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KSEX Plays to Full House-final

With LA Erotica and the FAME Awards playing in town this weekend, the KSEX was particularly packed with the presence of Left to Right (TOP) – Genesis Magazine Publisher, Dan Davis, The Reverend Bob Levy, Wankus; Left to Right (Bottom) – Tommy Gunn, Hustler Contract Star, Memphis Monroe, Sunny Lane, Mya Luanna, and Michelle Lay.

Mya Luanna was making her first visit to the show. Luanna signed her contract with Hustler May 1 and prior to that had been in the business about a year and a half. befoe the contract Wankus wondered whether Luanna was being pigeon holed in the Me So Horny Genre. She said it bothers her.

“I just want to make a movie,” she said. “Just because I’m Asian I don’t have to make an Asian movie. I’m always a Thai massage girl.”

“Is Hustler also doing that with you?” Wankus asked.

“No,” said Luanna. At least not yet, Wankus ventured to say, laughing. Co-host Michelle Lay thought that Luanna looked Hawaiian.

“I’m Thai and French,” said Luanna, explaining that her mother’s Thai.

“That’s a very romantic dog-cooker,” Wankus quipped. Luanna has done some feature dancing and Wankus imagined her real estate value just went up with the Hustler contract. Luanna was inclined to agree. She was also asked if she did anal. She doesn’t. Lay thought that was odd, a contract girl that doesn’t do anal. Wankus said there’s a lot of girls like that who negotiate during the second year of their contract.

“Lacie Heart has something like that where I’ll give up my butt once a year,” said Wankus. Luanna’s done interracial before her contract and will continue. She also said something about a scene with Mr. Marcus.

Making reference to scattered previous guests who made some claims about Marcus, “Let me know if you get pregnant or Chlamydia,” roared Wankus. “I’m just talking out loud here. He’s a good guy.” Luanna started masturbating around the age of 12, according to her. She was 15 when she lost her virginity.

“You still talking to your uncle, I’m kidding?” Wankus asked her. Luanna said the guy was in her age group but it wasn’t a good experience.

“The second time was great,” she said. Tommy Gunn, who was also on the show, said his first time was at 17 and was on a tennis court. Meanwhile, Luanna said she had an inkling she’d go on to become a porn star.

“I was very sexual,” she stated. “I wanted to do it.” An agent approached her and told her she had the look.

“He was reputable,” she said, noting that it was Mark Spiegler. Asked the inevitable question about her folks, Luanna said they now know she’s in the business but aren’t upset about it.

“They’re very understanding and very supportive, actually,” she added. According to Luanna, the rest of her family knew she was in the business but her mother only found out about it a month ago.

“A girl that knew me showed her mom and her mom showed my mom,” she explained. Luanna’s mother then called her.

“Are you making naughty movies?”

Luanna admitted it and then broke things down for her.

“I told her the good parts about it,” Luanna said. Luanna’s father asked her if she was happy and was this what she wanted to do.

“Okay as long as you’re happy.”

Wankus wondered if people looked at her funny at family parties.

“I haven’t been home but I am going home in two weeks,” Luanna said. Home for her is Rhode Island, and Wankus predicted she’d be a hit at her High School Reunion.

“They’ll love you.”

Luanna also has a website, and wanted to promote a title Asian Fever 30 which will be out soon.

“That’s a Hustler movie and you weren’t stereotyped?” Wankus laughed. Luanna’s first feature is called Mya Luanna: Naughty-Nice Girl.

“It portrays me as an adult star and as a person beside an adult star,” she said. “Fans can see both sides of me.”Memphis Monroe was then introduced. Monroe was promoting a movie she did for Hustler titled Larry’s Angels.

“It was a fun movie to make, too,” she said. “Laurent Sky shot it. It was fun sets and cool lighting.” Monroe explained that she’s been a contract girl since November and prior to that had been in the industry for eight months. She was doing gonzo but nothing crazy, she said. Growing up Monroe was wild and went to Catholic school.

“They’re the best,” said Wankus imagining that Monroe could suck some serious cock. “All the Catholic girls do. In the rectory basement- that’s where it all happens.”

“All the girls hated me, all the guys loved me,” said Monroe of her high school experience. “I mainly all had guy friends, but I wasn’t easy in high school. I’d always wear booty shorts and cut off shirts to the mall. Like all the whore makeup at 13 years-old and the heels.”

Monroe’s from Louisiana but grew up in Kentucky. She had an 18 year-old boyfriend and they fooled around. She was 13 when they first had sex.

“Did your parents know you were fooling around with an 18 year-old?” Wankus asked her.

“My mom kind of knew,” Monroe said. “But my mom is a young mom. She knows what’s going on but she chooses to look the other way.” Wankus brought up the fact that today’s high school girls are doing anal sex not to lose their virginity.

“I’ve heard of that,” said Monroe who never really played around with girls.

“I always thought girls were beautiful,” she said. “But I didn’t fool around with a girl until I got into the industry. Now I’m always, like, I want to bring her home.” Monroe’s first girl-girl was in a movie, but she didn’t feel comfortable about it, according to her. Monroe worked with Hillary Scott in a scene that included Kris Slater. Monroe said she’s working on a website that would be launched in about a month. It’s


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