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Katie Morgan Makes the Top 10 Hottest Addicts List

from – ex, Drugs & Rock n’ Roll? That seems the case for these famous starlets known for their beauty AND Their addictions.

10. Katie Morgan

Katie Morgan has quite the story – Known such classics as Sex Toys, Pornucopia: Going down in the Valley, and Dirty Debutantes 197 her entrance into the porn industry was a bit of an accident. She used it as a means to pay off her bail and plea bargain after being arrested in 2000 for transportation of over 100 lbs of marijuana from Mexico into the US. That takes balls, and a bit of a drug addiction I would suspect.

9. Kari Ann Peniche

To say that Kari Ann Peniche is an addict is an understatement. We first learned of her addiction on Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew where she was being treated for her sex addiction, but it became quickly known that she was smuggling drugs like methamphetamine into the rehab center.

8. Nicole Richie

Although we haven’t heard much about Nicole Richie since her baby was born, this famous starlet got much of her fame from her tumultuous personal live in the early 2000s. She was arrested two times for DUIs, and possession of heroin. Now she is best known for her novels loosely based on her life story, as a designer, and her musical career.

7. Amber Smith

Known for her sports illustrated swimsuit issues, wonder bra campaigns, numerous ads and even a range of movies – this 5’9 beauty is also known for her stint in Celebrity Rehab. From opiates, to alcohol to sex – Amber Smith is definitely an addict. The good news? She’s been able to clean up her act and is now living with her mother.

6. Kate Moss

When it comes to super model status only few women have taken on that role – Kate Moss is one of them. Although she’s appeared in over 50 magazines – what happens away from the cameras seems to get Kate Moss most of her attention. Back in 2005 photos were released of Kate Moss snorting several lines of cocaine with beau Pete Doherty. She went to rehab and underwent successful treatment soon after without Dougherty.

5. Drew Barrymore

There is no other starlet story as crazy as Drew Barrymore. She was a regular at Studio 54 when she was a little girl, smoked cigarettes at nine, was an alcoholic by 11, smoked weed by 12 and was onto cocaine by the time she was 13 when she was sent to rehab. By her twenties though, she seemed to calm down.

4. Fergie

Before she was Fergie, Stacy Ann Ferguson was a child star who struggled with drug addiction. In an interview with the Times of London she rehashed her past experiences saying that it started with ecstasy and then moved on to harder narcotics such as crystal meth. She’s been sober for over 10 years but admits that she still feels like she’s being judged for her past.

3. Brooke Mueller

Charlie Sheen’s ex Brooke Mueller is in the top three of our hottest addicts. Why? She’s definitely burning up entertainment news with a new story every week it seems. Right now she’s currently in rehab after being caught selling a man’s watch and stereo system at a pawn shop with her children in tow. It seems this story isn’t over yet, especially with Paris Hilton’s television show premiering June 1.

2. Lindsay Lohan

Showing up second on our hottest addict is none other than Lindsay Lohan who is pretty much addicted to everything: drugs, sex, stealing, and alcohol! There’s no addiction left uncovered when LiLo is around! Whether she’ll actually do time is still up in the air.. but she’ll always be our favorite little jailbird here at Manolith!

1. Britney Spears

Topping our list for hottest addict? Britney Spears. I’m pretty sure no other addict in celebrity history has ever been filmed, photographed and made newsworthy as much as Britney Spears has in the last few years. Known for her continued use of alcohol and prescription drugs Spears definitely hit an all-time low. However, recently she’s made quite the comeback and her new album is already turning some heads!


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