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Kelle Marie, Andrew Blake on KSEX-update

Porn Valley- Kelle Marie and Hall of Fame director Andrew Blake were guests on Jason Sechrest’s KSEX Show, The Young and The Curious Friday night.

Co-host Sam Phillips said that Marie besides being a Penthouse Pet of the Year runner-up for 2003, also stars in some of the B-movies that Phillips produces.

“She’s in Busty Cops 2 starring Nikki Nova,” added Phillips, noting that Hannah Harper, Amy Sweet, Jolena Jensen, Ashley Blue and Monique Alexander are in it as well. There’s another movie titled Alabama Jones that Marie is also in along with Aria Giovanni. According to Phillips no one wanted to put their names on the Busty Cops movies except Phillips. And Phillips said her cat also gets a music credit under the name Olive Katzen.

On the subject of Blake, Sechrest, said he used to suck off straight guys to Blakes’ movies.

“Because some of the first porn I ever owned were some of the works he did for Caballero,” said Sechrest.

“He is the premier, finest, most artistic, erotic director,” said Phillips, buttering Blake’s beard. “He started the genre. He is the genre.”

“Andrew Blake was right there with me sucking off the straight guys,” added Sechrest in a comment probably not to be taken literally. But Phillips figured Blake would probably be honored to know he had that distinction.

“His movies are so hot that a guy has to get off to them,” said Sechrest. “Even if it’s another guy sucking him off.”

Phillips said Kelle Marie is one of the four women in the industry that she would wholeheartedly endorse for her professionalism. Phillips also mentioned Aria Giovanni, Nikki Nova and Sunny Leone.

“Any one of these four women will show up on time, will be professional, will have no problems on the set, no drama- they’re actually peace keepers and they do what they say they will do,” Phillips added. “You can 100% bet on them whenever you hire them.” Sechrest said you’d think the pope were coming on KSEX with that introduction.

Marie said Phillips made her all gushy and it was like listening to Mary Poppins which is probably her favorite movie of all time.

Kelle Marie is from Wales, noting that Wales and England are separate countries with their own language. Sechrest asked how you would say suck my dick in Welsh. Marie didn’t know. She also mentioned the fact that she has a home there currently occupied by her sister. According to Marie, her whole family knows she does porn.

“Before I did porn I did tabloids- like Page 3 stuff,” she said. “So I was sprawled over every newspaper there were.” Kelle Marie mentioned that she does hardcore with girls on screen and with boys in her personal life.

“And I have my own private collection of tapes if you know what I mean,” she laughed. She said she was bisexual depending on the mood. Asked the favorite movie she’s ever done, Marie, with some prodding from Phillips said it would have to be an Andrew Blake movie. Marie mentioned that she’s had sex with Aria Giovanni on many occasions.

“Have you ever eaten her pussy?” Sechrest wondered.

“Of course,” said Marie.

“What does it taste like?” he asked.

“Like a pussy,” said Marie.

“That means it tastes bad,” he argued.

“You haven’t eaten enough pussies- how can you comment,” said Marie. Sechrest said he’s eaten four pussies. Marie was then talking about how men generally ignore the clit and Phillips asked her about the guys who attack her like oil drilling machinery.

“A kind of refinery-thing,” Phillips amplified. “What do you do with those guys who are a little too aggressive?”

Marie said she likes aggression. Getting back to her scenes with Giovanni, Marie said they’ve never done one another with strap-ons, however.

“Fingers and tongues,” said Marie, noting that she’s also put her whole fist inside Giovanni. Sechrest said he’s used his fist on a guy and Marie said her shits are pretty big so stretching the ass is no big deal.

Marie, who’s site is, was talking about how she’s annoyed in this country because every time she goes to buy cigarettes or alcohol, she gets carded. Marie, 25, said she’s been smoking and drinking since the age of 14. Phillips said she doesn’t get carded.

“That’s what happens when you turn 40,” she said. For her part, Marie said the lines are setting in but that her pussy still looks like a 16 year-olds.

Marie then showed off her bush and ass. Sechrest said he’s fucked man ass that looks like that. Marie remembered a time she was dancing and was told she had the ass of a 12 year-old boy. Phillips brought up the time she and Marie went to Hawaii.

“We had a hot shower together,” Marie recalled. But Phillips couldn’t seem to remember the fact that they had sex.

“Unless you’re one of the hundreds of forgotten about,” said Phillips. “And I would never say that to you. I would claim you anyway because you’re so hot.”

Sechrest then commented on the fact that Marie has a lot of muscle tone.

“Sometimes I get paranoid that I’m too skinny,” Marie answered. “Because I eat like a pig. I would like to have bigger tits and bigger hips.” She claims she’s never done drugs.

Sechrest then commented upon Phillips’ sleeping habits. And because of those, Phillips said Nikki Nova will never sleep with her ever again.

“Apparently I punch her and I bite and I kick,” said Phillips.

Phillips noted that Sechrest’s mother was coming into town in a couple of weeks, and Sechrest said last time his mother was on the show she ripped Kaylynn and made fun of her the entire time.

“My mom’s such a bitch,” laughed Sechrest. “Kaylynn came in and was off her ass. My mom said you need to calm the fuck down. I don’t know what’s wrong with you. Seriously, my mom is very honest.”

Kelle Marie noted that she had a recent dance gig in St. Louis and was terrified, she said.

“I haven’t danced anywhere- period,” she explained. Phillips said that it was a one year anniversary for a Penthouse dance club.

“They flew Kelle Marie in and she did three nights of shows,” added Phillips. Marie said her body was black and blue after that experience. Marie was also at Erotica LA and thought it was quite good. She’s done a lot of traveling, besides, and has been almost everywhere, according to her. She mentioned that besides Wales, she has homes in LA and Spain. She said Spain was her favorite country in the whole world next to New Zealand.

Marie was quick to point out, however, that she loves America and has met some of the coolest people in the states.

“I have some of the best friends here I could ever wish for and never be without; but I’ve also met some of the rudest, dumbest people in this country,” she said. “In general, Americans are fucking rude.” Phillips agreed by saying Americans think they’re better than everyone else. Sechrest threw in a vote for their being very competitive.

“We do things they wouldn’t consider doing in other countries,” he said. “The crime rate here is insane.” Phillips said as aggressive as Americans are, they’re repressed sexually as opposed to Europeans. Marie said she’s read that most murderers and serial killer come from America. Marie said she grew up in environments where women would wear tiny G-strings and everyone is letting it all hang out in the literal sense.

“So what- it’s a body.”



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