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Keri Windsor Interview in Erotica Mag

(SAN FERNANDO VALLEY, CA) — I love my job. At, not only do I get to see naked babes live nightly but I also get to hang out with them. Recently, I had the fortunate opportunity to sit down with Keri Windsor [] and get deep and personal with her. This babe is not only sucking and fucking on camera, but she has had one hell of an interesting life!

Wankus: Lets start from the beginning…Keri Windsor as a little girl. Talk to me.

Keri: Well, I was born in Superior, Wisconsin and stayed there until I was four. Then my father got a job in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. We lived there for five or six years then moved to Yanbu.

Wankus: Being an American girl there, was that tough? Were people rude to you?

Keri: Keep in mind, being that I lived there since age four, that was pretty much the upbringing I was used to. I wasn’t accustomed to any other kind of living.

Wankus: Did you wear the little veil and shit like that?

Keri: No, it wasn’t required for us who lived on an American compound. In Yanbu, driving was illegal for women, but most other things seemed normal in the compound we lived in. When I say compound, I’m not talking about some military style place. I’m talking about a mini-city. There was no hugging and kissing, hand holding, nothing in public. In fact, the ladies, once they’re married, the public will never see their faces again.

Wankus: In most cases, wouldn’t that probably be a good thing? [laughs] Ok, how old were you when you came back to the States?

Keri: 14

Wankus: Did you explode into the wild, sexual woman you are now out of culture shock or did you take your time adjusting to the new lifestyle?

Keri: I could’ve gone that way, but I didn’t. About the wildest thing I would do is have parties when my parents were out of town. I wasn’t a drinker, I wasn’t doing hardly any drugs and I really got rejected in school because of one incident. I was in the 7th grade and in a required American History class. Remember, I knew nothing of American History being that I grew up over seas and they weren’t classes taught in the schools I attended. The teacher asked, “Everyone knows who George Washington is right?” We all nodded our heads in agreeance. Next thing I knew the teacher asked, “Okay Keri, who is he?” Without thinking I said, “He’s the guy on the penny!” The teachers and kids later then pegged me either as a jokester or just plain stupid. It was ugly but we packed up and left for Arizona a short time later. Arizona is what I consider my home town. I love that place. I attended high school there and played football there. That caused a lot of problems.

Wankus: What position did you play?

Keri: Originally safety but I wasn’t getting playing time so I switched to wide receiver. They needed receivers so I was on the field a lot then.

Wankus: Did they throw the ball your way?

Keri: Never.

Wankus: [laughs]

Keri: I used to cry myself to sleep at night thinking about it. My father used to go to the school and tell the coaches, “you better get her in the game and let her practice like the rest of the team.” The coaches kept trying to say I couldn’t get hit like the guys for fear of injury. Doctors finally told the team that my bones were stronger at that age, then boys at that age.

Wankus: Little did these guys know, they’d want to jump your bones years later.

Keri: It was horrible. People egged my house, wiped boogers on me, and one guy tackled me so hard once to prove a point, he hit my tit so hard and popped a blood vessel in it.

Wankus: How old were you when you got sexual with others? For instance, first time you went down on a guy?

Keri: My 9th grade year, when I was dating a Mormon. What’s funny is the same guy just e-mailed me the other day. I told him I’m not having sex on bunk beds anymore nor using Vaseline as lube. I don’t think me and him really did any oral. It started with me on the school bus taking my bare feet and jacking him off, then eventually we closed the deal and moved on to intercourse, but I don’t remember any blow jobs or anything.

Wankus: Jump ahead, take us now past high school and into your introduction of porn. Who brought you in?

Keri: Lauren Montgomery. I met her at a swing club.

Wankus: Were you an active swinger then?

Keri: Yes, but not really active in the typical sense. We weren’t like “Hi we’re here, lets fuck.” We were more like meeting people, hanging out and getting to know them. Then fooling around once we were all comfortable. I hadn’t fucked another guy, I was all about being with the women. Lauren and I chatted and she claimed she did erotic movies, but I always associated it as late night Cinemax type of films. I never put it together that she did porn. Six months later, after her and I already had sex, she calls me up and says, “Keri I’m doing a movie next week and I want to know if you’d have sex with me on film.”

