Keyboard Warriors Clobber Seka

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Slim Pickens must have taken the weekend off because it sounds like some of his keyboard warriors went on the attack when the NY Daily News posted an excerpt from Seka’s book:

TheManChise posts: Go away Seka.. You’re a has fact , I don’t even know who you are. Who cares about your name dropping..

rbcrewser2 posts “Seka has hanged out”???????????

Great grammar / spell checking by the editor of the New York Daily Nuduty.

Hanged is only used when it involves a noose.

Checi7 postys: Don’t know who she is but there’s no doubt in my mind that she looks like a porn actress.

JackLail posts: I’ve always loved Seka, but she’s laying it on much too thick with this coy act of hers. She makes her living screwing and blowing everything that moves on film, but she won’t put out for a John Frankenheimer or some anonymous big-time hollywood producer. I’m not buying that act. She should have fired this ghost-writer after page 1 and hired someone who could figure out how to spice up her bio. This book is going to be one big snorefest.

Mylene Williams posts Sanka, you’re pretty…boring. I’d need a lot of caffeine to read about a has-been porn star. Mia Farrow and Woody Allen didn’t want to spend much time with her…and that’s the best she can name-drop? Haven’t there been a dozen books like this already? Bet you the obscure publisher BareManor Media is print-on-demand. Good luck selling this at some memorabilia convention sitting next to Eddie Munster.


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