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Kendra Jade Joins Heidi Fleiss in the Dog Grooming Business; Met on Rehab Reality Show

from – First she tried to help Pahrump with its Dirty Laundry. Now Heidi Fleiss is taking aim at dirty dogs in Las Vegas.

The former Hollywood madam is the proud new owner of an existing dog grooming business in a Kmart shopping center at Sunset and Sandhill roads.

The small storefront offers everything from doggy dye jobs and nail polish to self-service stations where you can wash your own pooch.

Fleiss’ partner in the venture is Kendra [Jade] Rossi, a porn star and recovering sex addict who said she plans to commute to Las Vegas from her home in Los Angeles.

They are calling it Dirty Dog, though the sign above the door still bears the business’ old name, Little Buddy Bath.

The place is open for business, but it’s a bit of a mess right now as Fleiss and company remodel with calming colors and distressed antique furniture meant to give it that “shabby-chic look.”

When they’re done, Fleiss said, their doggy salon is going to look like something you would find in a ritzy L.A. shopping area.

“But it’s going to feel in your pocket like you just went to Kmart,” Rossi said.

Fleiss said she decided to get into the grooming business after she attended PetSmart Inc.’s annual meeting in June and heard how much money people spend on their pets each year: $6 billion.

“I wish I’d known about this before. I never would have gone into the sex business or any other business,” she said.

Fleiss went to the PetSmart meeting in New York City to speak on behalf of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, which has called on the retailer to phase out the sale of live birds.

Fleiss developed a passion for parrots after she moved to Pahrump in 2005 and inherited a menagerie of exotic birds from her elderly neighbor. She now shares her home with 26 parrots, none of which is kept in a cage.

Like a proud parent, she shows off camera phone videos of her prized scarlet macaw, Gina.

Dirty Dog is the second Dirty entry in what could become a Dirty empire for Fleiss. In 2007, she opened a coin-op laundromat in Pahrump called Dirty Laundry.

Fleiss originally moved to the town 60 miles west of Las Vegas to open a brothel for women called the Stud Farm, but she later abandoned that idea.

Brittany Estopinan is Dirty Dog’s head groomer. The 20-year-old said she was looking for work, so she opened up the phone book and started calling grooming businesses one by one.

She didn’t find out who her new employer was until after her job interview with Rossi.

“I didn’t really expect it, but I was going to work here anyway,” Estopinan said. “They’re nice to me and they treat me right.”

Fleiss and Rossi struck up a friendship recently when they appeared together on the VH1 rehab reality show “Sober House,” where Fleiss went after soon-to-be-televised treatment for drug addiction.

“We formed our own little clique,” said Rossi, who runs an animal rescue in Los Angeles.

Fleiss said they bonded over their love of animals. “The way I am about birds, she is about dogs,” she said.

They are already talking about expanding the shop and adding boarding services and dog nutrition counseling. And that’s just the beginning.

“We don’t want one Dirty Dog, we want 100 Dirty Dogs,” Fleiss said.

“Why only a hundred?” Rossi added with a smile.

That’s no joke, though. Fleiss said the pet industry looks like a can’t-miss proposition to her.

“Anything with animals does really well. Come on, people buy their dogs $8,000 Gucci sweaters,” she said. “People get over their mother or brother dying. They never get over their pet dying.”

So why should people trust their beloved pets to a madam and a porn star who just met each other in rehab?

Everybody’s got problems, Fleiss said. “At least they know about mine.”

Besides, she said, she is a different woman now thanks to her parrots.

“I changed my whole life for animals,” Fleiss said. “I’m not out trying to save inner-city youth, but I’ll kill someone who’s messing with my birds.”


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