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Kevin Blatt Explains Sexbrat’s Legal Position on Hilton Tape

Kevin Blatt’s the guy who got on the Howard Stern show Thursday morning and got in a record 17 plugs for Blatt, who’s serving as the p.r. guy for sexbrat, said he was offered a bounty of a thousand bucks per mention. The fact that Stern let him get away with it is amazing enough, but will Blatt trying to collect his 17G’s be the next story on Who knows. But Blatt, making the rounds of the media yesterday in the wake of the Paris Hilton sex tape ‘scandal’ was a guest on the Dee and The Fatmen Show Thursday night.

One of the hosts, Harry Weiss offered some background on Blatt describing him as an Internet-guy. “Very well known on the adult Internet side. is probably his real name.” Blatt said his background runs the gamut, that he got into the business 5 1/2 years ago. Blatt said he fell into it and his first job was selling hosting for Blue Gravity then moved on to YNOT. “I sold that company to a major web company.” Weiss joked about Ballt whose brother is D Money, not keeping a job. “It’s not that I can’t keep a job; it’s that some jobs can’t keep me,” said Blatt. “You got to have the money to pay KB.”

Blatt explained that he had been retained by which had entered into an agreement with Rick Salomon’s roommate Donald Thrasher, Salomon purportedly being the guy on tape with Paris Hilton. Blatt said the company has taken it upon themselves not to release the tape. “We came to an agreement that we’ll never show the tape. And, hence, we’ve destroyed every single copy. We don’t endorse it and basically we’re riding this publicity gravy train at this point.” Blatt said he could talk about everything except what’s contained in the actual agreement. “Which will be posted Monday on our website.”

Blatt, who confessed that he didn’t know who Paris Hilton was until a couple of weeks ago, said the Hilton’s did not buy back the tape. “We came to a mutual agreement that basically said our company will destroy all copies of the tape and will not exhibit it on our website. We’re doing this because we feel we’re the victims here. Paris Hilton is clearly victim. We feel terrible that her name was tarnished in such a way. But you have to understand that we’re business people. If someone comes to us with a tape, it’s opportunity.”

Weiss noted that with Hilton’s Fox reality TV show coming up she couldn’t pay for this kind of publicity. Dee doubted whether Hilton’s reputation had been tarnished at all, Weiss adding that she’s “a rich ho-bag who takes drugs and fucks everybody.” Dee said she herself has made personal videos and that’s the gamble you take.

Assuming that the tapes have been destroyed Porn Steve Seidman asked about all the clips that are circulating around the country. “That’s also something Sexbrat is looking into at this particular time,” Bratt answered. “We have no knowledge of any the other existing tapes. What we pretty much have come to the conclusion of, is that not only were these two guys working in cahoots with each other, there was no age verification [though it’s been established Hilton was 19]. There was no model releases. There was no consent by both people involved. There’s just a custodian which would be Rick Salomon.” Blatt explained that Sexbrat is a very legally conscious company, that the minute it got any feelings of ill will, it decided to yank the project. Blatt also noted Stern’s observation that Hilton had a flat ass. “I think she’s hot; personally she’s exactly what I go for,” said Blatt, observing that Hilton needed to apply more spit in her blowjob.

After the show I asked Blatt a couple of additional questions.

Gene: How long ago was it when this guy Thrasher came to Sexbrat.

Blatt: This was several months ago. And from what we’re understanding it appears he was shopping this tape to other people before and after.

Gene: Stern had made the comment that there was like ten different videos out there.

Blatt: To the best of our knowledge, we have no prior knowledge to any other tapes. The only tape we know that has been circulated into existence is the same tape that we were in possession of that we have since destroyed. That’s the tape you’ve been seeing two and a half minute excerpts out of.

Gene: How long does the original tape run.

Blatt: What happened was after Donald Thrasher had brought it to, they elected to hire a production company, put together a documentary that is 40 minutes in length. It interviews several of her socialite party girlfriends and people that kind of know Paris. And it climaxes- no pun intended- with the actual sex act. The actual sex act is probably 10 to 15 minutes long.

Gene: There’s been speculation that she was doped up; other stories that she was acting totally in control.

Blatt: There were several things that came out initially. One threat was that she was underage which is not true. She was 19 at the time. If she was drugged up or on any kind of alcohol, I don’t know about it. It didn’t appear that way. It’s up to each viewer to use their own discretion as far as what they think. As far as her being coerced, she’s obviously mugging for the camera and loves the camera. She’s gone in a myriad of positions to highlight her physique.

Gene: The scenario suggest that Thrasher might have stolen the tape?

Blatt: From what I’m understanding now a police report was just filed on behalf of Rick Salomon stating that Donald Thrasher stole the tape from him, made copies, sold them and he had nothing to do with it. That’s up for our legal representation to decipher. Lawsuits are being planned as we speak.

Gene: So how did Sexbrat contact you.

Blatt: It’s the funniest thing. I’m sitting in my house really contemplating life. I’m contemplating what my purpose in this business really is. Just as I was about to give it all up to go to real estate school, I get a phone call from the guy at Sexbrat that I’ve known for five or six years. He said, look, we’ve got something that only you could promote. Only you can do this. He told me. I was scared shitless. I didn’t know whether I wanted to get involved with the Hilton family. But after looking at the actual agreement and what really transpired, I’m just the messenger. They hired an outside public relations company, i.e., KB Consults. Hopefully I’m doing a good enough job getting the name of Sexbrat out there.

Gene: On the Stern thing who called who.

Blatt: Gary called me at 3 am. He was one of the first people to e-mail Sexbrat, inquiring about the tape. Gary called me and asked me only a couple of things ahead of time. He said it reeked of Seth Warchovsky.

Gene: That’s what I had figured.

Blatt: What’s funny about that is Seth’s been quoted on record as saying that the owner of Sexbrat is one of his mentors. These guys all started off in the audio text business years ago and were making money before anybody was making money. It’s funny because life has a weird way of working itself out. I really thrive in this kind of position. I love getting plugs on mainstream radio. I love getting on camera and being able to promote a good product. Sexbrat’s going to be a premier destination for truly uncensored celebrities and any kind of salacious, controversial material. Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s on there right now. We’ve got pictures of Amber Frey from the Scott Peterson case. It’s kind of risque, Smoking Gun so to speak.

Gene: How long has it been around.

Blatt: Sexbrat is brand new.

Gene: Within weeks isn’t it.

Blatt: Within weeks.

Gene: Is it fair to say they created that with the Paris Hilton tape in mind. They had it in possession.

Blatt: Absolutely. They wanted to do rich brats then they were thinking of sex brats. Then it was let’s combine the two throw it all together and see what happens. I think Sexbrat has a long shelf life ahead of itself. From the media I’m getting now that’s global, it’s mind-blowing to me that people care this much about Paris Hilton. Three weeks ago I didn’t know who Paris Hilton was. I can only see this helping Paris in the long run.



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