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KSEX Cancelling Thursday and Friday Shows- final

Porn Valley- As a result of Lorrainiac’s resignation Wednesday night, KSEX is cancelling its Thursday and Friday live shows and is broadcasting reruns through this weekend.

Lorrainiac, who was KSEX’s program director, said part of her decision was based on the fact that she read about Brandon Iron’s new show on the Internet.

Not that she has anything against Iron, it was the fact that, besides being the last one to find out, one hour of Lorrainiac’s Wednesday show would have been taken away from her without so much as her even being approached about it.

The same thing goes for Jack Lawrence and Sunny Lane who had the Wednesday 8pm to 9pm slot which Iron would also be taking. According to Lawrence, he had no idea any of this was developing.

Following similar announcements Thursday afternoon from Powder, Heather Pink and later Dick Tracy who said they were all leaving the station, and the foregone conclusion that Lynn LeMay and I have elected to pull out, KSEX now has to sift through the detritus and see which hosts are left under the rubble.

The likelihood is that there won’t be many, aside from an obvious public relations problem that has been festering over the last couple of months involving, for one thing, content issues.

Add to that the fact that KSEX’s new management team is working on infomercial deals to sell whatever time slots it can to adult advertisers at a rate of $5,000 a month, and you’ve got a mess.

Under the new KSEX deal, companies like Hustler and Wicked, would be approached with an offer to have their own weekly shows – the content and guests- they’ll control for the five grand a month fee. A notion that was also being toyed with was that current KSEX hosts who’d opt to keep their shows would have had to come up with sponsorship to remain on board.

Now with Lorrainiac gone, other changes which had been on the back burner may go into effect as well.

According to what I had been told, KSEX wanted to drop Peter Warren and Jason Sinclair from the program roster, but Lorrainiac had advised strongly against it. The most obvious reason being the inherent politics and Warren’s connections to AVN.

And just recently- at AEE- James Bartholet who had a 4pm Thursday show got into it with Fat James who’s a part of the Gary Garver crew. Bartholet had evidently taken verbal exception to James wearing speedos at AEE. And, as a result, one of those two shows was going to be moved to keep Bartholet and Fat James from occupying the same building.

Meanwhile, Bartholet has put out an announcement that he’s starting a public relations agency called Galaxy Publicity to handle mainstream and adult clients.

Bartholet had alluded to this move several weeks ago during a KSEX show. But Bartholet was also ready to take a walk from KSEX that same afternoon when he arrived to do his show and found the building locked. Needless to say, Bartholet wasn’t happy.

For his part, Garver was on the verge of leaving KSEX to start up Tanc-TV with Joe Brandi who left the station in December. The deal was all but consummated and ready to be announced when Garver’s partner decided at the last minute he didn’t like Brandi’s singular brand of east coast aggressiveness and pulled out of the deal.

Brandi, with nary a blink, announced the start up of Tanc a week later. Minus, of course, Garver.

Besides being named sales manager to replace Brandi, I also wrote in a December article that Porno Dan would probably have a more active hand in the running of KSEX. But that notion was ridiculed by station owner Jon Belinkie. Now it seems like it’s all Porno Dan’s show.


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