KSEX DJ-BJ Marathon

SAN FERNANDO VALLEY, CA — It’s quite often fans witness the sex talk radio shows on KSEXradio.com go wild. It’s also rarely a planned event when porn stars or show hosts, break format and bare all live on the popular internet broadcast station. That all changes tonight as all the Tuesday night hosts are going to participate in the Semenex Taste Test, live, all night long.

Semenex, an all natural fruit, vegetable and vitamin concentrate, is placed in a glass of water and drank twice a day by men. Within a twenty four hour period, the result is good tasting cum. “I know it works,” Program Director, Wankus said, “I’ve been using it for weeks and my girlfriend loves swallowing…she kind of always liked to swallow, but now she really looks forward to it.”

Tonight on KSEX, all the DJs are going to be trying it out and fans are expected to see a BJ an hour, beginning at 5:00pm(PST). Felicia Fox is the first up, taste-testing her well known suitcase pimp, Tim Case on Lust for Life. At 6:00pm, Kim Kelly is bringing in a man to taste on Carly Milne’s Recipes for Sex show. At 7:00pm, Chef Jeff of The Wanker Show will donate some flavah to porn star Sassy followed by Lisa Sparxxx opening the tap of “Scotty.” Keri Windsor has a guzzle of an unnamed man at 9:00pm on Tales of Tail and then LorrAINIAC will do something she vowed never to do on-air–a live sex act. She will sip the nectars of CuzFucker on Temptation.

All DJs have been instructed to give their honest opinion of the product. Semenex is NOT a paid client. All testimonials will be real and spur of the moment.

It’s free to listen to KSEXradio.com and members of the site can watch all the hot action on the in-studio web cams.

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