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Justine Joli Blasts Max Hardcore, Rob Black

Porn Valley- Friday night Justine Joli was a guest of Jason Sechrest on his KSEX Young and The Curious Show. Joli stars in the first movie directed by Heidi Joy Pike for New Machine titled Corrupted by Justine Joli. Pike was on earlier, and Joli was brought on in the second hour of the program where Joli responded to a question put to her by Sechrest,

“What’s the one person in this industry you can’t stand?” Sechrest asked.

“The two biggest moral bitches and I mean this honestly,” Joli replied, “and I think they should be shut down permanently- is Max Hardcore. That fucker, I swear to God deserves to die. And Rob Black.” Sechrest, aghast, asked why that was, especially with Black.

“I’m sure Rob Black is nice as a person but the way he portrays women- it’s the fundamental basis of misogyny,” said Joli.

“It’s the reason why I hate both of these men. They’re misogynistic but love making money off of them, love degrading them on film and get off on it. If you want to degrade somebody why don’t you do something in a sensual bondage situation where both parties are consensual as opposed to what Max Hardcore does as well as Rob Black where it’s not necessarily consensual and it’s also not necessarily sexy. I think Rob portrays sex in a very un-sensual way and I know for a fact Max Hardcore gets off on not only degrading women but doing things to them they absolutely cannot stand.”

Sechrest was willing to concede that it takes all types to make the porn world.

“And we have to be tolerant of other peoples’ sexual preferences,” he said. “You can’t stand from a moral judgment point, can you?”

“I certainly can,” Joli replied. “Just on the sole fact that I am a woman; I am a feminist. I do agree with positive feminine rights.”

“What about positive masculine rights?” Sechrest asked. “How about guys who do videos of guys beating other guys?”

“But that’s all consensual,” Joli argued. “Again it all goes back to consensual.”

“They’re not making snuff films?” Sechrest asked her. “What’s not consensual about it?”

“It’s not consensual when- for example, Max Hardcore will say tap my leg when I’m throat-fucking you too hard,” Joli,” explained. “The girl will tap his leg and then he’ll throat fuck her three times as hard so she’ll throw up on his cock. Because he wants to see that as opposed to you didn’t know this?” Joli said something about Max calling them by their real names when they wake up, which is to say it makes its way on the video.

“He’ll choke girls out non-consensually and then call them by their real name when they wake up,” she said.

“Mad Hardcore!?” asked Sechrest still astonished.

“Max Hardcore,” Joli again emphasized. “That’s not only dangerous to the girl you can die from being choked out too hard. Especially for doing it inappropriately which he does do. He could kill the girl. It’s pretty much what they do in snuff films and it’s absolutely appalling.” To clarify, Joli said the girls were consenting to do the scene but not to throwing up.

“I can’t call the kettle black, either,” conceded Joli. “Because I’m in porn, too. I don’t like it, personally. But if I could shut him down tomorrow I would. But the whole basis of this country is freedom of speech.”

“But that’s not freedom,” argued Sechrest.

“It’s not freedom but there are people out there who pay top dollar to see it,” said Joli. “That’s why Max Hardcore is still in business.”

“That’s taking away someone else’s freedom,” Sechrest responded. “That’s taking the girls’ freedom away in that sense. That’s actual rape.”

“I know but hopefully this broadcast will bring his sales down which will eventually shut him down, anyway,” said Joli.

“The only way it is consensual is if the girl does that and she throws up on the dick, she needs to walk out of the room,” thought Sechrest. “She needs to get up and leave.”

According to Joli, Max is holding the girl by the hairs of her head so she can’t get up.

“So he’s just raping them the entire time- how come we’ve not heard more about this?” asked Sechrest.

“Because nobody will talk about,” answered Joli.

“Except for you,” said Sechrest. “You’re the only person.”

“Too many stories- it’s appalling to me,” Joli continued, noting that she hasn’t worked with Max.

“That’s actually why I don’t like him,” she continued. “Because the first time I met him he walked up to me and said, ‘Do you know who I am?’ I was in the middle of a scene. I have three hot chicks in front of me. I looked at him and said, ‘Do I fucking care?'”

Sechrest suspected that must have been a blow to Max’s ego. And Joli said the guy she was working for cautioned her that she couldn’t do that.

“I can’t do what?!”

“You can’t say that to him,” she was told.

“Of course I can,” Joli told the guy. “I can say anything I fucking want. I’m in the middle of a scene with three girls that I have to get back to. You’re cutting the scene so I can meet this person that I’m not even going to do boys with because I don’t do guys. I do chicks. I do freaky shit on the side of my life, that’s why I don’t do guys on film. I’m such a freak in my private life.”

It wasn’t clear whether he was talking about Max or Rob Black but Sechrest said “they” don’t send their movies for him to review.

“Because they know I would write about that shit,” he said.


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