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Keep Mike South On His Fishing Boat; Stop Supporting Him And His Anonymous Hate Blog

People have said that I talk a lot about Mike South.

Some have commented that perhaps I should talk about other things. They say, “Hey, you did two stories on Mike South this week, you did three stories.” They say I should move on to other topics. To that I say, “Why?”

You don’t tell Jon Stewart he shouldn’t talk about Sean Hannity as much. You don’t tell Bill Maher not to talk about the Republicans. How about Rachel Maddow giving FOX News a pass? Nope. That’s not gonna happen.

When there is a propagandist whose words do damage to good people through lies and they have followers that are delusional and also do damage, they must be exposed at every turn. I’ve said that Mike South’s uses lies like Elliot Rodger used bullets, to inflict pain on those he feels have wronged him or he is jealous of. Someone who has no respect for women. This is someone who would take his squirrel gun and go people hunting in the adult business if he could get away with it. His delusional followers are cut from the same cloth, rejected wannabes and bitter jilted losers who also wanted acceptance that they were never able to get from the business. Former actors who never able to break through and be successful directors or company owners and were relegated to blowbangs. Actresses who never graduated from the C or D List.

These people make outrageous claims with no evidence to back them up. It’s nothing but lies. When Mike South’s articles aren’t getting the traction he thinks they deserve, he will post a complete fabrication for no other reason but to amuse himself or to vilify someone he doesn’t like.

We’re living in the age of the internet where there are no rules. A blogger can post whatever they want and claim they’re protected as a journalist. Anyone can post an opinion that is completely made up and say it’s journalism. Someone can say that a person fucks rodents and claim that they got this information from an anonymous source. So people like Mike South can say whatever they want.

From claiming Billy Glide died from an untreated rattlesnake bite to TJ Cummings attempting to infect girls with HIV to Jon Dough committing suicide because he tested positive for HIV, Mike South, when pressed for evidence to these claims by The Rob Black Show and AdultFYI, produces anonymous emails from whacked out people with an agenda. The same anonymous emails that I get on a regular basis. I have gotten emails from ex-performers who won’t reveal themselves, people who post on message boards under fake names and they give me information that is so fucking ludicrous and out of left field, but it’s obvious that they have bones to pick with certain individuals, so they try to use me or Mike South to further their agendas. I don’t take the bait, but Mike South does. He will post something that he knows is bullshit with no evidence or he is too stupid to know that it’s bullshit. Or sometimes he just invents stuff out of the blue. Either way, it’s bullshit. But he doesn’t care. That’s Mike “Elliot Rodger” South.

I would either delete these anonymous emails or sometimes I would hit them back and say, “Are you insane?” I’ve done it with Mike South’s resident moron Lurking Reader. I’ve sometimes communicated with these people and when I was communicating with them I would get these “anonymous” emails. When I stopped communicating with them, the anonymous emails stopped as well. All of these people are whack jobs and they’re all led by the Pied Piper of Whackville Mike South.

Mike South said Jon Dough had HIV. Do you know what evidence he presented to back it up? Let me read to you what he posted. Unlike Mike South, I like to be as accurate as possible.

Mike South writes:

“From A porn guy who predates me in the biz:”

“Mister South”

“At first I was skeptical about the Job Dough story.  I admit that it had a certain ring of truth about it leading me to make a single phone call to the only person I knew that would be likely to know.  When I asked the hesitation was all I needed to hear. Good call old buddy. How the hell did you uncover that?”

That’s the only evidence he presented to his claim that Jon Dough had HIV. “A guy who predates me in the porn biz.” Doesn’t that disturb any of you?

Here’s another:

“From an xxx performer”

“Hi there!”

“XXX, long time reader. Two things:”

“TJ was hitting on all sorts of girls on a Fetsish (sic) site and even emailed me. I shot him down on the spot. He sent me a long ranty email claiming he is 100% cured from HIV as he took antivirals so quickly he got cured. He says he has the paperwork to prove it and threatened me with legal action if I said anything more to anyone about him hitting on girls.”

“I believe that man is delusional enough that he has fully convinced himself that he IS cured, and he is still young enough, good looking enough and horny enough he could be fucking for years to come. And I highly doubt he will be telling any of them that he was miraculously “cured” from HIV.”

“I can send you the emails if you wish.”

“Also, did you see the tweet that Chanell Heart’s agent from Ideal sent her? Evidently she has not shot a scene since May 1st and they are refusing to let her go anywhere else or get her work. Chanell is one of the sweetest people I know, a solid performer and 0% drama. I am really not impressed with how Ideal is treating their talent these days.”

That’s his other evidence. An anonymous email going after Tee Reel and Ideal Image Management and telling everyone that TJ Cummings is trying to give people AIDS. There ya go, guys. That’s Mike South’s other “source.” It’s like the Billy Glide rattlesnake story. That Billy Glide was bitten by a rattlesnake and didn’t want to get get the snake owner in trouble so he went to sleep it off and died.

