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Kevin Blatt Goes After The Colonel

Kevin Blatt posts on GFY: OK Part 1 of my story goes like this…

As many of you may or may not know one of my very first positions in the online business was working as Director of Marketing for YNOT.

At that time, I was encouraged to make tradeshows a success and help sell ads- Rick who was the orginal owner was very much a gentleman and also told me he’d like to eventually sell the company-

I told him I can do that for him after building some equity back up in the company.

We spent a ton of money at the AVN show in FLA in 99-2000 and part of the promotion was bringing a little known man into the booth named Dave Cummings- an old retired Col for the Army- he along with Shayla LaVeaux, and Serenity were a big hit- and I enjoyed introducing him to not only the entire web community but to YNOT as well-

After the show- I arduously went about the task of tryin gto broker Rick’s company- I found a buyer in FCI/ Sextracker after meeting with other companies such as AVN ( who passed and didn’t realize what webmasters were at that time)

A deal was struck= and YNOT was sold for just under 5 Mil- It was around a month or two before the sale that I brought in my best friends down here to work for YNOT in SD Otto Geelan and Bob Rice ( YNOT BOB)

About a week or two after the company was purchased I was let go by Otto and Andy Edmond- hence making a bitter rivalry of myself and YNOT for a few yrs- I felt dejected, and depressed- I also felt betrayed- However it ws like I said many years ago.. I signed agreement with FCI not to disclose our outcome of that and it’s allwater under the bridge now.

After my shakeup with YNOT I had a bout of depression and really didn’t know anymore who my friends were- it was at that time I was approached by dave cummings to meet his webmaster, JMM or Jeff Miller and that he really loved the way I handled Andy and YNOT on the boards and made minced meat of of them.

He and I met with Dave and a deal was struck to be made a partner of his new venture and I would be made President and get shares of stock in the company- This never happened- Again I had some public blowouts with JMM and called bullshit. I felt I was taken advantage of again-

I then got on with my life and was retained by owned by Vivid and Goalie along with XPAYS at the time- I was still going to to toe with Jeff Millier everyday on the boards and it was starting to get to him.

One day while I am in the office at Goalie- I am pulled aside by Eddie W the owner and Steven Hirsch owner of Vivid ands asked ” who is Jeff Miller and why are you fucking with him”? I then tell him the story of what went down and I am then told …I need to let it go because he had received a phone call from some serious guys back east and they say to lay off of him – now anyone that knows Eddie knows he is old school and has a lot of connections- He told me the people that called him made the hair on the back of his neck stand up.The XPAYS boys were witnesses to this conversation.

Long story short- I let it go. and JMM and I made amends the next trade show. I agreed to let it die if he would let it die- even though I was furious I was being “squeezed” and my job in jeopardy-

We both go on our seperate ways and JMM is Dave’s webmaster and runs daves program-

Did we live happily ever after?


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