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Kayden Kross- Ms. Plastic Face?; 15 Cosmetic Procedures According to Bree Olson

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from – Plastic surgery procedures and pornstars have walked hand in hand for years. Breast implants have become “tools of the trade” for many adult stars (and frankly often, when well done, look fabulous in my opinion) – where as supplemental procedures such as lip injections, botox injections, skin peels, nose reductions, chin implants, dental veneers, butt injections, etc. are usually procedures pornstars indulge in a bit later in their careers (typically around the age of 35).

However ironically, it seems that in the adult market of today – LESS is MORE when it comes to how well a pornstar is received by the public. Nowadays the public is flocking towards pornstars who are NATURALLY beautiful.

For example – arguably the most popular and successful pornstars of today – Jenna Haze – has not had ANY plastic surgery. Neither have many of the up and coming stars such as Skin Diamond or Imani Rose. Even pornstar turned mainstream personality Bree Olson (the Charlie Sheen “Goddess” who ironically was cast as a “man made” character in the adult parody of the Bionic Woman) has retained her all natural body.

Speaking of Bree Olson in a March of 2011 interview with Alex Zander which was reposted on – Bree brings up a frightening revelation in regards to Kayden Kross (a convicted felon and Free Speech Coalition member who is against the use of condoms in porn to prevent STDs – she claims it “hurts” to use condoms).

According to Bree Olson, Kayden Kross (currently only 26 years old) has undergone FIFTEEN ( 15 ) cosmetic surgery procedures!

In my opinion any young woman having any more than 3 cosmetic surgery procedures before the age of 30 is quite telling in regards to the individual’s level of self esteem, body image and overall concept of self worth (in fact this may be an indicator of body dysmorphic disorder along with other psychological issues of which psychiatric assistance should probably be sought).

Being the skeptical individual I am, upon reading Bree Olson’s claim in regard to Kayden Kross, I immediately decided to compare early Kayden Kross (aka Jenna Nikole – her early porn industry alias) photos with her present day look. Astoundingly Bree Olson’s claim is far from fictitious.

Kayden Kross has repeatedly stated in regards to her thoughts on the newly established Los Angeles porn industry condom mandates that her choice not to use a condom should be “her right” and that it’s “her body” – but truthfully – considering that Kayden Kross is willing to submit her body to not just one but multiple invasive elective surgeries which COULD be fatal (yes people often do DIE from cosmetic surgery procedures) should she REALLY be someone that any sane individual with even a median concept of self worth and self esteem should listen to? I don’t think so…Kayden’s mentality is far from what’s deemed as “stable” by the majority of accredited psychological schools of thought.

I personally am not against cosmetic surgery in regards to subtle maintenance, but when you’re attempting to transform yourself into a completely different person (especially at such a young age), I think that there’s some major underlying dysfunction and issues that need to be addressed.

I hope that in time Kayden’s Digital Playground counterparts such as Riley Steele and Bibi Jones (who are natural beauties which have only enhanced their aesthetically pleasing physiques with subtle and well done breast augmentation), or maybe even the all natural Stoya will let Kayden know that she needs to stop with the elective surgeries and possibly seek psychiatric help to address her underlying issues before she winds up dead on the operating table.

I staunchly feel the Free Speech Coalition should be ashamed of themselves for exploiting a young woman, who may embody a tremendous amount of self hatred, to push their anti-condom agenda which only will put the vast majority of Los Angeles porn industry talent at dire risk of contracting HIV.


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