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KABC and Reuters Go [Don] Hollywood-final

Porn Valley- The team of Hollywood & Hunter is fast becoming a media act of songs, dances and snappy patter. Brooke Hunter, reported on her Tits & Asshole KSEX show Monday night that she got a call from Playboy Radio about doing a gig for them and was going back Thursday to do a show from 4 pm to 7 pm on XM radio, Channel 205. “I’m still in consideration for the position there as the host,” she said. “Which will be very cool because it will not conflict with KSEX. It’s a totally awesome deal.”

On Don Hollywood’s front,, it was noted that ABC News, Los Angeles followed him around last week. The story aired on 11 pm news last Friday night on KABC Channel 7. Hunter noted that Reuters had done a recent story. Hollywood imagined that the story would appear either Tuesday or Wednesday. “We’re ready for another crash of the website,” he laughed. Hunter said ABC did a whole bit with Hollywood going to court. “And ABC News actually came in and shot on the set. They shot Don and I fucking this cute little girl, Brooklyn Nights. We were in a studio fucking in an office set. And here’s the ABC news camera right there shooting the whole thing. And they aired it on the 11 o’clock news. It was all covered up and everything but he did a great job.”

According to Hunter, the lawyer office scene turned out pretty hot and they had to replace a couple of girls before they could get it to work. “Good God, this little cutie pie- and let’s face it- anyone with Brook in their name is okay with me,” said Hunter. “She was cute. She’s a tiny, little gal. She comes in and goes, I don’t know about big dicks but I’m ready to try anything. If it doesn’t go in my pussy it’ll go in my ass.”

Hollywood then addressed the issue of killing animals which has been a hot industry topic of the last week. Hollywood conceded that as an attorney he’s made lots of dough defending criminals and gangsters. “To people who unfortunately had one too many.” But Hollywood also let it be known that he doesn’t take the cases of people charged with any form of child abuse or animal abuse. “If you abuse any living thing that cannot defend itself then you’re beyond despicable- at least in my eyes. And look how low my standards are. I’m a fucking lawyer for God’s sake.” Beyond that Hollywood didn’t want to dwell much on the issue because it would give George Bush and his “band of vigilantes” enough ammunition to kill the porn industry.

Hunter wondered who would have the idea that killing an animal then having sex next to it would be sexy and erotic. “Somebody thought that was erotic. Somebody thought that was cool. And that is just absolutely so fucking wrong. That’s disgusting.” As far as Hollywood is concerned, the company is better left to die off in obscurity and the talent who agreed to work on the scenes shouldn’t be hired. “I think they need to come out publicly and apologize not only to the industry but to the world.”

Someone in the chatroom asked Hollywood if there was more money in porn or law. Hollywood said it depends that when his law practice was booming the money was good. “When I was doing Erotica L.A. at the very beginning of my porn career, it was great.” Asked if he ever met a serial killer in his years of being a lawyer, Hollywood, a criminal defense attorney, said he hadn’t. But Hunter said she had a look at Richard Ramirez one time which was chilling. “I went with a friend of mine to visit her brother in jail and they were moving him when they had him in holding. As they were clearing out all the hallways and they were moving him, he looked down the hallway and I happened to look down at the same time. He scared the fuck out of me. He had these evil black eyes.”

Asked who the biggest gangster was that he handled, notoriety-wise, Hollywood wouldn’t mention the motorcycle club by name but said he repped several of its members. “I had some major cases- cases that ran into tons of narcotics and large stashes of machine guns and explosives.” Hunter said there’s a lot of stories that Hollywood can’t share on the air which she didn’t believe at first. “We had some insane years out there,” said Hollywood who mentioned that he’s looking for someone to write the book about him. “If I wrote it- it would be 27 volumes. But I need someone to condense it down.”


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