Eli Cross.

About her trip to San Francisco, Night said she had the pleasure, again, of shooting for Cybernet and got to work with Tory Lane. Ireland mentioned that Lane was crazy.

“I shot her a couple of times and she’s a kick in the butt.”

Night said her and Lane’s scene was hot, sexy and sensual and that she loved it but got so beaten up and bruised. Cross agrred that Lane was a great girl and talked an equally great line of shit.

Night, said her first time dancing at the Market Street Cinema was also an adventure and that she was going back in May. Night said they put some rules down on what you could or couldn’t do in the booths. But on stage she was able to put a fist in her ass. Cross could imagine customers complaining because they probably came for the dancing and Night would have a fist in her ass. Night said the seats in the club were like in a movie theater and Cross was of the opinion that fisting your ass in most places might generate decent tips, but the San Francisco crowd would be more blase about it.

Night said the city was going after the strippers in an attempt to put a lid on the extras. But, by the same token, male patrons won’t go to the performances if they can’t get off. Night was in town for a week and did two shows a day.”It wasn’t hard but the [show] times were very odd,” she said. Night’s shows were at 5 pm and 10 pm. The first time Ireland went to dance in San Francisco, she remembered doing 28 shows in a week and got paid $2800.

For her part, Night said she was starting out at the bottom of the feature rung but was being paid a good price as it was. Night said she shelled out a lot for her costumes and put her brain and heart into coming up with themes.

“Everyone seemed to enjoy the show,” Night said, noting that one of her sets was a vampire one.

“I didn’t realize people are squeamish about blood,” Night added. “I got this bottle of movie blood.” Night started out by smearing some on her face, walked out then went back and smeared a little more. Then for the last part of the set she took a bowl of the blood and poured it all over herself.

“A couple of guys got up and left,” Night said. “I was doing it for me at that point.”

Night started talking about Ed, the manager of the club. Night had one encounter, noting that the club isn’t situated in the best area. Night said one guy tried talking to her before she got into the club and called her a bitch.

“I threw my stuff on the floor- I’ve had it with these bums!” she said. Night explained that she’s not used to running into bums everywhere. Then the next day she had another encounter with a rude woman at the mall.

“So I go to the club and I’m half joking, half serious,” she says. Night then voices the fact that she hates the city; and the manager, who may have been drinking, lit into her and told her that she’ll never come back. At this point Night is upset and goes to her dressing room.

“My dressing hole- and I’m crying,” she said. “I’m a sensitive person.” That’s when the manager who followed her sat her down and told her it was the city, that she needed to develop a thicker skin and ignore people. Night then went to take a shower and returned to her dressing room. The manager followed her. Night said she was a wreck at this point and was crying. She sought out another girl to talk to then got ready to do her show. The main manager called her the next day to find out what happened.

“I explained what happened,” said Night, noting that they wound up firing the other manager. Apparently there was an exchange between her and the fired manager that he interpreted as a green light for sex. Night said she felt bad because that happened.

“When I was saying yeah-yeah-yeah, he thought I was saying yes to sex. I wasn’t.” Adding to the woe, the club’s website was down while Night was there, so there weren’t a lot of customers for her shows. Also for one of her 5 o’clock shows, Night was ten minutes late and because of that one guy complained that he wanted his money back. During Night’s Geisha Girl set, she starts off wearing a kimono, then cums on a Samurai sword. For another set, Night uses lit candles and has customers pour dripping wax on her clit.

“It was so hot- there was actually customers for the 5 o’clock show. I think they left me on stage for an hour and a half.” Night said she went about fucking herself.

“And sometimes I’d go down off the stage and have guys hold a dildo in their lap and fuck that way.” On one other occasion, there were only two guys in the audience.

“I was like, damnit, I’m having an orgasm!” Night declared.


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