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Kevin Rubio: Adult DVD Empire Did Not Remove My Movie; Skeeter’s Throwing Up Smokescreens

Porn Valley- In what’s become a story of epic Excedrin proportions, Kevin Rubio tells me Skeeter Kerkove’s latest claims about Rubio’s movie Welcome to the Bunghole #3 being yanked from Adult DVD Empire are total lies.

“It’s on there,” Rubio insists. “Just do an advance search for Ducati.”

According to Rubio the movie is selling for $24.95 which one assumes is a price for a new release.

“It’s not a new release,” Rubio says again. “What they set the price for is not under my control. They can sell it for whatever they want. I set one price, and if people want it they can buy it. I don’t call it comps. I don’t name it anything. It’s just there for sale for the price it is. I don’t have time to mess around. If someone wants to buy it, this is what I sell it for.”

“These are outright lies,” continues Rubio, claiming he paid Hillary Scott for Welcome to the Bunghole #2 [which he did]- a point which Skeeter always brings up. Rubio did settle with Scott, ultimately, but the matter was only squared away the day it was reported on this website months after Welcome to the Bunghole #2 was released.

At that time Rubio produced an envelope sent to Scott which was returned by the Post Office to Rubio. Skeeter claims Scott was afraid to pick up her check because she thought Rubio was “a creep,” and Rubio claims Skeeter exerted fear and influence on Scott not to pick her check up.

“This is the only person in the entire history of thousands of checks I’ve written that they’ve never made an effort to get it,” says Rubio.

“She didn’t get paid because of me or Ducati Productions. It was because she made no effort to do it. When I did go the extra mile to send it, it got returned as undeliverable. But Skeeter doesn’t tell all these stories of him calling me a stalker. He made her afraid or uncomfortable.”

I hasten to remind Rubio that the point Skeeter’s making is that you can’t release a movie if the performer isn’t paid.

“You released the movie and she wasn’t paid.”

“That is a fact,” agrees Rubio. “I don’t know if there’s some rule about it. She could have been paid any time. Her friend Leah lived down the street. She could have come to pick it up. How am I supposed to force a check on somebody and when I mail it out it gets sent back to me undeliverable.”

According to Rubio, Kerkove’s going to be facing yet another lawsuit.

“Because of all these claims he’s making that are outright provable lies,” contends Rubio. “This is a legal issue that’s being handled in the court but I haven’t made this a public dispute. Skeeter wants to make it public and throw out his smoke screens and outright lies. That’s a problem.”

“And he keeps talking about the Bridgette scene,” Rubio continues. “That’s not the scene he’s being sued about. It’s the Nicki Hunter scene. He’s totally distracting from the whole thing and it’s pointless to respond to it. The Bridgette scene was a bonus scene. That’s not what he’s being sued for.”

“And the other day he repeated that story about how Craven Moorehead shot the Katsumi scene. Craven never shot her in his life. I shot that scene.”

[I do remember Moorehead at the time making some comment to me about someone being a linebacker.]

“Skeeter seems to know a whole lot about my business and North Star’s business and he never worked here,” says Rubio. “He seems to know all about what we do,”

“What Skeeter does is mix truths and half truths with other things that aren’t even relevant,” Rubio insists, claiming that he didn’t release Welcome to the Bunghole #3 in the first place.

“And that’s a whole other deal I can’t talk about,” says Rubio. “Because it involves a whole other company. When all’s said and done I’ll give you the story of your life.”

I talk to Skeeter right after this conversation and he insists that Welcome to the Bunghole #3 no longer shows up on Adult DVD Empire.

“I went under Ducati Productions and I couldn’t find it,” Skeeter says. “And I went under the title and couldn’t find it.”

Regarding the Nicki Hunter scene Rubio says is part of the suit, Skeeter points out that that scene appeared in the first Welcome to the Bunghole.

“And Metro’s already acknowledged that I did not sell, trade or give them that scene in any form or any way,” says Skeeter.

Skeeter tells me he and his two attorneys are preparing a slander lawsuit against Rubio.

“It was from Day One when he attacked me,” says Skeeter. “He started this whole thing.”


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