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Justine Joli and Alexis Love Visit The Stern Show; Joli, in Therapy, Was Molested by Three Guys

NY- Justine Joli and Alexis Love were on the April 29 edition of the Howard Stern Show.

[from ]Howard said that the girls were very beautiful and asked Justine what she did. Justine said that she lost some weight and chopped off her hair.

She said that she’s been dancing at a club called The Box. Howard said that he likes the name of a club that refers to a woman’s vagina. Artie said that some guys might go there thinking they can get laid. Justine said that it is possible there at The Box.

Howard asked Alexis about how old she is. She’s only 20. Howard said it sounds like she just graduated high school. Justine said that she had something for Artie but it wasn’t what he wanted. Howard told her to let Artie bang her but she said that she just vomited in her mouth. She told Artie that he blew it with her business manager Leah who was in there last time. Artie said that she lives in California. He said that he didn’t know what to do and he wasn’t able to work things out.

Howard said he was reading about Justine’s life and it’s pretty wild. He read that she had been molested or something but she had no idea where that was coming from. JD came in and said that she was on Geraldo’s show talking about molestation. Justine said that she wasn’t talking about herself though. Justine said that she was talking about another man, not her step-grandfather.

Justine said that she was molested by 3 guys and they went to court and they’re currently in jail over it. She said that one of the three is still out and evading capture. Justine said that she’s been in therapy since she was 13 years old.

Justine said that she’s bi-sexual but she has trouble getting chicks to come home with her. She said that they always chicken out at the last minute. She said that she did a show there at SIRIUS last night and she was talking to a lesbian who she was ready to go home with.

Howard asked Justine about this molestation and when it all happened. She said that it went on from 3 to 10 years of age. She said that she started to get hot when she was a nerd until she was about 17 and didn’t get guys until then.

Howard read that Justine had hurt her neck when she had sex because she was in a pile driver position. She said that she is pretty bendy but she did hurt herself. She said that because of the guy’s weight she pulled a muscle in her neck.

Justine talked about the guy she’s with and how she and this guy she’s with are into the same things. They both like polyamory (banging other people) and they’re into threesomes.

Justine mentioned that she’s into Harry Potter so Howard had some questions for her to answer about him. He said that if she gets them wrong then Artie gets to spank her. She said that she wasn’t into that but then said that he could do it if he didn’t bruise her.

Here are the questions and answers that Howard asked:

What color are Harry’s eyes? – Green
Who wrote the Hogwart’s fantastic beasts and where to find them? – Newts Commander
How many children are in Ron Weesley’s family including Ron? – 7 (Justine even knew the names)

Justine ended up getting naked even though she wasn’t missing the questions. She wanted to be naked and stripped down for the guys. She took her dress off and then took her bra off. She claimed her boobs were real and Alexis felt them to make sure they were.

Howard gave out some plugs for Justine when she got the answers correct. You can check Justine out at and at

Howard moved on to Alexis and asked her about the porn movies she’s done. She’s made about 120 of them so far. She talked about how she hasn’t had sex with black guys yet and blamed that on the big penis thing. Howard told her that he doesn’t have anything near a big penis and he’s pretty sure that she’d like him.

Alexis stripped down for the guys too. Howard said that he had a boner now because the girls were rubbing each other. He said that they make a beautiful couple. The girls were talking about going back to their hotel and doing each other after the show.

Howard asked what they were going to do to each other. Justine talked about teasing Alexis and kissing her and stuff like that. She kissed her as she was describing it. Howard asked what Alexis was going to be doing. She said that she’d be licking her boobs and pussy. Howard said she seems to know what she’s doing.

Artie said that Alexis seems to have some big teeth and has a Baba Booey thing going on. Howard said she was beautiful and hot and didn’t think that at all. Artie said he wasn’t trying to be mean, he was just pointing out the teeth. Alexis said that she had her Invisaligns (braces) in today so that’s why they looked so big.

