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Kat: “He’s Trying to Rape Me, Momma K”

Porn Valley- There’s a moral to this story. Don’t hold Kayla Quinn “hostage”. Besides a lengthy interview that she did with me on Thanksgiving, Quinn was on KSEX Thursday night talking about her fright night in Hacienda Heights with party promoter Eddie Lopez.

Long story short, Quinn was hosting a party the evening before at Aura put on by Lopez when a decision was made to leave that party which was obviously dead and try out another place- Forbidden City. Except the limo, apparently at Lopez’ behest, made a beeline to Lopez’s house where Quinn and a company of porn people didn’t get out of there until 9:30 the next morning. To hear Quinn talk, it was no one’s idea to stay.

Quinn came on with Tabetha Tucker and talked at her usual 78 rpm’s. Later on the program was Kat who was involved in an alleged attempted rape incident and Lopez himself.

“We’re talking about being misled and let’s go for a ride in a limo,” said Quinn basically summing up the experience. “How the fuck did I end up in Hacienda Heights? Why the fuck can’t I get back home?” Tucker added that they didn’t get home until about 11 am Thanksgiving morning. Quinn explained they were at Lopez’s house, willingly, for about the first 45 minutes. Quinn noted that they first arrived in Hacienda Heights about two in the morning. Tucker explained how two other girls in the limo got pissed off before they got there and were dropped off “in the middle of God knows where.”

Quinn said it was a Denny’s but didn’t know where it was. Her estimation was that Hacienda Heights was at least 45 minutes from where they first started. Quinn said the idea was to have a couple of cocktails and then leave. Meanwhile, the limo was waiting for them. Then she realized she couldn’t find Kat, who came along with them, and became worried.

“Kat had a little too much to drink and was making too much of a show on the dance floor,” Quinn said. “I didn’t want to leave her incapacitated.” Quinn went on to describe how she looked for Kat all over Lopez’s house and even checked the bottom of the swimming pool just to be sure. Quinn asked a couple of guys if they had seen her and was told Kat may have walked down the hill because that’s what drunk girls do. Quinn claims no one would give her a ride to help find Kat so she walked alone in her bare feet down the hill calling for Kat.

According to Quinn, Kat burst out from a truck and ran into her arms saying, “He’s trying to rape me, momma K.”

Tucker explained that the same guy [with a beanie] earlier tried the same thing with her.

“He grabs me and pulls me in the bathroom like he’s trying to kiss me and stuff. I pushed him off of me. He literally tried to pull me in the bathroom.” According to Tucker, the guy disappeared for the moment until the incident with Kat surfaced. Quinn said by the time everyone was determined to go, Kat, in a dead weight, falls to the floor.

“Passes out- it could have been the combination of the drinking and the stress of allegedly being attacked.” Quinn said it was probably around 3:30 at this time.

“As soon as Kat collapses and we move her over to the couch, the limo driver says we got to go now. We just had a girl collapse, can you wait fifteen minutes? I don’t want somebody passed out cold in a limo.”

Quinn explained that they had no clue to the whereabouts of a hospital if that became necessary and more practically she didn’t want to sit in puke.

“I looked at Eddie and said can you promise me if the limo leaves now if Kat is stable you’ll get us in a car and go? Promise.”

Tucker said she was, likewise, ready to go in the limo but was told by Eddie that there were four or five cars available and that wasn’t necessary. Quinn added, sarcastically, that the fifteen minutes stretched from that point until about ten in the morning. Between those hours, Quinn described a succession of mental breakdowns including the fact that she tried waking Lopez by beating a pot.

“It didn’t work.” Quinn said she also tried calling a number of people but reception was “sketchy” and being that time of the morning and that it was a holiday, they weren’t available. By rooting through Lopez’s drawers, Quinn came up with a street address of the house and Map Quested on the cellphone. Meanwhile she said they were constantly being promised a ride including one in a Mercedes that was down the street, out of gas. But the inane question arose as to whether it needed gas or diesel fuel. It sounded like Quinn who said, “It was the crap frosting on my shit cake of the day.”

Quinn went on to say that Gus, Lopez’s partner, made every effort to get them out of there. Another guy named Gary along with a friend Trey were able to get all seven in Quinn’s party home.

“So it was Gus, Gary and Trey that got us all out of there.” Quinn went on about there being no water and Tony Batman asked if she ever heard of a faucet.

“Have you had tap water in LA County?” Quinn replied. Quinn wanted to make it clear that Gus wasn’t responsible for what happened.

“He was not there in the limo; he was not there when promises were being made. He showed up well after the fact.”Batman wondered if any of this could have been resolved rationally and Quinn said Lopez’s act of locking the bedroom door and ignoring the pleas to go home precluded that.

“And obviously this was planned out ahead of time because the limo driver knew exactly where to take us. It was too much drama.” Besides, said Quinn, Lopez made no attempt at an apology. According to Quinn she had a $10 bill left on her and had to send someone to a convenience store for 7 doughnuts and three “cans of pop.”

