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Katie Gold Explains Erotica L.A. Walk Out

Porn Valley- Katie Gold on her Distorted reality KSEX show Friday night explained that she walked out of Erotica L.A. last weekend, leaving the booth she was signing at. But Gold wouldn’t say which booth, though she left enough vague clues to put two and two together. “I’m not accustomed to signing in those places,” she said. “I showed up- I was having a bad day anyway, from the get-go. I was having a girl’s moment. I showed up. They didn’t have anything for me to sign. And they didn’t have my pictures. They didn’t have anything.”

Gold said while she was standing around she was told that they needed her to peddle her movies. “I’m not a sales person,” said Gold. “I’m doing enough being in the movie. Am I wrong?” Gold compared it to selling the vacuum cleaner you invented. Gold said she does her part when she fucks five guys. “I’m done. It sells itself. I don’t need to sell it. I need to sell my name and me autographing it for the fans that adore me.” What also upset Gold was the fact she was located where it would be difficult for fans to find her. “It took me fifteen minutes to find out where we were and I knew exactly where to go. When I walked in I was, this isn’t right. I copped out. I pulled a total porn star move. It was something- what is it, the flake list? I would have been on Wank’s flake list for that one.”

Another thing, according to Gold, was the fact she was told that KSEX would be broadcasting from Erotica L.A. Gold referred to an “unknown source” who gave her that information. “We broadcasted from Vegas, right? I assumed to myself then I talked to said source later and she said…we were definitely broadcasting from said place but that Wank was out dancing. He was out feature dancing. He’s feature dancing now. Since he was out feature dancing I just assumed that we were going to be where everyone’s going to be. What a great place to broadcast. I was wrong. I woke up the next morning with the hangover that I had. I checked my voice mail and found out that– Flexx called me- so we’re all sitting around here wondering if you’re going to show up.”

Gold said she was so out of there she didn’t even look for the KSEX booth. “I’m going to smoke a cigarette and I’m going to be right back. I never showed up. I told Coach Daddy [Gold’s boyfriend] that’s it. Because he escorted me, thank God. If I had been by myself I don’t know what I would have done.” Flexx began a story where he’s been to a few conventions where he saw girls peddling their movies.

Apologizing for interrupting him, Gold said the first thing that she and Shay Sweet ever signed on together for was Erotica L.A. “And we didn’t sell a goddamn movie,” said Gold. “We didn’t have to. We sat up in a cute little lifeguard stand- they had a lifeguard chair set up for us. It was cute as could be. Fans were coming up with flyers for us to sign.” Gold said she went to Adultcon and was forewarned that she was going to be selling stuff. “Like great. So I brought my panties and Polaroids and movies and flyers and 8 by 10’s.” However Gold is claiming she was told quite another story for Erotica L.A. “The person that hired me said we’re going to have pictures of you everywhere. We’re going to have all kinds of stuff for you to sign. Don’t even worry about it, girl. We’re going to take are you YOU. You’re going to be there and you’re going to be the biggest thing, ever.” Gold said her ass was fed a bunch of bullshit. “Basically I took it but when I got there I didn’t take it any more.” Gold said it was probably the best call she ever made in her career.

“Had I sat there and put up with it,” Gold continued, “like I normally do- hey you’re such a trouper- I hear that after every sex scene. Katie you’re such a trouper. Yeah, while I wasn’t a trouper that day. And I wasn’t going to be.” Gold said the problem was that she was put in a situation where she would get not recognition at all. “Get a stripper to do that job, okay? Get some no-name stripper to do that job. Because I’m not going to do it. And when I sat down I thought to myself, okay, this is a situation where you know all is wrong. I was only there for ten minutes at the most. I was thinking to myself all is wrong. The entire situation is not okay with me. I’m not happy.” Gold said she pondered how damaging it would be to her career if she left or if she syated. “If I sat at that place and people who know me walked by and saw where I was, I would not be okay with that.”

Flexx assumed that the purpose of having girls at your booth was to bring attention to your booth. “Somebody could ay, oh shit, there’s Katie Gold over there and they’ll run over there.” Gold said she wasn’t there to draw attention to a cardboard box. Flexx wondered if she was told she’d have to sell movies. Gold said she was. “Basically it was a prerequisite,” Gold said. “They didn’t tell me before I got there or I would have brought stuff of my own to sell. Fuck your movies. Most of my fans own those movies already. They’re going to bring them in for me to sign.” Gold said she understood that her fans were buying her movies for X-amount of dollars then paying to come into a convention. Under those ground rules she’s willing to sign the movies for free. “Because I’m getting paid other ways. I’m doing my job. This is public relations- hey guys, here I am. Come touch me. Come pick me up and hold me by my ass.”

Gold said she felt disrespected by the whole situation. “I took the rest of weekend off and went to the beach and got wasted with Shay Sweet on the beach and in trouble.” Gold said she didn’t want to be the girl at a show peddling shit. “Everyone saw me at Adultcon- I was peddling shit. The you see me at Erotica L.A. I’m peddling shit. I don’t want to be forcing shit on you. I want to be the fantasy that you guys knows.”

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