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Porn Valley- Keisha, who entered the adult business 19 years ago, entered the halls of KSEX Friday night when she was a guest on The Wanker Show. Keisha was introduced to co-ho Katie Morgan and quipped that Morgan probably wasn’t born when she started in the business. Morgan said she was 25. Keisha who started in 1986, is now 38 and doesn’t drink, smoke or do drugs. Asked what her nationality is, Keisha said on her mother’s side she’s Swedish and English; on her father’s side she’s Spanish-Mexican and American Indian.

Keisha laughed that there was a guy at Erotica L.A. who was 18. “I’m like you weren’t even born when I started in this business?” Keisha has two websites, and According to Keisha, one is a pay site and the other is information for fantasy dates. On her, site, she makes no bones about her escorting and calls herself “The happy human hour”.

Keisha went to college from 1996 to 1999 and didn’t do anything porn-related during that time. She came back in 1999, did a bunch of projects then started her website and shot content for it. During Erotica L.A., she made a lot of contacts and lined up projects. Keisha said she had a couple of projects set up with Taylor Wane and was going to be a guest of Wane’s on KSEX, July 11. Keisha said she loves Wane and knew her when Wane was brand new in the business. “She’s been in longer than most people.”

Wankus mentioned Ginger Lynn and Keisha noted that Lynn was already a star when Keisha came into the business. “I went to the XRCO awards on February 14, 1986- a month before I got into the business and she and Amber Lynn were huge stars. In the bathroom that night I heard somebody gossiping and saying Tracey Lords just told somebody she was having her 18th birthday.”

Asked what it was like working with young guys, Keisha said she loved it. Wankus said he’d be scared to fuck her to which Keisha replied that the guys are in the business are so amazing. “That’s why they’re in this business.” Keisha remembered doing a scene with Chris Gannon but couldn’t think of the name of the second guy. “It was August. We were upstairs. The lights had been on. And it as so hot. We were doing a d.p. They were both working through it like champs. I’m so glad I’m not a guy in this business.” If a guy is nervous, he never lets on, she said. Keisha remembered the first time she was with Joel Lawrence.

“I was talking on the phone with my girlfriend. I’m like I’m on my way to the set. She’s goes who are you working with today? I don’t know. You mean you’re going to show up and have sex with someone you never met before? I’m, like, yeah. And then I drove up. He comes up to me and goes, hi, I’m fucking you today. I’m, like, he’s cute.” It wasn’t until afterwards that Lawrence told her he was a huge fan of hers. Keisha said the scene was very good.

Keisha said she does hook up with her fans, that it’s her fantasy. Wankus presented a scenario of her going up and perhaps meeting someone who had a little bit on the ball. “I don’t get out much,” she laughed. “I have this game that I play,” she said. “It’s called seduce the masseuse. The rules are- and this is what makes it fun for me- the first rule is they can’t know who I am. I’ll be out of town and getting a massage. I’m some business woman. And they have to pick up on totally non-verbal communication. I don’t make any advances. I let them make the advances. I moan. They’re rubbing me and I’m ooooooooooooooooh. It’s so exciting because I never know if they’re going to go for it or not.” Wankus was curious what her massage success rate was.

“I’m pretty successful,” she laughed. “Then I have my regular masseuse and he’s gay. If I need the best massage in the world I go to him.” Keisha was then asked if she ever seduced a masseur from a company that’s high propriety and on its best behavior. “They’re like scared of lawsuits and all kinds of shit,” said Wankus. Keisha said, yeah, it definitely happens. Wankus wanted to know if some guy will just fuck the shit out of her under those circumstances and forego the usual. Keisha explained it was part of the rule. “They have to completely service me. I don’t suck their cock and I don’t fuck them- I just like them to massage with their hand and stuff. I broke my toe in London and I had a masseuse that was really adorable.” Wankus assumed that she tore him up. Keisha said she’d also love if a guy went down on her during a session. “That’s part of the game,” she said.

Keisha ran into a guy at Erotica L.A.who asked if she remembered him giving her a massage. “he’s like call me any time. Usually I only do a person once.” Keisha will pay a guy for a massage. “It’s like with a lot of men they say the reason they hire escorts is they’re paying them to leave. Bye!.” Keisha claims she discovered Jack Lawrence, that she was doing a fantasy where she hired an escort. “I told him I’m a business woman that I was in town- my fantasy was to have someone come in and to have the lights out, totally. That’s like a big fantasy of mine to have sex with the lights out because I’ve been in the porn business half my life. It’s very sexy because sex for me is all about how it feels.” Keisha’s biggest fantasy is to be blindfolded and having ten people touch her everywhere. “Then it can lead to whatever.”