“It wasn’t my responsibility to take care of unexpected guests that didn’t want to be there in the first place,” she continued.

“You don’t expect a lot of food in a bachelor pad. If you’re going to abduct people at least be courteous. Even Iraqis make sure we have water.” Quinn also made the point that she was glad that Johnny Knox and Chris Roc were also along or else there would have been five women alone to deal with this.

Tucker added that there was at least four occasions when they were told things were ready to roll but it didn’t happen. Batman asked if there was anything that could be done to get past all this.

‘I don’t have to do business with these people again,” shrugged Quinn. Tucker noted that they didn’t get an apology but a rebuttal from Lopez.

“We got our boyfriends e-mailed saying we left four o’clock in the morning which was bullshit.” But it was Quinn’s advice not to get in a car with Lopez.

Kat then came on the show. It was noted that she was celebrating her 21st birthday on Sunday. Kat described the whole Hacienda Heights affair as “horrible”.

“I got plastered- I did whatever but it opened my eyes. It was a bad experience. I’m just kind of over it.’ Asked if she got “harmed” that night, her reply was, “Kinda- almost.” Kat was also the first to admit that she was partying a little too much and was trying too sober up completely and not go back to that lifestyle.

“I’m just trying to get high on life.”

Batman commended the support Kat received from “a lot of great friends.” Kat admitted that she had a problem, was accepting it and was trying to deal with issues.

Asked about her future plans, Kat said something about possibly going to culinary school and becoming a chef.

“Or I might go to design school and become a designer.” Either way, she made it sound like she was about through with porn.

“Right now I’m taking a huge break- I might go back into it [porn]; but I might go straight into school. Who knows?”On the “rape” incident, Kat described it as a fucked up situation that she put herself into. And Kat said she was going to celebrate her birthday with Espresso shots. She added that her braces were coming off in two months, that she’s had them since she was a sophomore in high school.

“They’re going on eBay,” she laughed.

Gia Givanna, who also attended the Hacienda Heights fiasco, was on the show as well as Eddie and Gus.Batman asked Gus for his point of view. Gus said as soon as he got to the house, which was about 3 am, everyone was partying and having a good time.

“Nobody was complaining about anything,” Gus said. “It turned a little sour when everyone started looking for Kat. Kat was missing. I don’t know where she was at at that point in time. We were all concerned about her.” According to Gus, the Mercedes he was driving got stuck at a place called Alberto’s.

“It was out of gas,” he said. “When I got to the house everyone was, like, where’s Kat?” Kat chimed in that it was Kayla who found her. Another partner, Gary Omega, also had the floor explaining how they got their start in party promotions. Maybe it was Gary who was saying it, it was hard to tell at this point, that everyone once they got to Hacienda Heights began partying in the game room in the west wing.

“The limo drivers were there, too, drinking also just as well.” Kat jumped in to say that she asked Eddie to be taken home and no one complied. Eddie was given the floor and copped to lack of time to tell his story.

“Everyone seems like they’ve got three episodes,” Lopez complained. According to Lopez’ story, the limo driver stayed until 4:15 and everyone arrived at the house 1:45.

“Anyone who didn’t want to be there left in the limo. After 4:30 in the morning, after the limo left- I had been drinking since 8 that evening. I’m going to be a man and apologize for them not getting home. But I’m responsible enough not to take six peoples’ lives into my hands driving a vehicle an hour away. That is why I left someone else drive the Mercedes back from the party. I knew I was not in no way, shape or form able to drive a vehicle back home. I still drank in the limo all the way back to the house and at the house. I was not going to drive six people.”

According to Lopez, he didn’t want to see himself on the Channel 4 news over the fact that he killed five people.

“Oh, Eddie, why did you drive? Because five girls were complaining and bickering about going home.” Someone brought up he fact about taxis. Eddie claimed that everyone had the capacity to call for rides.

“I had the money- I could have given them money to take a taxi if they asked me. I myself went to sleep after 5 because I was drinking for eight hours.”

Givanna claims that when they first got into the limo, Eddie told them they’d only be gone for an hour and would be brought back to Aura.

“I’m pissed off because you lied to me; you were fuckin’ stupid and brought us all back there and left us there.” Givanna said she was the one to complain that they’d been kidnapped. It was also brought up that Eddie made promises to take people home even though the limo [with the drinking driver] had left.

“That’s the only reason why Kayla let the limo leave,” Givanna said. “Next thing I know you were passed out in your room.”

Eddie told her if all of what she said was true, why didn’t she leave with the limo. Givanna brought up the Kat story again and said Eddie promised her a ride. Eddie claims that’s not what happened. The show then erupted into a shouting match about who had who’s back, with Batman attempting to restore order.

Eddie apologized to the women but still maintained that he wasn’t going to drive anyone home after drinking.


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