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Kara Mynor Back Home

> Chico Wang posts on ADT about Kara Mynor/Kara Bare [pictured]: I recently spoke to Kara who called from Ohio. I’m pretty sure she’s out of the business. She lived with me for a couple of weeks then moved out to the gracious home of Naughty Talent.

She’s a very pretty girl but has some personal issues she has to resolve. I think she’s using the time in Ohio to address them and to have clarity of thought. Hopefully she finds her way and comes back a more mature individual.


> Voyeur32 writes on ADT: I’m posting this here as it pertains to her feature appearance in S.C. this past weekend. Was all excited to see her as no big stars really feature in the area let alone a fellow ADT’er such as Devinn. Anyway, spent the day in Savannah friday with the idea of catching one of her later shows that night. Well, get to the club and ask about Devinn and the guy at the door says she has two shows left. After being there for like forever finally ask the dj when she’s going on and he says she did the first show and got food poisioning had to leave but she’d be back saturday. So call saturday to be sure she was still going to be there and they say yes and drive my ass out there again and when I get in after I’ve paid they tell me once again that Devinn was still sick and cancelled that night too. Now, I’m not mad at Devinn. If you get sick you get sick. I only hope she can reschedule and come back some time as I imagine this would be like my only chance to see her feature dance.

No, what pisses me off is the club telling me and I’m sure others that Devinn was going on when they already knew full well that she had cancelled just to get me in there and paid.

> eduardo911 posts on ADT:It is striking that a huge percentage of all porn distributed worldwide seems to have been produced in a very small number of geographical centers in even fewer countries: the US/Canada, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, France, and Japan.

A small number indeed given that people have sex everywhere and there are 200+ countries in the world. There are a few other centres but they don’t seem to account for nearly as much volume.

My questions:

– How and why did this come to be so? Historical coincidence + advantage of a head start? Strategic location? Legal issues (obviously this is part of of the reason in some cases)? Other reasons?

Put differently: why Brazil but none of the Spanish-speaking Latin American countries (except as a ‘location’ for shooting)? Why Prague and Budapest but not, say, Warsaw, Sofia, or Kiev? Why Germany but not Austria or Switzerland?

– Which centers have I overlooked? (See below)

1. USA : LA; Seattle; occasionally I see a mention of NY or of Florida (where?)

2. Canada : Montreal

3. Brazil (Rio? Sao Paolo? I often recognize talent appearing in US productions, e.g. TT Boy, from Brazilian movies (Brazileirinhas label) so production is likely concentrated in one or two locations as well.

4. Japan : Tokyo?

5. Czech Republic : Prague

6. Hungary : Budapest

7. Russia : Moscow, St. Petersburg

8. Germany : Munich (anywhere else?). Used to be the leader in Europe before the rise of Budapest and Prague.

9. France : Decent volume of reasonably professional porn, but not very internationally oriented.

10. Italy : I don’t get the production is very large though, and apart from Rocco (who seems to have shot a lot in other countries anyway), it’s not very high profile internationally.

11. Spain : (Where?) I read somewhere that Private moved its production there from Scandinavia in the 1980s. Don’t know if they still produce there as Private was at the forefront of shooting in Eastern Europe and using Eastern European talent in the 1990s. There is some purely local Spanish porn but it is very amateurish.

12. Scandinavia (I think mostly Copenhagen, Denmark): was one of the earliest centers but I don’t think much happens there anymore.

13. The Netherlands : is important in Europe for distribution but AFAIK not for production. Some of the content for Seventeen used to be produced locally but they shifted towards content from Russia and later, Budapest and Prague as well. The only Dutch production network of any size that I’m aware of currently seems to produce mostly internet content, and the output doesn’t compare to the main centers.

I’m not aware of any city specifically being a production center (but then, the country is so small that travel is hardly an issue).

14. Belgium : seems to function as a kind of auxiliary to the Dutch network, with talent crossing the border occasionally but not much else.

I hope the esteemed members of this board can shed some light on all this.


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