During Erotica L.A. she also ran a win a date with Keisha contest. “I haven’t picked a winner yet- because I’ve been too busy.” Wankus took that to mean that he could still put his name in the hopper. Keisha said she’s going to shoot footage of her picking the names and that the top ten guys will get a DVD, a masturbation video. Wankus again asked would a fan have a shot going to the next level. Keisha said that’s the turn-on, not knowing if something’s going to happen. Asked if she has protection against possible psychos, Keisha said she always has condoms. Wankus roared, saying that’s not what he meant.

“I don’t attract psycho fans,” Keisha replied. “I’m too nice.” Keisha also said that she likes to be seduced. “I’ve always been very outgoing. I like a guy. Boom! I’m all over him.” Complimenting her on her looks, Keisha said she did an hour of cardio and an hour of ballet that morning. She displayed her flexibility. “I have been since I was a child- I was a gymnast and a dancer.” Wankus recalled seeing a picture of Keisha fisting herself, that it was hanging in the KSEX hallway but that someone taped over the insertion believing it could get them in trouble. “It was so stupid.”

Keisha had a picture of herself in ballet toe shoes, garter belt and stockings. Her sister would cut out panties from post-its and stick them on the picture. “Because it was in my house and she was staying there.”

Keisha says she’s always enjoyed working in the business because she loves sex despite they length they might run. She recalled doing a three-hour scene with Nacho Vidal. Wankus said hopefully before his latest ventures noting that Vidal was now doing gay porn. “He’s a really nice guy but came on my show and admitted that he learned how to eat pussy from his sisters.” For her part, Keisha said she has loads of stamina and is in good cardio shape. Asked if she was a quick cummer under he right circumstances, Keisha said it depends. Wankus wanted to know if she was a high maintenance fuck, and Keisha said she’s good at telling people what she likes.

On the subject of younger man, Keisha said it’s her fantasy if she could market herself, somehow, to wealthy families. “I’ll break in your boy at 18. Let me teach him. I like men of all ages but the young ones are so wide-eyed and wow. The young ones are just so awesome.” In Marx Bros. fashion, Wankus suggested because of her experience and their lack of experience, that it would be a short experience.

“The good thing is they recycle quickly,” Keisha replied, noting that she loves breaking in virgins and newcomers. When she was younger she liked the man to be more experienced. “But I’m 38 now- I want to share the wealth.” Keisha said there was something unique about men of different age groups. “I love making peoples’ day. When I’m with somebody, when I’m playing with somebody if their wife’s not doing the right thing at home, it’s so great to make somebody feel so alive. It gives me a lot of pleasure to give pleasure.”

Keisha explained that she started doing phone sex at age 18. “That was really cool.” According to Keisha, the gimmick with the company she worked for is that they would prove they have attractive women. “We’ll send you a custom Polaroid of the girl you talked to.” Wankus said, yeah, that really proves things. Keisha said they would regularly pix. “We had a lot of regulars. They got to know us.”

Having an obsession for ads, Keisha answered one for attractive girls to do fantasy phone calls. “I went down there to find out if I was attractive. I was young and insecure.” Keisha said when she went to those XRCO awards in 1986 she didn’t look like Ginger Lynn or Amber Lynn. “I didn’t have the best view of myself.” When she answered the ad, Keisha said the company was very straight forward with her. “They told us how they train and everything.” Wankus thought it was funny that you’d train for phone sex. “They said describe everything in detail,” Keisha replied. “The reality is that the nervous system doesn’t know the difference between a real experience and a vividly imagined experience. That’s how the brain works.” Keisha demonstrated with some phone sex dialogue. Keisha said the girl who taught her the ropes was named Sushi, an Asian girl. “I learned a lot about men during that time,” she said. “I didn’t know that men make noise when they came. And here were some that were completely silent. I learned a lot about what men like. They would describe things they like so I could describe it back to them.”