This is amazing. These are the same type of emails that I get on a daily basis. I’ve gotten emails that certain girls are pregnant with other peoples kids. I’ve gotten the most ludicrous accusations. I even emailed this one moron and said, “Hey bro. Wow, that’s a pretty hefty charge. I won’t talk about it because it’s crazy and it can’t be proven.” And this person said, “Do the investigation. Call this person up and try to book them in a scene.” It’s witch hunt stuff. It’s anonymous assholes trying to use me as their attack dog.

Don’t you think Mike South’s “reader mailbag” isn’t the same hogwash that I and other bloggers get? It’s all the same lunatic fringe porn people who have an axe to grind with everybody. So they send bullshit anonymous emails. If these people were righteous and actually gave a fuck and had real information they would say, “Hi. This is Axel Braun. (or whoever) I have an issue with this person or this situation and I’m gonna tell you what’s wrong and here’s the proof.”

If TJ Cummings was running around and purposely trying to give people AIDS, I would be the first to call him out on it. But it’s bullshit based on anonymous bullshit. TJ Cummings is being accused of what John Stagliano actually does, which is not disclose his HIV stays to girls he performs with and has sex with girls who are in the talent pool, like Sheena Shaw. This isn’t bullshit based on an anonymous source. This is from Sheena Shaw’s own statements on Twitter. John Stagliano is involved in a lawsuit right now for not disclosing his HIV status. These are easily proven facts. Mike South won’t say anything about Stagliano, but he’ll accuse TJ based on anonymous emails.

If any of the things that Mike South posts were true, real name people wouldn’t have a problem with him posting it. They would say, “I’m protecting the industry with this information. Here is my name.” If Jon Dough had HIV and worked with several girls and there was a coverup, that would mean that several people were involved, including this old school anonymous porn person. There is not a respectable person in the industry who has damning information who would not come forward and reveal who there are.

Think of all the shady things that go down that Mike South claims. He gets all of that information from “anonymous sources.” All of this information is damaging not just to the industry as a whole, but to the individual involved and at times the things they are accused of are straight up criminal. If somebody is exposing that, they would want to go on record. If there is somebody who is committing criminal acts, allegations need to be supported with facts, not rumors or hearsay.

When I talk about something or accuse somebody of wrongdoing, I support the accusations with documentation and facts. A few months ago, Mike South reported on a strain of super gonorrhea going around the business and said that multiple performers were affected. He never produced any kind of documentation or testimony to support this claim. When I accused Free Speech Coalition and PASS of covering up syphilis infections during the Mr. Marcus scandal, I produced documentation from Dr. Maio of Cutting Edge Testing showing that performers were in fact infected and treated. I produced facts. When you accuse people, that’s what you do. You produce facts.

Don’t you see that this kind of behavior in incredibly dangerous? Don’t you see that this guy needs to be stopped? Don’t you see that anyone who supports or has any association with Mike South should be blacklisted? When you see Vicky Vette advertise on Mike South’s site, Vicky Vette and the VNA girls should be blacklisted. They are feeding this beast. Kayden Kross, who Mike South calls his “best friend” should be blacklisted. Anyone who gives this man money or supports him in any way are just as responsible as he is and should be blacklisted.

Mike South has been hell bent on going after Tee Reel and Ideal Image Management. He goes after every pimp/agent in the business because they are competition for Derek Hay. If every other pimp/agent goes out of business, then everyone will have to go to Derek Hay and that keeps Mike South’s business relationship going with Derek Hay. How about this? Every producer/director in the business, STOP BOOKING TALENT THROUGH DIRECT MODELS. Every other agent in the business, STOP LETTING YOUR TALENT WORK WITH LA DIRECT TALENT. Let them know that when you lay down with a dog like Mike South, you get his diseased hillbilly fleas.

It’s easy to sit in another state or another country and post anonymously where you never have to face the people you are accusing. When you say that a certain producer or agent made you work with a disease, who is that producer or agent? When you say this person or that person is being irresponsible or engaging in dangerous behavior, who is that person? Someone who posts allegations anonymously is a coward. Someone who doesn’t name names is a pussy. When I talk about someone and I tell everybody what a piece of shit they are, I base that assessment on facts. I broadcast and post from the same location every day in North Hollywood, California. No one has ever answered my challenge to refute anything I’ve said. Because they are facts. You may not like the way I present the facts, but they are facts. Everybody knows where I stand. I’m not an anonymous poster. I don’t post lies.

Take a look at There is not a single piece of information on that site that is supported by facts. Everything on that site that Mike South purports to be the truth are lies told by people who don’t have the guts to put their name to their bullshit. Mike South can only be stopped when the people who support this piece of garbage are no more.

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