KSEX Hosts Sucked Last Night

SAN FERNANDO VALLEY, CA – Pre-Promoting the DJ BJ Marathon with the listeners was an easy task. A featured oral sex scene, once and hour, live on the in-studio web cams is certainly something fans looked forward to. The participants however, more importantly, the ladies, were looking forward to seeing if this product actually delivered the results the company boasts.

Semenex [www.semenex.com] is an all natural concentrate, consisting of a mix of fruits, vegetables and vitamins, invented to make men’s semen taste better. There are no herbs or drugs added, proven healthy for men and women, and very easy to take. Just a couple of tablespoons of the powder in water, 2x daily, is suppose to remove the salty taste and actually make the spunk fruity and delicious.

Last night on KSEXradio.com, every show featured a taste test. Obviously the men couldn’t just pour it in a glass for the ladies, there was some work involved extracting the newly enhanced cum. Yet, even with a little elbow grease or perhaps, lock jaw, all parties seemed amazed at how great the product was.

Felicia Fox, who usually despises swallowing semen, took the first load on her show Lust for Life with self proclaimed “suitcase pimp,” Tim Case. “MMMMMmmmm,” Fox exclaimed as she finished guzzling the last drop, “I can’t believe it. It really is good. I thought this was just a ploy to get me to swallow Tim [she laughed] but I may suck his dick a little more often now.”

On Recipes for Sex with Carly Milne, Kim Kelly, who is on a man-juice diet anyway, stopped by and brought a stunt cock who had been sampling Semenex for a few days. Upon completion Kelly said, “that’s really, really good. I just came in to have some fun. I’ve tried this Semenex many times and I know it’s good.”

During The Wanker Show, Chef Jeff dipped his receptacle into adult star and girlfriend, Sassy’s mouth. When she tasted the final fluids, she kept it on her tongue for minutes at a time, savoring the moment. When she finally did swallow it all Sassy said, “this is great…it even tastes like a different texture. It’s more smooth and not so oily.” On the same show, Lisa Sparxxx took a load from stunt cock, Scotty, and then began asking other men in the studio if they were on the product so she could have some more.

Keri Windsor enjoyed a delicious spew from celebrity guest cock, Van Damage on Tales of Tail and the big shocker of the night, LorrANIAC, a girl who vowed never to perform on camera, enjoyed CuzFucker’s wad on Temptation and insisted he use the product from now on.

The KSEX staff approves of Semenex 100%. You can bet fans will be buying this product now, as spouses across the country will thank ’em for it!


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