Artie said he’s just giving her the tough love that she can’t get from her other friends. Justine said that maybe they don’t need tough love. Artie may have been trying to knock them down a notch. Howard asked more about the sex that they were going to have and then got back to the Harry Potter questions.

Howard asked Justine ”Who is the grand sorcerer?” and she got it wrong so Artie went over to spank her. Howard said that Alexis was very lucky to be going back to the hotel with Justine. Artie went over to spank her but Justine warned him that if he bruised her, he’d lose his balls. Artie was going easy on her so she told him he could hit her harder. He gave her a few whacks but she had an attitude toward him that was a bit off putting.

Howard gave Justine one more question and said that Artie could feel her up if she got it wrong. She said that she didn’t want him doing that to her though.

Howard asked Justine about what she would do to Alexis and she was talking about all of the toys she has for her and what she would do with butt plugs, vibrators and things like that. Justine asked if Alexis could spank her instead of Artie. Howard let her do that and Alexis ended up licking her ass and spanking her a little bit.

Howard asked Justine ”Who is the captain of Griffendor’s Crittage team?” Justine said that the question wasn’t right because it could be from different years. She said that it could have been one of two people. Howard asked her a different question about a gift that was given by some character in the Harry Potter books. She didn’t know it and Howard wasn’t giving her the multiple choice.

Howard asked Alexis what she was going to do with her butt plug with Justine. She said that she was going to push it in and out. Howard asked her what she would do if she found remnants on the plug. Justine said that’s gross but it does happen once in a while. She didn’t know the answer to the question so Artie was going to go over and feel her up.

Justine said that she wouldn’t even look at Artie while he was doing it to her. She said that she was skeeved out by him while he was doing it. He also got to feel up Alexis. Justine said that his hands were really rough, dry and cracked.

Gary asked Howard how long he could buy into the Harry Potter stuff if he was with her. Howard said that he’d put up with that as long as he had to. He said he’s pretty sure he’d be into whatever she wanted. Howard said he thinks he’d even let her have sex with other women as long as they were in front of him. Justine said that she’s sure they could make that happen.

Justine said that she was in the Bowling Beauties show for Howard TV. That’s coming up this month on Howard TV. The Howard TV guys showed some video of that and she wasn’t wearing a top in the video. Justine said that it was actually pretty easy to bowl in those shoes they had. Howard said that he wanted to send a camera back to their room today so he could see what they do. They agreed to let them to that.

Howard said that they had some video of Artie feeling up Alexis and Justine from a few minutes before. Artie said that it was wrong in every way. Justine asked Artie if he has trouble remembering girl’s names because he was calling Alexis ”the Mexican.”

Justine told Howard about how much she loves sucking cock and the amazing feeling she gets from someone when she’s doing that. She said that she’s had her jaw hurt from doing that stuff. She said that she’s actually put in an hour or more doing that to guys.

Howard said that Alexis was rubbing Justine’s thigh and it looked like she was very frustrated by it. Justine said that she hadn’t had sex in about a week now so she was ready to go. The two of them kissed for a few seconds and seemed to get lost for a short time.

Justine was licking Alexis over her area but over the panties. Howard told the girls to let them listen in as they’re doing this stuff back at the hotel today. He gave them some plugs for the web sites that they were plugging. They’re going to be at The Romantic Depot in New Jersey today and tomorrow as well.

Justine said that Artie blew off her manager Leah and ended up giving her a $20 to catch a cab instead of going out with her and she had the 20 for Artie today. Artie said that he’s spoken to Leah a few times since that day and he didn’t do anything wrong. He said that he’s getting a bad rap there and he doesn’t deserve it.

Howard asked the girls what they weighed. Alexis was 95 and Justine was 110 pounds. Artie said that even added together he’d still have 100 pounds on them. Artie said that he’s going to call Leah today and straighten all of this out. Howard had to go to break a short time later.


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