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Kira Kener Suing Vivid for $47 M; Kener Sez Luke is Back Stories Are Inaccurate

Posted by way of by way of Former Vivid contract superstar, Kira Kenner, is suing the company for $47 million after testing positive for a venereal disease and being relieved of her …ahem, duties.

To hear Kenner tell it in the court documents, working conditions were not only unsanitary but unlawful, performing with boxes of toys sent courtesy Don Johnson without proper packaging and being forced to work with male performers with obvious abrasions on their genitalia. After complaining and seeking out her contract, Kenner was told she was no longer wanted!

Kira Kener writes earlier on MySpace: The Internet can be a great tool for finding out information and for learning about things. Unfortunately, it can also be a breeding ground for gossip and lies, and sometimes it’s tough to separate fact from fiction, truth from rumor, or proof from hearsay.

I recently learned that there are some stories about me on the Internet that are completely untrue. On, there are a couple of stories in particular that are incorrect. One of them, in fact, is contradicted by other statements on the same website, if you know where to look.

The website, named for an Australian guy named Luke Ford who has put himself out there as a journalist and supposed expert on the porn industry, contains the following statement in a “biography” of me:

The Least Popular Vivid Girl Of The Past Decade

Kira Kener. The other girls at Vivid hated her. The fans disliked her because she disliked them. Kira thought she was too important to stop to pose for photos by fans. Even Vivid’s TV show on Playboy reveals how disliked Kira was (though she had some popularity on the escorting circuit for those willing to pay).

Let’s start with the title of this blurb. “Least Popular Vivid Girl of the Past Decade.” Popular with whom? Certainly not the fans – if I was so unpopular, why did I make so many movies with Vivid, and why does Vivid continue to prominently feature me on the covers of so many compilation videos it releases? If I was so unpopular with the fans, why was it that, as of July 2006, my Vivid website received more traffic than any other Vivid girl except for Briana Banks? Currently, my page is ranked ahead of 17 of their other website addresses. Check out for details.

“The other Vivid girls hated her.” Well, anybody who saw the Vivid reality TV show knows that this isn’t entirely accurate. Savannah Samson was defending me, so at least one Vivid girl didn’t “hate” me, and most of them didn’t even really know me.

“The fans disliked her because she disliked them.” This is ridiculous. If the fans disliked me, then why have people always come and seen me when I feature across the country? Why do I constantly get e-mails and messages from people asking when I’m coming to their town, or when I’m coming back to their town? As for posing for pictures with fans, I have always posed for pictures when I’m on tour.

As for the TV show on Playboy, as I said, Savannah defended me on an episode. Also, does anybody really think that any reality show depicts everything that goes on? Or do you think that those shows are edited down to nice little segments that highlight the drama, so people will keep coming back to see more episodes?

Then we come to the statement that really burns me up – “though she had some popularity on the escort circuit for those willing to pay.” I have never done escort work. Never have, and never will. I dare anyone to come forward with proof that I have. But what’s even funnier is that, on that same website, the question of whether I have escorted is brought up and completely disproven!

“Does Vivid Girl Kira Kener Escort?

According to an informed poster, Kira Kener escorts through

Are there any Vivid Girls that do not escort?

ASF says they’ve received eight calls about this in the past hour. And ASF says Kira does not escort.

NicisGirls says: Kira Kenner does not escort.”

See April 20, 2001 from is a website devoted to escort services. Anyone can become a member and post just about anything they want about whomever they want, and there’s no way to verify the information.

Really, this sort of stuff is scandalous. I mean, this is the same site that published the following about Steve and Marci Hirsch at Vivid:

“Neither Steve or Marci have been shy about using their power and money to secure sexual favors from porn stars.

Steve’s numerous escapades with porn girls such as Ginger Lynn who he impregnated have been the grist for much industry gossip for years. Hirsch pays Lynn approximately $20,000 child support a month.

Marci Hirsch has also been linked to sexual relations with porn stars (Jon Dough, Mr. Marcus, Steven St. Croix, Bobby Vitalie, and Marc Wallice, with whom she lived). Marci, who underwent extensive plastic surgery in May of 1999, is more popular than Steve with pornographers. She has two kids.

Sources have told me that Mr Marcus earned a directing deal from Vivid Raw in part through having sex with Marci.”


So: don’t believe everything you read! Just because it’s in print somewhere doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true.


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