Kobe Hitman Had Other Troubles

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Patrick Graber, otherwise known as “Yuri,” the man who was recently picked up by police for offering assassination services to The Kobe Camp, has had his problems mingling with society in the past. According to an employee who asked to remain nameless at Gold’s Gym in Hollywood, “we kicked that guy out. We revoked his membership about six months ago.”

Graber, who claims to be a body building trainer, was side dealing private sessions behind the backs of management at the popular work out center. Independent trainers are required to pay Gold’s $475.00 a month to use the facility as a place of business. Graber trained scattered parties at the gym for months before management caught on and began an investigation. After it was determined he was in fact accepting monies for training others on the premises, Gold’s revoked his membership and asked him not to return.

Graber who is in the United States illegally over the last six months after his visa expired, has admitted to be connected with Russian organized crime and has a police record in Switzerland for fraud.



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