Wankus wondered if the company head was hitting on her. Keisha said, not at all, that he was upstanding and great. “I love him to this day. It was a company called Personal Services. He went to mail order and now he’s retired. He’s done very well and vacations all over the world.” Another good aspect of it, she says, was the fact she could work from home. “And we could work when we wanted to.” Asked how she made the transition to porn, Keisha said the owner of the phone company took her and a bunch of the other girls to the XRCO awards. “I went there and had this sexy little dress on. I was amazed at all of these porn stars. Bionca was there, Ginger Lynn, Amber Lynn…” Keisha said people would come up to her and ask if she was in the movies, that she should be. “I kept hearing that. I liked the energy and that everyone was so sexually open.” Keisha said she was always a horny girl and had the reputation of being a slut before she even had sex. “I lost my virginity at 14.” Wankus wondered whether she lost it to the quarterback or the football team. Keisha said she wouldn’t have mined if it was the team.

Keisha said she started with one brother on the bottom bunk then went to the other brother. “I love guys and sexuality and male energy.” In those experiences, Keisha said she got to learn a lot about the penis and its nerve endings. “This is it? This is what everyone is so in an uproar about? I was very disappointed.” But at the age of 15 she had a boyfriend. “he did me really good. I enjoyed. But I had an embarrassing moment. I didn’t know you were supposed to make noise when you have sex. I wouldn’t say anything. Then he said to me, one time, don’t you enjoy it? I said, yeah. How come you don’t make any noise. I said I didn’t know you were supposed to.” Keisha then realized the more sound you make the better it feels. “It moves the energy.”

At her first XRCO show, Keisha met a producer-couple- Sondra Winter and Edwin Durrell. “They did Every Woman Has a Fantasy,” Keisha said. “And they were associated with the Dark Bros. and stuff. They were an adorable couple. I was very attracted to her and him as well.” Keisha hadn’t much experience with women but felt a thing for Winter. “She was friends with the owner of the fantasy phone call company. She asks if I’m in movies. No. Then she found out I’m in phone sex. She’s, you’re totally my husband’s type. I want you to do phone sex. I want him to meet you so he knows who he’s talking to.” Wankus said that’s a good bullshit line that works. Later, Keisha went to a party at Carlos & Charlies. “We’re all at the big table. The person [Winter] that was sitting next to me got up and went to the bathroom. And the husband came and sat next to me: how would you like to come home with us? I said what would your wife think. He said it was her idea. I went home with them and played with them a lot. I never made a movie with them because they phased out. They used to shoot on film, but the budgets went down with the onset of video. They got out of the business but they were so cool.”

From there Keisha went to another party for The Dark Bros. “Christy Canyon was there,” she remembers. “She was dancing, and I’m like this is cool. And Suze Randall was there. And she knew the owner of the fantasy phone company. She said I’d like to test shoot her. He sent me to Suze. And Suze is like so what do you want to do. By this time I decided I wanted to do magazines and movies. My gut was so strong for it.” For the first two weeks, Keisha did still shoots. And when she started shooting porn, she was paid per day, not per scene. “I remember I got a 3-day shoot and I was making $500 a day. And that was so much money to me. I was making $900 a month as a legal secretary before that.” When Keisha got in she remembered Taija Rae making $1,000 a day. “I think $1,000 a day was the top girls.”

Keisha explained how Randall then called up Jim South. “She says I’ve go a girl here who’s got knockers that’ll knock your socks off. I went down to Jim South’s office and he booked me on still shoots for the first two weeks. Then I did a movie. The first movie was Reckless Passions. That was Blondie Bee’s first movie with Tony Montana. From there I just kept getting lots of work.” Keisha said she never worked with John Holmes and that when she started there wasn’t any testing at all. “It wasn’t until about ’95 that they started.”Asked if she ever got freaked out about the HIV occurrences in the business, Keisha said she had intuition that it wasn’t going to happen to her. “But the guys always pulled out and we used to use this thing called the today sponge. And  nonoxynol 9 kills the AIDs virus on contact. And I didn’t do anal back then.”

Keisha said her family’s always been very supportive and that her mother’s her best friend. “I talk to her all the time and I can tell her everything. She was very cool when I first started doing magazines. My aunt and uncle saw me on the cover of Hustler. They go to my mom- they didn’t think she knew. They’re like we say your DAUGHTER on the cover of Hustler. My mom’s like YES!!!. Isn’t it wonderful? My mom always backed me up.”


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