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Kevin Moore Goes to Obedience School

Porn Valley- Director Kevin Moore of Jekyll & Hyde Productions was a guest on the Porn Honies Top 20, Wednesday on KSEX. Moore just released a movie titled Obedience School through Pulse Pictures and finally got around to talking about it after he and Adam Grayson indulged a John Leslie group ball suck.

Moore apologized for his hoarse voice and Maria Menendez asked how that happened.

“Making out with a toilet,” said Moore. Grayson, who was filling in for Kimberly Kane and is Moore’s sidekick in Jekyll & Hyde, asked Moore if it was a matter of his making out with Alec Metro.

“On advice of my lawyers I plead the fifth,” said Moore. The topic swung to the subject of Leslie. Moore noted that he shoots Leslie’s series Oral Gobble the Goop.

“It’s a trip,” said Moore. “He’s one of my all-time favorite directors. It’s a real thrill working for him.” Moore also works for Joey Silvera.

“They’re the complete opposite ends of the spectrum,” observed Grayson.

“I can’t even begin to tell you,” uttered Moore. “Joey’s sort of a free-for-all, gambler, go with what ever. And John is… a renaissance man; he’s a painter, a great chef, a musician.”

“I hear he taught Miles Davis how to play the trumpet,” Grayson said whimsically. Moore also believes that Leslie had a hand in helping Moses as well.

“John is the alpha-est male ever,” Grayson observed.

“If you’re in a room with John Leslie, I don’t care how many people are in that room, that room is only listening to John Leslie,” said Moore. “We all live in his world.” Grayson recalled being in Vegas.

“A bunch of us were eating one night and a college buddy of mine sat down and kind of starts talking,” Grayson continued. “I just kind of give him a look- don’t try to compete. It’s over. You lose. Save your energy. It’s John’s table and we’re John’s audience.”

“He’s one of a kind- he really is,” Moore agreed. “It’s said in a way that the business doesn’t have people like that- I don’t think- anymore, like Joey and John because they’re true characters. And the reason they’re such good friends, I think, the both of them just love what they do. After 30 years of doing it. They were both performers. They’re both now directors.”

Grayson said it’s chic for guys shooting porn for only a year wanting to do 2 million dollar movies.

“Because I’m too good to do gonzo.”

Grayson was of the opinion that Leslie and Silvera have more passion, energy and excitement talking about a simple scene with some new girl than a guy who’s been shooting for six months.

“They genuinely love every minute of what they do.”

The conversation got on to another Leslie movie, Crackerjack and Naomi’s name came up.

“Naomi’s a pretty big deal tight now,” said Moore. “John shot this B-movie all about Naomi. She’s special. There’s not many girls like her in this business. She’s got a real unique look. Her butt is like whoa. There’s no way to describe how unbelievable her body is. She has almost like this young Brooke Shields look to her a little bit.” Moore brought up another point that a lot of fans would find hard to believe.

“Some girls actually in this business don’t like sex.”

Grayson also agreed with that assessment.

“But Naomi is so great because she oozes sexuality,” Moore continued. “She exudes this thing- even being around her in regular clothes you’re instantly so attracted to her.” Menendez thanked Moore for all the gratuitous Leslie observations then reminded him that he was the object of the interview. Menendez was of the opinion that Moore’s movie was amazing.

“Lots of dominance and submission,” she said. “Lots of beautiful girls. Jenna Haze getting dirty.” Menendez claims she was running late for her show because she was busy rubbing one out to the movie. She also made special mention of the scene featuring Jake Malone, “creepy and very submissive getting dominated by Mika Tan.” Moore offered further explanation of the scene.

“He’s hanging out smoking, looking at this photo, fantasizing about the girl in the photo- then he looks off in the parking lot and she appears,” said Moore. “She materializes out of thin air and starts walking towards him. Mika is unbelievable, Mika’s a super star. She’s got such a pretty face.” According to Moore, the great thing about the scene is that Tan and Malone were really into each other.

“Something works when you don’t have to overly direct it,” said Moore. “You sort of coax things out of people and you’re there with your camera and you’re finding those shots to hold and finding some places to float it to. The two of them were just unbelievable. Jake is so into, like, being dominated by a woman.”

Grayson noted that Tan really pulls off the dom-thing. Meanwhile, Menendez also liked how Tan reached down with her glove and jerked Malone off. Moore wasn’t sure how that would turn out.

“But he had a huge, fucking load- it was unbelievable,” said Moore. “I gambled and I won on that one.” Menendez is of the belief that handjobs are highly underrated in the industry.

“I love a good handjob- it’s so erotic.”

“I agree with you,” said Moore. “I guess a handjob reminds me of being a teenager.”

Grayson would bet that for the right place you could probably get a stripper in a club to rub one out for you. Menendez then read the remainder of the movie’s cast list and Moore was inclined to embellish on the charms of Karina Kay.

“She has that whole package- she has these incredible tits, an outstanding ass, a pretty face and she likes sex. She’s kind of dirty and nasty a little bit.” Grayson likened her qualities to girls that have been out of the business for ten years.

“But you still talk about them,” he said. “And it wasn’t always about putting bats in their ass.”

For her part, Menendez felt the whole obedience concept was a turn on, and Moore went on to compliment Pulse Productions for putting the movie out.

“They’re owned by former executives of LFP [Mark Hamilton & Jim Kohls],” he noted. “They’re a distribution company, mostly. They handle one of the biggest gay studios in the business, Falcon. And they distribute a small amount of gonzo.” Menendez remarked that Obedience School is a two-disc set and runs over 3 hours, and Grayson mentioned the fact that there was a scene left on the cutting room floor.

“Maybe when the Christian Coalition gets caught in the reformation maybe we can finally release it,” said Moore.”It’s like a stalking scene, kind of,” Moore added. “I like psychology with sex. It’s not misogynistic per se but it’s creepy.” But the psychology was handled exceptionally well, according to Grayson.

“You shot it with Bianca Pureheart who was really into the concept.” Grayson was saying he doesn’t have a beef with Pureheart but she’s not his personal cup of tea. Moore described the scene as a pseudo-rape fantasy for want of a better way of putting it.

“But it’s obsessing over a girl to the point where it drives you crazy to do something that nuts. It’s not about degrading the girl. I’m not in there calling her every name in the book and shoving baseballs up her ass. It’s all about watching her and following her.”

Moore explained that there’s only two positions utilized, missionary and doggie, the rationale being that if you’re assaulting a girl and forcing her to have sex, she isn’t necessarily climbing on your lap for a reverse cowgirl.

“But there’s a lot of set up and building of it.”


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