Wankus: Ut Oh

Keri: [laughs] At that point it hit me about what she really did. I wasn’t nervous about doing it in front of others, it was just on camera that bothered me. When I agreed to do it, the crowd and film didn’t bother me, it was the lights. I forgot that they would have to brighten the room so much, which bothered me especially because I used to always get it on in the dark. Once we began though, I forgot about all fears. The film got nominated for an award and from then on I was in.

Wankus: You have a fascination with feet, the dirtier the better, you love sucking feet. Guys feet, girls feet…was that an all your life thing? Where did this turn on for you come from?

Keri: I used to think of feet as disgusting. Had no interest in sucking feet or having my feet sucked. One time at a swinging party, there was a guy there that would not take no for an answer, grabbed my foot and began sucking on my toes. It was like, the sunshine came up, I was thinking to myself, “Holy Fuckin’ Shit…What the Hell Was I Waiting For?” It was so overwhelmingly good and I didn’t realize how many nerve endings were in my toes until it was done for me. A short time later at a party, a hot naked woman was lying on a bed and said she liked having her feet sucked. I knew in my mind that if I could suck her feet, I could work my way up to her pussy, which is a place I really wanted to go. So I started sucking on her feet and had this girl shaking. The whole party stopped what they were doing to watch me suck these feet. I was making her feel so good.

Wankus: Do you like the challenge of ‘turning someone’? For instance, I’ve seen you break people down who said no in the past, and after you basically gave them no choice, they now love it. Is it a mission to train people?

Keri: I’m so sure most people don’t understand because they’re in denial. When they finally let me do it, they’ll love it. I did a radio show recently with a couple of the LA Kings. I sucked on Julie Ashton’s feet during the interview then looked over and one of the hockey player’s shoes was off and he asked, “Can I try it?” I sucked his foot. He acted like he stopped breathing. He was nearly convulsing from it. I get so excited about it because I know most people will love it.

Wankus: What LA King was it? Tell us.

Keri: Kip Brennan and I also did it to Brad Norton, his teammate. Brad didn’t want me to but I foot raped him and he loved it.

Wankus: Name something you’ve done or something about you that no one else would know and would be shocked by.

Keri: One time, off camera, I fucked a girl with a strap on while a guy was fucking me from behind. It’s not that crazy but probably the most erotic…oh wait, and she was sucking another guy’s dick. It was hot.

Wankus: Your family is very supportive of what you do, your mom is at all your events, and your brother works at a swing club …

Keri: I got him that job

Wankus: Everyone’s sexual in the Windsor family

Keri: My mom’s not overly sexual but very supportive of anything I do. All her kids. She is behind us the whole way. She likes to see that people really enjoy my work.

Wankus: Best male porn star you fucked and best female porn stars you fucked….go!

Keri: Can I give the worst? I enjoy working with most people and would rather tell you the ones I didn’t like.

Wankus: Sure, go ahead.

Keri: Worst male, Jason McCain, absolute worst fuck of my life. He was a lousy lay.

Wankus: Was he drugged out?

Keri: I was told after the scene that he may have been coked out but I was the last female he did before he started doing gay scenes.

Wankus: So it must have sucked for him too then.

Keri: Must have. [laughs]

Wankus: Worst female?

Keri: Worst chick….probably Veronika Cane. I’d like to give her another shot though because it was when she first started and I’m sure she even knows it was bad back then. My memory of it was like being with a dead fish.

Wankus: You ever fuck any of your fans?

Keri: No

Wankus: If an average guy is at the local bar and there’s Keri hanging out, he’s a good-looking guy, has some good game, does he have a chance with you?

Keri: Yeah, of course. It’s not about money for me when it comes to fucking. That’s why I can’t be a hooker. I know a lot of girls in the business do the escort thing but I fuck people because I like sex and I truly want to fuck them. Taking money for it would ruin the fun for me. It’s not about money for me. People that I don’t find attractive don’t have a shot with me, no matter what amount of money is on the table!

Keri Windsor has a fantastic website at and can be heard Tuesday nights at 9:00pm (PST) on with her show “Tales of Tail.”


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