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Kristin Davis Hits the Clubs to Promote Her Book, Manhattan Madam

[]- The buxom 32-year-old former Manhattan madam, who operated a high-class prostitution ring, valued at a reported $5 million, prior to her three-and-a-half-month jail sentence last year, was speaking to reporters on Wednesday night, March 25, at the Safari-themed Cain Luxe nightclub on West 27th Street.

She was wearing a tiny pink dress, sitting legs crossed along a velvet banquette, sipping a Diet Coke, flanked by a friend wearing vampire fangs.

Ms. Davis was at the club to promote her new book, The Manhattan Madam, which she described as “a good look at the inside sex lives of the rich and powerful.”

She had previously identified former Governor Eliot Spitzer as a onetime client of her bawdy business—“the fact that I know a lot more about him than I could ever even divulge, right now, it’s just kinda sick,” Ms. Davis told the Daily Transom—but she has so far kept quiet about her other high-profile customers. (“I haven’t made any decisions on that yet,” she said.)

Ms. Davis offered some advice for the disgraced ex-governor: “I want him to come on the record and be like, ‘Look, here’s what happened—I’m a sex addict, whatever!’ And just like, let’s keep it real!”

Ms. Davis was joined by a host of sex-industry sympathizers, including the comedian Chuck Nice, Penthouse magazine columnist Victoria Zdrok and former adult actress Robin Byrd of Debbie Does Dallas fame. (Penthouse, which published an except of Ms. Davis’ book in its April 2009 issue, sponsored the party.)

“If you’re not into something, don’t be into it,” said Mr. Nice. “But, if you want to take some whipped cream, put it between your toes, have your dog licking it up and, at the same time, have your girlfriend poke you in the eye, then that’s fine. That’s a little weird but we shouldn’t judge.”

Ms. Davis tried to explain to me—a native of the Netherlands, where prostitution is regulated but not strictly prohibited (it’s complicated)—what all the fuss was all about: “I think it’s different because you’re from Holland, but Americans are fascinated by the sex industry. Because it’s illegal, they think it’s glamorous. It’s not like how it is in Holland. I’ve been to Holland. I think it’s beautiful. I think Dutch people are beautiful…. Americans are just fascinated by this industry, ’cause it’s taboo. It’s completely different here.”

Ms. Davis described her time imprisoned at Rikers Island last year as a “horrible” experience. “My whole life changed,” she said. “I went from living a glamorous life to living a whole different kind of existence. I’m on probation and under the scrutiny of the New York correctional department, and you have the book out, and we have many different offers of different people. It’s got a certain kind of excitement, but it’s not like how it was.”

I asked Ms. Davis about her relationship with the incarcerated hip-hop artist Remy Ma:

“She was my best friend [at Rikers] and I consider her one of my best friends now,” Ms. Davis said, “because when I was going through Rikers and everyone abandoned me, including my boyfriend, I was hysterical, crying, and she was the one that was there. And, when somebody needed to step up to the plate, that’s who did, and I have an immense amount of loyalty, respect, and love for her. And if she’s going to prison for eight years—that’s what she’s sentenced for—I’ll go there, and I’ll go there every week, for eight years. That’s the type of person I am.”

I also asked Ms. Davis about her rumored relationship with Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez: “I haven’t confirmed it! I have nothing to say at this point in time, right?”

I further wondered what the future held for Ms. Davis. “I think it’s almost impossible for me at this point,” she said. “I mean, my background is VP of finance. Will I ever get a job in a hedge fund as a felon? Probably not!”

But there’s always reality TV! “Right now, we have a couple of offers on the table of reality TV, a documentary of my life,” she said. “I’m actually very excited about the documentary, ’cause it will show more of the interpersonal relationship between me and the girls, and me and my family, and I think that’s an interesting angle.”


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